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Dr. Kenneth Cooper Turns 90

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Four photos of Dr. Kenneth Cooper - military headshot, running on outdoor track at Cooper Aerobics Center, lifting weights, sitting on bench at Cooper Aerobics Center

Celebrating Nine Decades of a Truly Storied Life

Our founder and colleague Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, turns 90, on March 4, 2021. Join us as we celebrate all things fitness, research, prevention, compassion, integrity, excellence and service.

Known as the "father of aerobics," Dr. Cooper has dedicated his 64-year medical career to investigating the links between cardiorespiratory fitness, good health and longevity. He has helped millions improve the quality and quantity of people’s lives.

When Dr. Cooper published his first bestseller, Aerobics, in 1968, he not only introduced a new word to our vocabulary but also a new concept to the world—exercise or working out as we call it today. Dr. Cooper is recognized as the leader of the international physical fitness movement and credited with motivating more people to exercise in pursuit of good health than any other person.

He has spent his life making a difference and you can, too!

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  3. His birthday wish is to continue the vital health-changing research and education of The Cooper Institute® 501(c)(3). 100% of your donation goes toward research to help people live a longer, healthier life.

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Today, Dr. Cooper and his son and CEO Tyler Cooper, MD, MPH, have expanded their healthy-living mission at the Cooper Aerobics headquarters in Dallas to seven health and wellness entities.

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  • Dr. Cooper - Thank you for your influence on the health and healthy lifestyle of so many people, and we are truly grateful for your vision and knowledge. Your son Tyler means the world to us and is such an outstanding man & physician. We are very sorry we'll miss your celebration in Dallas, but we will certainly be there in spirit. May God continue to bless your health and family! Warm Regards & Happy 90th Birthday - Greg & Lisa Cyrier

    Greg & Lisa Cyrier

  • Dear Dr Cooper, Belated birthday greetings from "little old England." And many happy returns of the day(!)- I do believe you have earned it! I first read "The aerobics program for total well-being" in the 1980s and am re-reading it as we "speak." God bless you!

    Martin Sheppard

  • Congratulations. I am not as dedicated as you but have tried since I attended a clinic of yours many years ago.

    Janet Papenfuss

  • Enjoyed meeting your wife of 62 years at Spruce Saddle today.. she proudly (with good reason) filled us in on your career. Like you, we love Beaver Creek in the summer.. Kiawah Island is hot like Dallas! So, Happy 90th!

    Annette & Douglas Finnegan

  • Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for the wonderful information you have shared !!!

    A Willingham

  • Professor Cooper: I well recall and much appreciate your presentation during my Military Tour @ Fort McPherson, GA. I would be honored to receive complementary copies of any of your books/publications @ 1830 Waters Edge Drive Johnson City, Tennessee 37604 - 8316.... As...like you...I am a Man-of-Faith I recall your quote, "If a trumpet sounds an uncertain note; then who shall prepare himself for battle---FIRST CORINTHIANS....which I have used in many of my wellness presentations. Again my humble, respectful thanks...Best wishes on your birthday!

    Josh Grossman Colonel {r} U.S. Army Medical Corps M.D., F.A.C.P.

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, It's months past your March birthday, so I apologize that I am just now running across this opportunity to wish you a Happy Belated 90th Birthday. One of the greatest gifts in my life, was when you took me in as a new patient in one of your rare moments of having an opening. God knew I needed your help, and your diagnosis/insight solved my issue, plus put me on a path to much greater health which I continue to maintain. A zillion thank yous would not be enough to express my appreciation for all that you did for me, and do for everyone around you. You genuinely care, for each person that you know, and want the best for their well being. Your life is a blessing, and I am grateful to God, to have had the opportunity to be under your great and genuine care for my well being. Thank you for your dedication, inspiration, and most importantly, being a radiant light as a Christian through your profession.

    Dawn Castleberry

  • Thank you for inspiring me, my parents, and countless others around the world, to keep moving! Thank you for "Aerobics," for the incredible team and entities you lead, and for continuing to pave the way for a long, happy, healthy life.

    Colby Baer

  • Happy happy birthday. Your book changed my life. I was a thin kid who got married at 25, I gained pounds by 30 and was having trouble going on a diet. I read your book in 68 it motivated me to start running. I lost 40 lb , and have run over 70,000 miles. Since 71 I have run or walked almost everyday.

    David Stark

  • Dr. Cooper, I'd like to wish you my congratulations for your healthy and long life! I teach Physical Education and Coach Soccer and Swimming at Geffen Academy at UCLA. I also want to thank you for your work about Aerobic training, which was the main reason for me choose the profession I love today. God Bless you longer and healthier life.

    Flavio Ribeiro

  • Hey Ken, I studied your book in the early 80s and continue to enjoy the great health and positive benefits of 20min aerobics. I'm 64 and crushing it! Thank you so much for the amazing body of work,research and heart you pored into all this. Happy Belated Birthday

    David White

  • Happy 90th birthday Dr. Cooper! You are a great inspiration for many people. All the best!

    Bozidar Malesevic

  • Dr. Cooper, When you first came to Dallas, you put an ad in the paper, inviting everyone to meet you in the Highland Park High School parking lot, where we would take the 12-minute fitness test. A few people showed up, one took a picture of you and me, we took the test. I bought your "Aerobics" book. I hope you have the best birthday ever! You probably do not remember me. What kind of pictures do you like? Animals, people, landscaping, etc.?! I would like to send you a birthday present through the mail.

    Jackie Hart

  • Dr. Cooper...The Health and Wellness Network of Commerce wishes you a wild and wonderful Happy Birthday! And, may God continue to bless the work of your hands and heart - even more than last 9 decades! You are greatly loved, appreciated and respected beyond what mere words can express.

    Veronica Jones

  • Happy belated birthday!! Your book Faith-Based Fitness meant a lot to me. I just got it back off my shelf to read again! Thank you for inspiring me and so many people.

    Dianne Daniels

  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper! May the Lord bless you with lots of love, joy, laughter, and time with your favorite people!!

    Suzan Cook

  • So sorry I’m late with a Happy Birthday wish. You have meant so much to so many people. Hope you have many more years of inspiring people to be healthier.

    Julien Roper

  • Happy 90th birthday Dr. Cooper!! What a wonderful inspiration you truly are! I had the honor of meeting you during our company’s health conference at The Cooper Institute for Alliance Data several years ago. I really wish I could focus on exercising more for myself but I’ve been so busy caring for both of my aging parents in their mid-80s. My dad has Parkinson’s and is bedridden and my mom is a two-time cancer survivor but a very strong-willed lady for such a short fragile woman!! Maybe some day I’ll be able to focus on me. Again such a pleasure meeting you in person and I hope you are enjoying your 90th celebration this year. You look awesome!!!! Thanks for all your encouragement!!

    Tracy M.

  • Dr. Cooper, please accept our good wishes for a wonderful 90th birthday. We are First-Year Students at the University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw (Poland / Europe). The 12-minute fitness test you created is very popular at our University. Best wishes from the Students (D-8 group / Department of Physical Education)

    AWF Wroclaw students D-8 group

  • Dear Dr Cooper, Greetings from Singapore. I came to know about you and aerobic exercise in 1989. That information changed me for the better and made me a lifelong advocate of the Kenneth Cooper approach to health and wellness through correct exercise. Over the years I "morphed" from computer geek to sports and exercise therapist. I quit smoking and drinking and am on a primarily plant based diet. Thank you for the greatest gift one human can give another - the means to take control of your destiny. Have a Blessed 90th Birthday.

