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Cooper Aerobics’ 45th Anniversary, 1970-2015

45th Anniversary
This year, we celebrate 45 years of inspiring millions to live longer, healthier lives. View Timeline

Cooper Healthy Living™

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Want to Get Cooperized in just one week? Cooper Healthy Living is your how-to instruction manual if you want to make simple lifestyle choices that result in big pay-offs. Come get immersed during our six-day program or grab a friend and join us our two-day "Taste of Wellness."

Cooper Complete®

Omega-3/Vitamin-D bottles/pills
Taking the right nutritional supplement for you is an important element in living a Cooperized lifestyle. The Cooper Complete line of vitamins and supplments is more than just a name; it's a guarantee by Dr. Cooper that every product is pure and potent.

Cooper Wellness Strategies™

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If people are your greatest asset, healthier people are invaluable. Cooper Wellness Strategies helps organizations Get Cooperized through strategic consulting, leader training and lifestyle education. Healthier people. Healthier business.

The Cooper Institute®

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The Cooper Institute is the scientific foundation that all things Cooper are built upon. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to health research and education, we work to Cooperize the world by making healthier choices easier for people of all ages and by building healthier communities.

Cooper Clinic™

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You can live better and longer by simply maintaining good health—that's the Cooperized philosophy. Since 1970, Cooper Clinic has been a partner in good health for more than 100,000 people. Our expert physicians look at the whole you to prevent disease and promote healthy habits.

Cooper Fitness Center™

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Getting fit is fun for the whole family at Cooper Fitness Center at Craig Ranch in McKinney. For revving up or unwinding, you'll find the perfect blend of fitness, health and wellness amenities—everything you need to Get Cooperized.

Cooper Fitness Center™

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Get Cooperized in the newly-renovated Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas. The first-class amenities—new locker rooms, expanded group exercise studios and more—combined with inspiring programs led by caring experts, make our healthy-living community unlike any other.

Cooper Spa™

Beautiful Fit products
Dedicated to your total well-being both physical and emotional, Cooper Spa in Dallas provides restorative, therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments that will help you bring life back into balance. When you feel better, you're you… better. We call that Beautiful Fit.

Cooper Spa™

Transition Room
Cooper Spa at Craig Ranch in McKinney can help you get Beautiful Fit in a way that only Cooper can. Choose from one of our restorative, therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments and products that also indulge and pamper you.

Cooper Hotel™

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Nestled in the heart of Cooper Aerobics Center, Cooper Hotel & Conference Center is your health and wellness destination—for business or pleasure. With easy access to all that Cooper offers, you can Get Cooperized during your stay for a meeting, wedding or weekend getaway.

Get Cooperized™

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Dr. Kenneth Cooper launched a global fitness revolution with aerobics. Today, we're at it again with Get Cooperized — our well-rounded approach to health, fitness, nutrition and life. Getting Cooperized is at the heart of all things Cooper—eight diverse entities dedicated to helping you live better and longer.


What’s in a name? In the case of health and wellness, everything. That name is Cooper. Read our story.

Health Tips

Enjoy research-based and realistic health tips to Get Cooperized and make good health a habit.


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