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CooperFit App: Your Measure of Fitness

Your health is your responsibility. What if you could live up to six years longer? Would you want to, based upon your current lifestyle? What if you could decrease your chances of dying of any cause by 58 percent?

Based on published scientific research and data, it’s been proven you can now influence and extend your years while enhancing the quality of your life as well.

CooperFit app is a biometric fitness evaluation used to help predict the length and quality of your life.

By using CooperFit app and becoming fit, you can:

  • Gain individualized information about your fitness level
  • Use scientific research to your advantage
  • Add up to 6 years to your life
  • Decrease risk of dying of any cause by 58 percent
  • Substantially decrease your health care spending

How does CooperFit work?
CooperFit evaluates your cardiovascular fitness level during an uninterrupted 12-minute run or one-mile walk. Using advancements in GPS and sensor technology, CooperFit provides a measured predictive maximum VO2. VO2 max is a measurement of your body’s ability to consume oxygen—volume (V) of oxygen (O2)—and it’s the most accurate measurement of your fitness level.

This result is then cross-referenced with data from Cooper Clinic's cumulative treadmill stress testing results to provide a six tier categorical assessment of fitness:

  • Very Poor
  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Superior

CooperFit App - Cooper Test 12-Minute Run Opening Screenshot

SIMPLE: Enter your weight, check your pulse and go 

CooperFit App - Measuring Heart Rate Screenshot

ACCURATE: Results based on the Cooper Clinic data

CooperFit App - Test Type Screenshot

FLEXIBLE: Take the test when, where and how you want

  • 12-Minute Run or One-Mile Walk
  • GPS or Treadmill

CooperFit App - Your Performance Chart Screenshot   CooperFit App - Improve Your Performance Screenshot

ENGAGING: Track your progress and engage in health and wellness programs

Android / iOS Compatible

“Understanding your fitness can add years to your life while adding life to your years with the CooperFit app.”
Tyler C. Cooper, MD, MPH
President and CEO, Cooper Aerobics

Confidentiality: The information obtained will be privileged and confidential. It will not be released or revealed to any person, except for the purpose of your medical care, without your authorization. For more information please read the Cooper Fit App Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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