    Rodney Hogan

  • Dr Cooper, I had the pleasure and honor to talk with you last Thursday while you were faithfully working out. For the last 12 plus years, I have been a patient of your wellness clinic and a patient of Dr. Riva Rahl. When I fly in from Atlanta, I know I will get to see you if I am in the club at 5 p.m. You truly are a leader among leaders and certainly demonstrate by example. My nutritionist, Gillian White, I ran into literally working out before she started work and during lunch on the track. Dr. Rick Wilson and now Dr. Gottesman are also world class as you know. The business community in Atlanta knows my passion about going to the Cooper Clinic and training for the stress test! I would have been a better leader if I would have taken just one day for my preventive exam as it provides a roadmap for how to age backwards! Cheers to you Dr. Cooper for helping ME be a better ME. Happy Birthday for all of 2021!

    Kathleen Dowling

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, I read your book in 1978 when I was 28. I began jogging and stuck with it. It became an indispensable part of my life. I was never interested in marathons and all that and I confess I don't really enjoy weight training. But I still jog/power walk for an hour 3-4 times a week. I am now 71, healthy, normal weight, sleep well. I credit you for your wonderful book introducing me to Aerobics. Thank you SO much! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. In your pictures it looks like you're still going strong!

    Jamie Head

  • Dr. Cooper, So enjoyed your presentation at Ventana today and totally agree with your entire strategy. I have had five relatives with dementia which now includes my husband. I know his lifestyle had a huge impact in his Alzheimer's progress. I follow all your recommendations and am considering joining your clinic. I wish you a very happy 90th! You are an inspiration to us all! Blessings to you.

    Cari Martin

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Your book, Aerobics, changed my Life. I've been running steady for 54 years. I've influenced others to run and it changed their lives too! Thanks for a great life!!

    Art Totaro

  • Happy Birthday Dear Dr. COOPER and thank you for what you have done for the World. Greetings from Tashkent (Uzbekistan)!

    Rashid Burnashev

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I loved coming to the Cooper Fitness Center and The Cooper Institute. I always felt welcomed and cared for and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak during the CPT class 6 years ago.

    Tommy Lebowitz

  • Happy Birthday! Thanks for your inspiration! Best regardsl

    Mikael Wilson

  • Happy belated birthday and best wishes!!!

    David Sullins

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy 90th birthday 🥳!!! I had the great honor of meeting & working w/ you, Dr. Steven Blair & Ruth Ann Carpenter, RDN, as a CI post-graduate Intern after completing my Masters in Kinesiology in 2004. It was surely one of the highlights of my professional career. I remember you saying in one of your lectures that you planned to “Square off the curve,” like your mother did. I do believe you will do just that! God Bless You & Keep You!” BRG the RD”

    Barbara Rodriguez Graf, MS, RDN, CD

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! And many many more! I worked at Cooper Clinic in the transcription department with Laurana Allen as my supervisor way back in the 80s. Such an inspiring place to work! Best wishes for continued excellent health!

    Amy (Ball) Edelberg

  • Dr. Cooper. Thank you for your godly leadership and a quality foundation based on the word of God. You were true to all and a fair man. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something as wonderful as The Cooper Aerobics Center. I have such fond memories of being a part of your team for 20 years. Happiest of happy belated birthday.

    Susan Hill

  • It was absolutely a great privilege to have met you and your family in person. Like many people around the world, I was inspired by your knowledge, wisdom and great personalities. May you and Millie stay healthy and strong. Happy birthday Hope to see you again in Texas 🤠👖🏃🌞

    Rachel Wang

  • Hi Dr. Cooper. I am 82 years old and been following your program off and on since 1976. For a period I got in the “excellent” category and felt wonderful. Probably now the “fair” category - still ok. But it’s about you. Happy birthday and thank you for your programs and a common sense way to measure fitness. I read “the Cooperized" each month with much enjoyment. Again best wishes to you, your family and team. Regards from an Aussie fan. Wow!!! 90 now that’s a great achievement.

    Brian Whitelaw

  • One Month Late! Dear Friend, because of you (and your wonderful Family) our World is a Healthier place. You have used your Wisdom, Example, and deep Faith to inspire the ‘rest of us’. Bud and I know how BLESSED we are to be Annual Patients at Cooper Clinic! And now our ‘Children’ and Grandchildren are coming too! May you and Milly stay strong & healthy ‘in order to take care of your Grandchildren IN THEIR OLD AGE!😁 (that’s what I tell my Grandchildren!😁) Prayers and best wishes don’t do that With Prayers and Best Wishes.

    Judy Robinson

  • In Honor of one who has given so much to so many. May God shower His blessings on you and all those who share in this great work.

    Dr. Henry S. and Martha Zaytoun, Sr.

  • Happy belated birthday! I always have your birthdate on my calendar to remember all you have done and continue to do for the field of Exercise. You also have such a kind heart and even though it has been a long time since you have been to Nebraska your words and willingness to spread the word everywhere are appreciated. I wish you continued health and happiness and have fun biking!

    Cindy Kugler

  • Dr. Cooper!!!! Happy Healthy 90 years strong my wonderful mentor! Your lecture at Slippery Rock University many many years ago inspired my journey that is now Walk at Home workouts! I am a Cooper Certified Group Exercise Instructor and was humbled and honored to have you motivate our Walkers in one of our video workouts many years ago! May God continue to bless you, your family and your urgent mission! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    Leslie Sansone

  • Dr. Cooper, best wishes to you on your 90th Birthday! You have made a big difference in my life. Drs. Mitchell and McFarlin and the "Cooper Team" have provided my annual physical for 22 years. You have truly improved the quality of my life. Best wishes for another healthy and productive year.

    Michael Shonka

  • Happy Birthday and thank you for what you have done with my life. I classify myself as a original Cooper Pooper. I had a health issue in 1969. Took out high risk insurance as I thought the end was near. Went thru all the test and found out I was not going to die. I was 35 years old, trying to build a building and development business. Smoked, drank and weighed 285 at 6’4. My insurance man gave me your first book. I sat at the kitchen table at 4 in the am reading and trying to run. Took me almost 6 mo. to cover a mile non stop. Two years later I was rated back to normal and down came the insurance. I am religious to the point program and still hop on my air-dyne for a quick workout. Over the years I have done marathons and century’s The base line for my point total each week is 48. My Dr. who is a HMD (Dr Frank Shallenberger) says I am amazing after each annual physical. I am 87 years old. Thanks again Dr. Cooper. from a faithful “Cooper Pooper

    Rodney Osterlund

  • Dr. Cooper, it has been a blessing to work for you all these years cleaning the windows at your house to make sure you always have a clear outlook on life. God bless you and Millie may His peace rest on you and your family.

    Michael Newkirk

  • Happy Birthday from the gal from Pauls Valley, OK! I have loved being a member at Cooper since '97, chatting with you about your days in Pauls Valley interning under Dr. James Lindsey, my leading your son in Young Life back in the late 80s, praying for mutual friends (Joe White) and seeing you age with grace and dignity. What a joy it’s been to have a front row seat of your accomplishments and your contributions to the health of the American people! Here’s to many more great years and accomplishments!

    Shari Macfee

  • Happy Birthday Month Dr. Cooper - thanks for being an inspiration!

    Susan Wisch

  • Happy a Birthday! Thank you for representing Putnam City so very well! I am proud to say you are an alum of our great district!

    Cindy Gibbs

  • In the early 1960s when I went into my Ophthalmology practice in Preston Center, I began hearing of Dr. Kenneth Cooper also entering practice in Preston Center. I found his book on aerobic exercise. After reading Dr. Cooper’s book, I was certain his concepts were valid and favorable for health. Not long after I scheduled a physical which included a stress test. I barely made it into the “fair” category. I began exercising and made a vow to return every 2 years and beat Ken's stress test time since he is only 6 month older. I started running and I have kept it up ever since. All of this because of the influence of Ken Cooper. As I observe runners today, I am certain it is because of the influence Ken Cooper has had on running and aerobic exercise. Thank you, Ken, for the many years of dedication you have given to your profession and the improvement of health of many who put their sneaker to the pavement. Happy Birthday!

    Charles Key

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! It was an absolute honor to work at the Cooper Fitness Center as a personal trainer and a highlight of my life to actually meet you, Dr. Cooper, the "Father of Modern Aerobics!" Your bravery, perseverance, genuine care, and tireless work ethic have, literally, changed the world, countless lives, and our knowledge of exercise forever. Perhaps even more astounding, your humble and kind nature place you in a realm all your own. Thank you, Doctor Cooper! Happy, happy birthday!

    Stephanie Rosenberg

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, I do wish you all the best, a lot of health and further happy and fulfilled years. Thanks to you my life is ruled by fitness activities always in mind how many points I made with the latest exercise, during one week, ... With an age of 14 or 15 I read your book Aerobics in the early 80s. I was an unsportive boy and turned to be a triathlete! Thank you for this change in mind! Sportive greetings and best wishes to you!

    Heiko Heinisch

  • Happy Birthday! It has been such a treat and a great honor to get to know you, Millie and Cooper Clinic this past year. You are an inspiration and inspire me to not only live a healthier life but to be a better person. Thank you for contributing so much to society and providing us with the tools and education to live our best and healthiest life. We admire and look up to you!

    Michelle Taylor

  • Hi Dr. Cooper, On behalf of all of us here at the Medical Fitness Association, we wish you a belated Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for all you have done for the fitness industry and to keep people healthy!!

    Mariann Murphy

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. I was part of the AAC Director Team back in the early to mid 80s. As an Associate Physical Director I taught group fitness (or as referred Aerobic dance,) and directed the Strength Training programming. Being associated with the Cooper Fitness Center and Aerobics Activity Center was life changing. Your inspiration as a leader and innovator in Wellness, Fitness and Research was and still is cutting edge in delivering what the world and fitness industry needs to stay grounded in the original Aerobics culture.

    Paul Schoenberg

  • Happy Birthday. Your clinic saved my life. They found a cancerous tumor in my lung.

    Michael Smiley

  • I am joining health professionals, sportsmen and sportswomen from all around the world in wishing Dr. Cooper happy 90th birthday! I wish that his vision of a more active and healthy society becomes even more widespread across the United States and beyond! His dedication and work were always true inspiration to me personally and to the Hungarian School Sport Federation. It was his Cooper Institute that helped us with developing our health-focused national fitness assessment system which is already in use since 2015 and which provides essential longitudinal data on the health fitness of Hungarian students. I do hope that such great achievements give Dr. Cooper further strength and endurance to keep fulfilling his dream. Hungarian School Sport Federation

    Gabor Balogh

  • I’m so sorry this is a belated birthday wish, but I want you to know that you are without a doubt the most wonderful man... you saved my husband Jack’s life and in doing so you saved mine (what would I do without him?!) There are no words that can ever express how grateful I am to you!!! Happy Birthday to the most genuinely wonderful man ever!! We love you,

    Denise and Jack McClelland

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper!!! 🎉. Thank you for founding a place focusing on wellness. Others treat illness, creating Cooper Clinic that is focused on wellness so we can remain healthy is a gift. Like everyone’s grandmother always said “when you have your health you have everything” is so true.

    Shannon Bernard

  • Happy belated birthday

    Gary Moores

  • Wishing you a wonderful 90th Birthday as you reflect on your life's work, family, friends, and the many experiences and opportunities that God has placed in your path. This is my 25th year working at the Cooper Fitness Center as a group exercise instructor. I am so very proud to be a part of your team, sharing the love of movement and the importance of connecting with the spirit, mind & body. Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I'm so grateful that "God isn't done with you yet!"

    Jill Samaniego

  • Dr. Cooper, It’s been a great pleasure, an education and an inspiration knowing you. You have been a large part of my life for over 50 years. From our introduction in 1969, via your “Aerobics” book, through your encouragement at my last check up to, “keep a close eye on the Mitral Value issue." While attending Boston Bouve’ College, your book was mandatory reading and many of the staff and students at Northeastern University, were inspired to participate in the Boston Marathon, due to your informative “preventive medicine” concept. Thanks for disseminating your thoughts and research to the masses. What a great gift you have given the world. Thank you for practicing what you preach and giving us all a great example of the rewards that can be received via fitness and life balance. Wishing you another decade of a healthy and happy life.

    Jim Steenbergen

  • It has been wonderful meeting with and learning from you. Growing up in Zimbabwe and South Africa, we referred to exercise as 'Aerobics'. Our school would give us wall posters for the cardio workout for all grades, and we enjoyed it with our school classmates. At home, I would do aerobics with my two older sisters. My kids in a Dallas school followed the FitnessGram, where they knew how the tests were administered and what the exercises were. Thank you for inspiring me to want to take care of my health and fitness, take supplements and vitamins, and make healthy lifestyle choices.

    Judy Castanheira

  • Happy Birthday! To the Doctor who helped change my life. I read Aerobics about 40 years ago and never looked back! Finally, I had science to apply to my exercise and health. I can measure efforts and see my progress and slacking.

    Michael King

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, With our best wishes for a very happy 90th birthday. We wish you health and happiness and consider ourselves lucky to know you. Be well,

    Arlin and Tobe Goldberg

  • Happy belated birthday! You are definitely an innovator and someone whose lifestyle deserves recognition! Congratulations on reaching a healthy 90 years young.

    Nanci Christie

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper!!! Many blessings!!!

    America Serrano

  • Hi, Ken, happy birthday and much love. I'll be 99 in May and give all credit to you and our yearly trek to Cooper Clinic.

    Betty Pearson

  • Wishing you such a very happy Birthday. You have done so much for all of Dallas. With great admiration and gratitude.

    Carla Swenson

  • You are a remarkable man! Happy birthday!

    Liz and Dick Uihlein

  • Dr. Cooper, Congratulations on your 90th birthday. As your Cooper neighbor at Alcuin School, I want to also say thank you for being a model and inspiration to our youth and the importance of being active throughout one's life.

    Walter Sorensen

  • Belated birthday greetings Dr. Cooper. I hope you celebrated well and look forward to many more. In the 1970s you certainly inspired me to recognize the value of aerobic exercise/fitness for/to health. In 1986 I was appointed as Great Britain's first Local Authority Community Fitness Officer, and whatever we did in our 'Wear Fit' Campaign always had your pioneering work in either the background or at the forefront. Our leisure team had the privilege of coming to one of your lecture presentations in Newcastle, England. Now I am retired, I try to practice some of what your ground-breaking research taught me, for health; being fit to help others; my Masters Athletics competitions. It keeps me motivated, and, as I am trying to follow your example, it is very much thanks to you! Best Wishes.

    Kevin Archer

  • Happy birthday, and God bless you! I read your book in the early 1970s, and I trained for track by using your point system! I had to run a certain number of points each week! I ran 90 miles per week as an 8th and 9th grader, and did very well! All the best.

    Len Nasser

  • Dr. Cooper - I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    Cynthia Wood

  • Hope you had a great B-day. We are still running because of you. We worked at the Center in the 70s.

    Todd and Tricia Gent

  • Best wishes to Dr. Cooper on achieving your 90th birthday. I started aerobic exercising in 1968 and it has helped me attain my 90th birthday in December.

    Keith Dyas

  • Your positive impact on so many lives is an immeasurable achievement. My best wishes for your birthday. God Bless.

    Mason Andres

  • Dr. Cooper, way back in the '80s you treated our little, but frighteningly destructive, Indian Guide patrol with a steady and measured hand. Despite our efforts to build blazing 5-alarm fires or run around with torches in your backyard, I always felt welcome. Your leadership and work ethic are hallmarks, as you live out one of my dad's favorite quotes: "If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!". While not everyone can fill 4 minutes of distance run with a full mile as you did, we can aspire to live a life as full as you are living. Another, more eternally enduring author, penned this verse I see you living out, "For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come." I'm thankful for your leadership in both these areas, which have blessed many. Happy birthday!

    Will Thomas

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! Whether you've known it or not, you've been an example and mentor to for over thirty years. Your example of a life lived with the right priorities in mind (faith, family, purpose) have taught me and others so much about a life well-lived. Thank you for the gift of your family, the gift of your example, and the gift of countless meals throughout the years! Wishing you all the best on your 90th.

    Mason and Jen Griffin

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday! Sorry I did not see this till today. I pray you had a wonderful and fulfilling birthday. I greatly appreciate the time you spent with me. Your writings and research have been part of my life since the early 1980s. The world is indeed a finer place having had you in it for the last 90 years. Let's hope your next 90 years is just as fruitful! Hey, think positive. Thank you for all that you do and for all you have done.

    Toban Thompson

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper and thank you so much for all you have done to make our country a healthier society.

    Bart Holaday

  • Dr. Cooper, The best is yet to come. I have been privileged to see family and friends live to 90 and beyond. My Cherokee grandmother was 103 when she passed peacefully and strong in 2006. A farmer by trade. Working The Dallas Farmers markets for years kept her active and agile. I was so blessed to be able to take the last many years to be with her to keep her in the comfort of home. I wish I were in Texas to see you and how your own health system has brought you into your 90s. I can only imagine with poise. Grace. And ease. I am looking forward to that mark myself in the years to come. Many blessings fir the next 10-15 years ahead. With a little Texas Aloha,

    Gay Lynn Freeman

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! It was a true honor for my colleagues and me to meet you at a healthy aging event several years ago! You and your wife were so kind to our group and we were thankful to get a photo to commemorate the time spent together! Wishing you continued health for many years to come!

    Dr. Beth Mack

  • It seems just like yesterday that we all met as Tyler and I went to Baylor. Since then, there are too many stories to tell. Touring all around Europe and countless ski trips to Beaver Creek. I will never forget our trip to Grand Cayman. Tyler and I spent the entire time in SCUBA class and each night we tried to stump you with facts that we just learned. You knew all the right answers and more! Countless dinners at your home with your family until one night when you looked up at me and said: Why are you always here? Do you have a home? So funny. You were kidding, right? All those years I learned so much from you and Mrs. Cooper. You modeled so many amazing Christ-like character traits: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Yes, you have been on a mission of wellness for all, but you have also been on a mission for Christ turning the hearts of man. Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper and thanks for making such a huge difference in my life.

    Michael Griffin

  • Happy happy birthday, Dr. Cooper!! You have been an amazing influence over the years on so many people, including myself! I read your Aerobics book in the early 70s, when I was around 14 or so. I started running and have loved running &/or some type of exercise ever since. I moved from Missouri to Texas to go to college (at Baylor) and ended up settling in Dallas. I've gone to a nutritionist at Cooper Clinic a couple of times over the years & they have helped me keep my cholesterol down with a better diet. I just wanted to thank you for the positive impact you've had on my life. Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your birthday all year long! Wishing you the very best,

    Susan Ford

  • As Cooper Clinic patients, my wife and I often celebrate the preventive care that we have received for many years. Our lives are much improved because of it. We celebrate Dr. Cooper’s birthday; celebrate well .... he’s worth it. Romans 8:32.

    Dr. David Ferguson

  • All good wishes and blessings to you. I still remember when I jogged with you in Arizona when I was with the Indian Health Service. In the past I've sent my son Aaron to your clinic for educational training. My wife Helen and I get body scans almost every two years at your clinic.

    John Kutch

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Going to your clinic is something I look forward to every year. Your staff does a great job challenging me to improve.

    Mike Kammerdiener

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. I enjoyed aerobics for many years at my local gym and wanted to thank you. My daughter and I will be staying at the Hotel in the second week of March. We are coming into town to celebrate my brother's 60th birthday. We all can take a lesson from you on continuing fitness as we age. You look fantastic. Thank you for your many years of community leadership!

    Maryjo Bielong

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Amazing journey you are on! Thank you for all you have done to keep us healthy!

    Kathy Smallwood

  • Happy Birthday, Doctor Cooper! I wish to thank you personally for your lifetime of service. Your contributions to medicine, and wellness in particular through your Clinic, have been invaluable to many, many people, including my husband and me. We both hope to enjoy a lifetime of vitality and mental acuity for years to come!

    Juli Pitra

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Words can hardly express the impact you have made in my life in the precious moments I have been able to be in your presence. Not only have you changed the trajectory of my health (for which my family and I are so grateful), but by sharing your stories of faith and struggle, you have emboldened and encouraged the work of God in me. The churches that I will be able to serve and the lives they will touch will be multiplied as your stories have encouraged me to follow the call of God on my life with even more faith and vigor. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for following God and being an example for others to do the same. I am grateful for your faithfulness to Jesus and your sensitivity to His call.

    Richard Reising

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! You are an exceptional doctor who leads by example. It is so nice to always see you at the Fitness Center working out.

    Meri Lynn McLandrich

  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper! What a wonderful milestone birthday to celebrate! My husband, Ted, and I have been coming to Cooper Clinic for many years. Our care is top-notch and efficient, and the environment is positive and encouraging. Your entire team are role models for healthy living - they lead by example, which comes from the top! We feel Cooper Clinic is on "our team," celebrating our successes and truly wanting the best for us. Dr. Kettles is our biggest cheerleader and we practice her advice all year long. We have lost count of the number of people we have referred to Cooper Clinic, but your reach is wide. Our children have heard of our Cooper experiences for years, and I am quite sure they and their spouses will all choose to be patients as well. You have impacted generations. Thank you for having such a positive impact on our lives!

    Laurie Beneski

  • Dr. Cooper...Happy Birthday! My prayer is the Lord will continue to Bless You. Thinking of what a great man you are as I was wearing one of your Cooper tees yesterday under a black sweat shirt. (It was cold in Arkansas)... My husband and I are privileged to have met you 6 years ago. Thank you for your Kindness Dr. Cooper.

    Annette & Sam Bailey

  • Happy Birthday Dr Cooper! Do you remember in 1986 being interviewed in London by a *very* pregnant young English woman? After the article was published in Running magazine, you wrote me a sweet letter appreciating my accuracy and attention to detail. It’s a maxim I have stuck to throughout my working life. No fake news for me! I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which has given me a new focus and challenges. Exercise is a huge part of my life, thanks to you. I celebrate it on www.parkytracks.com. With very best wishes.

    Ali Turnbull

  • Happy B-Day Dr. Cooper and all the best forward .

    John Schmitz

  • Dear Ken, Congratulations on your 90th birthday & also congratulations on celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Cooper Institute and Cooper Aerobics. Your support has greatly enriched my life. You are an inspiration to me and thousands you have influenced through the years. Your support & and inspiration started me on my exercise lifestyle. I am honored to have you as my friend. Happy Birthday!

    Carol Murphy

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday! And thank you for a lot. We met in London (1990)for IEFLY (Nordic Track), which was amazing inspiring for me. Greetings from Leiden, Netherlands and enjoy your life. Stay fit!

    Frank Brilman

  • Hope you had a spectacular day, Dr. Cooper. May this be your best year, yet! Life is not a spectator sport!

    Tom & Lauren Hulsey

  • Happy belated Birthday, Dr. Cooper. Thank you for what you have done and are doing to help people get and/or stay healthy. May God continue to bless you throughout the coming year.

    Peggy Smith

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper. I have benefited so much from aerobic exercise and from 18 years of physicals at Cooper Clinic. Congratulations on this milestone!

    James Skibo

  • Happy birthday, Ken. It’s hard to believe we’ve known each other for 60 years. “Tempus fugit.” Martha and I are chasing your years. If we chased you on the road, we'd fall far behind without a bicycle or golf cart. If I reach 90, the exercise you inspired may have helped. Many happy returns.

    Leslie Klevay

  • Thank you for being Dr. Cooper to millions of people around planet earth!!! Well done!

    John Duncan

  • Happy 90th!!! My Father (born in 1913) lived past 93. He always did things in moderation. I hope you have a great Birthday and more to come. Thanks for starting a great clinic. Dr. Nelson is my Great Doctor.

    Frank Bilban

  • Dr. Cooper I can remember your movement started and you have helped so many people and have a staff of people that are the best. I have never found another place as caring and very very good like your people. May God bless you more years and continued good health. Happy Birthday.

    Len Freemyer

  • Dr. Cooper, I have been able to get to know you through my relationship with Tyler. We have been in YPO forum together for six years. One of my fondest memories of YPO was the father/son dinner we all shared together at Bob’s Steak and Chophouse. Your legacy in medicine and wellness will have an impact on our city and world for decades to come. After a few years of care at Cooper Clinic, I worked to make an annual Cooper physical a requirement for all of our partners. I wanted to also acknowledge the legacy that you have created for your family. Your son Tyler is one of the finest human beings I know. I truly value our friendship. Tyler is no doubt a reflection of the man that raised and taught him. I’m sure watching him carry on your professional legacy and lead his own family brings you a great deal of satisfaction and pride. Happy 90th birthday Dr. Cooper!

    Chris Carter

  • Happy Birthday! I read your first book, Aerobics, when I was 17 years old way back in 1972, recommended to me by the late Oded Bar Or M.D. who was the director of the research lab at the Wingate Institute in Israel. Your books had a great influence on me and to celebrate your 90th Birthday I made a presentation (in Hebrew) to my students in Israel. This year I am doing physical activity that adds on to around 40 aerobics point a week mostly by stationary cycling, walking and cycling.

    Yoram Aharoni

  • Happiest of Birthdays to you, Dr. Cooper. What a wonderful milestone to celebrate! 90 years of life; 90 years of making the world a better place. Your love and commitment to God and to mankind, changing the world so all who follow your principles of health and fitness and prevention can live fuller lives, is a legendary legacy that impacts lives all over the world. Thank you for your profound work, enduring efforts and ceaseless commitment to “running the race” so effectively.

    Georgia Nichols

  • Hi Dr. COOPER! You are a legend. Thanks 4 all. Good vibes from Brazil!

    Dani Santarosa



  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper. You are changing lives. God Bless You.

    Shedrick Sutton

  • My father, Frank Angona, read your aerobics book when it came out in the 60s. He was a physicist so he appreciated the science of aerobic exercise. He quit smoking and started running at lunch daily. He inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle. I have been a life-long exercise enthusiast, yoga teacher, meditator and healthy lifestyle advocate. I have had the pleasure of working at Cooper as a substitute yoga instructor for 15 years I feel inspired and motivated by all the wonders you have created in your 90 years.

    Kay Lisch

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Congratulations & Happy Birthday to you on your 90th Birthday!!! I’m still counting on you to keep time when I turn 100 years old & beat Larry Lewis’ 17 second time running 100 yards. I’ll be 100 & you will be 108. 😜 Look forward to seeing you in just over two weeks for my annual physical. May God’s richest blessings be upon you as you enter your 10th decade! Your friend & disciple.

    Grady Lowery

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! What incredible contributions you've made to society and America (and me!). Enjoy your 91st year!

    Chris Holm

  • Happy Birthday Dr Cooper You are an inspiration to us all and a motivator to be all we can be! enjoy!

    Mike Turner

  • Happy Birthday Uncle Kenneth! You have been such a blessing, example, and inspiration to me and my family. You have profoundly and positively enriched so many lives and we are honored by the warmth of your kinship. I recall in the 1970s as an elementary school student seeing a friend’s mother reading one of your books. I told her you were my uncle and she took me for a delusional eight year old. It was quite vindicating to give her a signed book copy for Christmas that year. Best wishes to you and Millie on your 90th birthday!

    Kendall Key

  • You should be reading birthday wishes until your next birthday. I am sure everyone can tell a story of how you impacted their lives. After your suggestion of Burk going to California for perhaps angioplasty and him flying home a few days later with triple bypass surgery feeling as good as new. Thank you, thank you for sending us there. Ten years prior to that he had quadruple bypass and took at least a month to heal. Thank you thank you and so therefore we are both here to wish you a very happy 90th birthday and many more . God needs you for His people for many years to come. Happy happy birthday, Dr. Cooper!!!!

    Nancy and Burk Burkhalter

  • Dr. Cooper: You have been an inspiration to me since 1974, when I started training as a 16 year old, to Climb Mount Rainier. Thank you for your leadership and encouragement. to millions that have followed you.

    Todd Johnson

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper. May you be blessed with many more. Hope you’re enjoying your day with family and friends.

    Dario and Irene Guajardo

  • Happy birthday Kenneth, It has been an honor and a privilege to have known you and your Blessed family for over 40 years! I have also been a member of your World Class Cooper aerobic fitness center for approximately 40 years and enjoyed every minute working out with my wife Pam and children and many friends that I have made at your State of the art facility! I am blessed to have had you as not only my personal Doctor but My dear friend for many years! Thank you Kenneth for making a difference in my life, my dad‘s life, and my entire family‘s life! You will always be my Champion, Idol, and Hero! Love you.

    Jeff and Pam Colquitt

  • DR. COOPER. HAPPY 90TH!! Working at the CFC (94-96.5) as my first job after graduating from Texas Tech U. was one of the great honors of my professional life. I learned so much about first class instruction from the best during my time there, but also about life. I actually went to the CFC (during snow days this past month) for the first time in several years and it brought back so many warm and wonderful memories. I ran into several friends, and all of them had that healthy, peaceful spirit indicative of the CFC patron. What a life you have lived and impact you have made on our Planet. You still look great (my mom is also 90) and want to express my gratitude to you and your staff for turning me into the trainer/human I am today. May your 90th be as blessed and happy as ever. YOU are a great man and we are all richer to have been touched by you. Please tell Tyler hello for me. CHEERS and continued blessings to YOU and yours!!


  • Dr. Cooper, Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! What an incredible life you have lived thus far. And the beneficial and healthful impact you have made on so many. I'm so thankful for you, and what I have learned from and the care I have received at Cooper Clinic. Truly life changing! Thank you and Happy 90th Birthday!

    Jill Soltau

  • Ken, I hope your 90th is your best birthday ever. Thanks for your friendship and all your advice over the years. I'm certainly healthier than I would have been as a result of knowing you. Best wishes!

    Don Carty

  • Dr. Cooper it was a pleasure working with you all those years when Dr. Gibbons was my Dr. and Ronnie took care of all the fun stuff. I still do the things I learned from you back in the 80s. I give you full credit for my good health today even though I'm only 74. Happy Birthday see you at 100!!!!

    Bob Balderston

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. You are amazing and have inspired so many of us. Wishing you many more healthy years.

    Joyce and Ed Carleton

  • Happy birthday young guy!

    Bennette Harris

  • Dr. Cooper, I hope you had a wonderful Birthday. You are such an inspiration for so many around the world. I am so grateful for the time I spent working for you at the amazing organization you created!

    Sarah Grohmann

  • Dr. Cooper wishing you a very special and Happy Birthday, thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Your caring and outspoken love for people make you one of a kind. May God bless you many more.

    Adrian Guajardo

  • I came in from Pittsburgh about 5 years ago and had a physical with you. Your clinics attention to detail and quality were well worth it. The time you spent answering questions and sharing insight have been invaluable Your path and journey have been inspiring - Happy Birthday and best wishes!!

    David Stephenson

  • Amazing accomplishments; I stayed one of my first nights in Dallas almost 14 years ago at the Cooper Hotel. I enjoyed the morning swim and became a regular visitor for my check up and fitness. Congratulations to you for creating this extraordinary institution that keeps us Dallasites healthier and personally walking the talk and being an example to all of us.

    Helmuth Ludwig

  • Moved to Dallas in 1993 with Mary Kay and stayed at CC for three weeks. Went on to staying fit at CC (including annual exams) until retired in 2006. Now 81 and still kicking so thanks for the inspiration to eat well and stay in shape. Happy 90th and many more,

    Thomas Whatley

  • Happy Birthday Ken and welcome to the 90 Club. The club has grown because of your efforts. See you in about three weeks.

    Ron Rule

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, my best wishes to your anniversary! Accidentally, I discussed your advices with my daughter and her friend, then I found out that your 90th anniversary was yesterday :). Our family knows your program to increase the personal performance for more than 50 years; my father - age 81 - is still "on the run."

    Susanne Oberdörster

  • I am grateful for your leadership in the field of wellness. I am also thankful you established Cooper Clinic where I receive regular check-ups. I live a better and more confident life because of your work. I pray God's richest blessings on you as you celebrate your 90th birthday.

    Roger Blythe

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, First, I wish you a very happy birthday! It’s a big milestone, with many more to come. My connection to you began in 1977 when my dad, Burt, went into V-Fib while attending a tour of the Clinic. Of course, he couldn’t have been in a better place. He likely wouldn’t have fared so well had he been on the wrong floor at a hospital. The family has always been appreciative of the work done that day (and every day) by the entire staff. I have been to Dallas for many physicals, and now my son, David, has also been a patient for a few years. So you see, your impact is multi-generational for us. Thanks for all you have done in the service of helping us to lead healthier lives. Happy birthday!!

    John Belzer

  • Happiest of birthdays to you! May you find Jesus near every day of the year! God bless you richly!

    Mack Pitts

  • Dear Dr. Cooper Congratulations on your significant milestone birthday and best wishes for many many more! With your energy and mind I expect you to be going strong at 100. You have been a remarkable doctor, mentor and leader in healthcare for so many over the years and have left your mark on this nation. I have had the pleasure of working with your son Tyler for the last 18 years and you two and your clinic have been a Godsend to my and my family’s wellbeing. May God continue to bless you sir....He certainly has us with your extraordinary care.

    Bill Blase

  • Dear Dr Cooper: I have been around Cooper for thirty plus years, what a fabulous legacy you have developed. You have inspired so many people. We hope you had a super 90th!!

    Ann and Madison Peppard

  • We wish you much joy in your 91st year. We have been coming to the clinic yearly and have greatly benefited from what we have learned and now practice in regard to proper nutrition and exercise. May God bless you.

    Dale & Marilou Mast

  • What a marvelous occasion. I first met you Ken when you spoke at a Boston marathon event in the 90s. Then joined the clinic in 1999 shortly after meeting by then fiancée - what a significant year for me. In the 21 years we worked together I most admired your warmth, friendliness and profound memory for medical data as well as your continued self education and reading of the medical literature. You are unique, indeed an icon as the leader in the field of exercise medicine. A very happy and healthy birthday to you. Please give my regards to Millie. Hope to see you next month when Yolanda and I visit Dallas.

    Abram Eisenstein

  • Happy Birthday to a class act! I join countless others around the world, thanking God for your incredible Christian leadership, Dr. Cooper. Thank you for keeping us healthy and constantly working toward healthier lifestyles. Know that I pray for you, Millie, and the entire Cooper family with deep gratitude. God bless you my friend as you continue to inspire the lives you touch.

    Adam Wright

  • Ken: I hope you have a very healthy and happy birthday. You have made a difference in my life through my Cooper Activity Center exercise program and my Cooper annual physicals which I started in 1978 and never veered from. I can count the days I have been sick on 3 fingers and that came from eating chicken in Yemen and Indonesia. I thank you for the great influence you have had on my health and my attitude in life. May God always bless you for the good you have done.

    Tom Meurer

  • Sincere Salute to Dr. Cooper! Thanks for introducing the world to a simple, common sense approach to "Exercise as a Journey"

    K. Paul Holt

  • Thank you for all you have done to promote a healthy lifestyle. Hope your day was grand!!

    Cherisa York

  • Happy birthday and many more healthy ones.

    Joseph and Ginger Puliafico

  • 🎉Happy belated birthday Dr. Cooper!! You are truly an amazing man and a blessing to so many including me! Thank you! Have a fabulous birthday week and month!!🎂

    Kari Haywood

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper! I have been going to Cooper Clinic since 1993. You, Dr. Cooper, have been a major influence in my life, my fitness and my success. It has been an honor to be a patient of yours Dr. Cooper for many years.

    David Harmon

  • Happy birthday and continued blessings of more.

    Harold Reese

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper, Thanks for everything that you have done to improve our health.

    Steve Gilbert

  • Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays!

    John Beall

  • As I approach my 89th birthday, I often reflect on the 40 years I’ve spent as one of your disciples and how you’ve affected so much of my fitness life. I am well, I am strong and I am fit thanks to you.

    Stan Richards

  • Happy Birthday to you Dr. Cooper! Best wishes. (Delighted to be a relatively new member!)

    Wendy Pope

  • They just keep coming, don't they! Happy Birthday.

    Clint Josey

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. You were a big inspiration to my father and you continue to be a big inspiration to the Savage family. Thank you for everything.

    Scott Savage

  • Dr. Cooper, Cooper Clinic is an integral part of our life. Happy Birthday... and many many more.

    Campbell Burgess

  • Happy 90th Dr. Cooper! And thank you for being such a terrific role model for all of us, showing us how to age well. Hope your birthday is as special as you are.

    Cynthia Kalkomey

  • Thank you Dr. Cooper for all you have done for me. I am eternally grateful that your thorough, detailed approach to medicine, led to you finding a cancerous tumor during one of my routine physicals five years ago. A find other doctors might have missed since my PSA was normal. Your consistent, disciplined practice and attention to detail caught my cancer early enough so that I was able to quickly get in for a successful surgery to have it removed. That was five years ago and I am now cancer free with all my functions intact! Now hopefully I can hit 90 just like you...and be here for a long time to enjoy my family and beautiful grandchildren...something I’m not sure I could say, or even be here to say, if not for you finding that tumor in 2016. I am so thankful for all of the physicals, conversations and guidance over the years. You are a real blessing to me and I will always be thankful for you. You are the simply the BEST. Happy Birthday! ❤️

    Jeff Turner

  • Working for you for 16 years was a highlight of my life, and wish it could have been 30. Thank you for all you taught me. You have truly been living your life by helping others every day. Have the happiest of birthdays my dear friend.

    Viki Ralston

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! Thank you for all you do to keep us healthy!

    Jeremy Smith

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Happy 90th Birthday!!!!!! And MANY more!!! I could never find enough words to thank you for the impact you've made on my life! Working with you was an honor and a privilege for which I will always be grateful. Thank you for what you mean to me personally and for all you've done and continue to do for people of all generations around the world. May the Lord continue to bless you as you faithfully carry out your calling! Much love to you and Millie and your precious family!!

    Leah Kay Gabriel

  • Happy Birthday, Doc, thank you for making Preventive Medicine a Priority. May you have many more Birthdays coming your way. God Bless You.

    Dr. Larry N. Balli

  • Dr. Cooper, I met you 45 years ago at the Aerobics Center. You saw the shingles on my face and told me your father had that too. We also met a couple of years ago in your office and discussed our visits to China (you going a little more plush than I). You and your clinic have been an integral part of my life in Dallas. My yearly check ups with Dr. Abel have let me see, not only your growth, but the influence you have had and still have on generations of people. You have been an inspiration to me as well. Wishing you many more years of health and happiness.

    craig singer

  • Dear Ken, I was always thankful that I was introduced to you by my late business partner, Dr. Bob Gaylord. I remember your office in Preston Center. That was quite awhile ago! Thank you for all you do! Happy Birthday!

    Pat Brady

  • Dr. Cooper, A very happy birthday. You were instrumental in getting me running in the 1960s after the Readers Digest article, and I have kept moving ever since. I’ve made several visits to Cooper Clinic and have always been impressed with the professionalism of you and your staff, and especially I appreciate your continuing witness for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Be well and keep moving. God bless.

    John Beckett

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy birthday!! I hope you have a great one.

    Brian Russell

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Look forward to seeing you in April for my annual screening.

    Scott Thompson

  • Dr. Cooper, Thank you for being a pioneer of your era, in an industry that has so much conflicting and confusing information. Thank you for setting a clear path for people seeking a healthy lifestyle. Happy Birthday, we wish you continued success, good health and happiness.

    Amanda & David Howard

  • Dr. Cooper... Happy 90th Birthday to you. It's absolutely incredible the journey you have been a part of in the last nine decades and shared with millions. Without a doubt, you are one of the most positive, productive, principled, passionate and purpose-driven men I have ever met. Like my own Dad, you have been the ultimate role model since the day I met you. Please know how much I cherish our longtime friendship and thank you for all that you stand for in your commitment to help us all live a healthy, more enjoyable life.

    Scott Murray

  • Good Morning Dr. Cooper: Sorry this Birthday Wish is a day late. Happy, Happy 90th!! And thank you a life of caring for others through your teaching and research. Thank you for helping all of us who have walked through the doors of Cooper Clinic and afterward brought you home with us as we continue your program toward healthier lifestyles. You have been an inspiring, bright star in our world, a leader in the field of medicine.

    Becky Burris

  • Happy Birthday to a life changing flight surgeon who changed the world in the 20th century! Bravo. Thank you for all you have done and given to the world to make this a better place, and we healthier inhabitants. Grace & peace abide.

    James Campbell Quick

  • Happy Birthday with prayers and good wishes for many more!

    James Conlon

  • Happy Birthday Doctor Cooper. May God bless you with a life full of happiness and joy. Best wishes.

    Peggy Blalock

  • Dr. Cooper: You have been such a strong influence in my life over the last 40 years (yikes!). I'll never forget the time back in 1982 when I was a young auditor running around your track, and you came up to me and told me I was gaining on Frank Shorter Now he and I are neighbors in Boulder with new knees and a continued love of exercise and fitness. Your wisdom, kindness, and generosity are a huge inspiration to so many of us. Happy 90th and I wish I could be there in person to celebrate!

    Carol Frank

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy belated 90th birthday. You have been an inspiration of fitness and preventive health care for my wife, Jody and me for many years. Thank you for your wonderful life's work. We both enjoy your Cooper Clinic and my wife is still a member of your Aerobics Center. I had my annual physical on March 3rd and I cannot compliment Dr. Beard and Dr. Rick Wilson enough for their professionalism. All the best.


  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I had seen you around the clinic, but when you came and spoke at our Rose City SHRM event a couple of years ago, I was amazed by your passion for people to live healthy lives and was engaged by your amazing storytelling. What a legacy you have built and will leave for generations to come. Thank you and God bless you!

    Carrie-Ann Yearty

  • Happy Birthday Ken! I am so thankful for you and Millie being such dear friends to Mom (Marcene) and Dad (Turner) and thus to our family. Your love for the Lord and for others shown in your passion for pursuing healthy lifestyles changed my parents lives and our lives as well. I am so thankful I got to grow up jogging and exercising in the 70's with my parents simply because it was how we took care of what God has given us; it was health motivated, not self image motivated. The discipline Marcene and Turner learned from you passed down to us. We are so thankful for your friendship with Dad. Your love for the Lord and for Dad blessed him and made him a better man, better father, and better husband. We love and appreciate you.

    Julie Kerckhoff

  • Dr. Cooper, I wish you well on your 90th birthday. You are indeed a very special person. You are an inspiration to everyone that has ever come in contact with you. I am so happy that I discovered Cooper Clinic 25 years ago. It has really made a difference in my life. Blessings!

    Earl Patrick

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! It has been an honor to work for you in Cooper Spa! I pray you have a blessed Birthday and a wonderful year! May God bless you and your family always. Thank you for all you do and have done for us and for the whole world! Gratefully.

    Kevin Smith

  • Happy Birthday Dr Cooper❣️🥳🎈🎉🎁🎂

    Tina Baker

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Congratulations on your 90th birthday. You are an inspiration to us all. My wife Ellen and I have enjoyed our annual visits to Cooper Clinic and I am proud to have your son Ty as my physician during my visits. I greatly appreciate him. Best wishes for many more healthy years.

    Carlisle Mabrey III

  • Dr. Cooper, You and your work are truly an inspiration, and shows your heart shines true for the well-being of others. May God Bless the many years to come for you in your focus to be a living example of dedication to health in mind, body and soul. HAVE AN AMAZING DAY DR. COOPER!!! {hugs}

    Judy Tindall

  • Dear Dr Cooper- It has been an amazing privilege and pleasure working with you over the years. I actually joined the Cooper Center when I was an intern in 1981 and have been participating in some form ever since then. Your goals, curiosity and dedication have made us (me) a better person and a better cardiologist. You lead by example...and therefore I have always tried to have my "ducks in a row" when discussing EP with you. Happiest Birthday!

    Jodie Hurwitz

  • Happy First day of your 91st year! You are an inspiration to so many and truly your research and programs and knowledge generated from your work is a gift to the world!

    Marysusan Wanich

  • The happiest of birthday wishes to you. Thank you for your insight and caring about the health of others. But if not for Cooper I may well not be here today.

    Phyllis Taylor

  • You're an inspiration, keep on keeping on! Happy Birthday!

    Larry Marshall

  • Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎉🎈🎈

    Elizabeth and Charles Gordon

  • Happy Birthday! Hope your day was fabulous. Thanks for all you’ve done to promote health and wellness.

    Rebecca Withrow

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Congratulations on turning 90! Hoping for 90 more. You have done amazingly good work the community and countless individuals. You've taught us the Cooper way of life that will elongate all our lives. Our humble gratitude.

    Sorabh Saxena

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dr. Cooper!

    Wayne Keller

  • Happy Birthday, BIG 90, Congratulations.


  • Dr. Cooper, From the Kinney Regionals to treadmill tests, you have always sought me to bless me. You searched for ways to make me into an elite runner, and I will always cherish your mark on my life. May Christ bless you in this 90th year. You are loved.

    Megan Flowers-Skeels

  • Thanks so much for your inspiration. My husband and I enjoyed your fitness facility and medical testing for the 5 years I worked for Hunt Oil. Our health improved and you recognized us for being Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics. We appreciate your leadership. Happy Birthday!

    Diane Prier

  • Happy Birthday, D.r Cooper!!! Ken, I will never forget all the wonderful travels my family and I did with you.!! the Berlin Wall, Japan and Hong Kong! And I thank you for your excellent care of my dad, Bob Faulkner!! You kept him alive until he was 96! I also thank you for coming to his funeral. That meant so much to me. You are a wonderful example of a Godly Christian man. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you!🎊🎂🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂🎂.

    Karen Key

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper!! Thank you for your lifelong commitment to health & fitness, through knowledge, preventative actions and disciplined behavior. I along with millions of others have directly benefited from your work. I know that I join my fellow Cooperized clients in expressing our deep gratitude.

    Rodney Thomas

  • Good morning and Happy Birthday Dr. Kenneth Cooper. It is awesome that not only are you a pioneer in health and wellness but an incredible giver. A person that not only thinks of his own health but the health of so many others. Thank you for the your incredible career and the many more years of making this world a better place:)

    Jimmy Bassetti

  • Dear Dr. Ken Cooper, Have been a patient since 1975. I am now 83 and in excellent health mainly due to your guidance. Thank you thank you. Best wishes on this special birthday may there be more to come in more good health. Enjoy your birthday with family and friends.

    Neil Golub

  • At 76 I am a decibel of your wellness; Happy birthday Dr. Cooper.

    Steven Pedro

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper!! Thank you for always inspiring! I wish you the best. Sam

    Samantha Davis

  • Happy 90th Dr. Cooper, your achievements made life healthier for all of us!

    Mona and Gus Charif

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! And may you have 90 more years of health & happiness! Duane

    Duane Jeffery

  • You are living proof that Jesus is our Lord and Savior.

    John Bettis

  • Dr. Cooper, We met briefly during my one visit to Cooper Clinic, but I won't forget the kindness you showed. You took time to show me your office and share a story. I was blessed by your hospitality, as well as the medical care your team provided. Your life has impacted mine in a wonderful way, and for that I'm eternally grateful. Happy birthday!

    Mark Batterson

  • Amidst the chaos of ‘20, Bill Brown introducing me to you had to be a highlight...for me, it was kinda like when you spent time w/ Billy Graham in Brazil. We’ll be back in June and I hope I get to see you again! Thank you for the blessing you are to so many! You touch lives far beyond medicine! Happy Birthday young man!!!!

    Bill Maxey


    Rick Hansen

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper!! Thank you, for the wonderful contribution you have made to my life and the lives of so many other people, here and around the world. May the coming year be filled with blessings, too many to count.

    Don Brush

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper, You are truly an inspiration to life in multiple ways. Have enjoyed the clinic and aerobics center for many years and will continue to for many more. Hope you had an awesome celebration! Best as always.

    Duwayne Miller

  • Dearest Dr. Cooper. Thank you so much for your contribution and your thoughts on health and well-being. They were ahead of their time and now more important than ever.. I wish you a happy birthday on your 90th quite a milestone. You are an example of how taking a thought and making it a vision and living by it and having it come true can manifest before you're very eyes. I pray for you for continued health well-being and spiritual guidance the rest of your days. I would love to meet one day just talk and hear your story. If you're interested and you have time contact me 972-786-6680 lunch. God Bless.

    Sandra Ogden

  • Although some days I don’t want to exercise, I do, because of you. Thank you.

    Paul Morin

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper. Thank you for your wisdom through the years.

    Lori Richman

  • Wishing God’s continued Blessing and Favor over you and your household. Such a pleasure to know a Godly man. Happiest Birthday 🥳 Week/Year to you with love, the Usserys 🙏🏾💕

    Debra, Terdema & Family Ussery

  • A very happy birthday wish to you Dr. Cooper from Lagos, Nigeria. I wish you many many more years of joy, and good health. May God continue to guide and lead you in your passion and work to help mankind. I appreciate you greatly.

    George Chima

  • Hope you have a blessed and happy 90th!

    Chip Fenoglio

  • Happy 90th birthday Dr. Cooper. Thank you for being the great leader of fitness and longevity! God bless

    Tim Brandon

  • A very Happy and blessed Birthday to you, Dr. Cooper! I so admire you and your life's work and want to thank you for helping so many people find their way to better health (of which I am one). I had a physical and attended the "Wellness Week" at Cooper Clinic in March of 2012, and that started me on a journey of wellness and the implementation of a changed diet and lifestyle which have continued to this day. Congratulations on reaching this great milestone! My father turned 90 last year, and my mother's 88th birthday will be in July. It is such a blessing to have parents who take good care of their health and are still here to be with their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I'm sure your family, friends and community (as well as many around the world) are thrilled that you are thriving and in good health (as am I!). May you have many more good and healthy years ahead, and may God Bless you and your family!

    Danette Volkmer

  • Happy Birthday, Doc!

    Benchmark Harris

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday! You have always inspired me and I love being a part of the Cooper Fitness family. Tyler and Angie are close friends with Meredith and me. You and Millie have given us so much to shoot for. And I love that you keep moving forward. I love bumping into you in the evenings at the Cooper Center. You have left an amazing legacy. I'm so fortunate to know you. And your faith in Christ has been passed down to your family. Tyler is the most stubborn friend I've known when it comes to his beliefs. I can be a little bit shaky in that department, but he's such a wonderful friend. On behalf of my in-laws, Don and Barbara Floyd. And from my family (including Lang's close pal, Parker), we wish you the happiest of birthdays! I'm hoping for many more. The Father of Aerobics has earned another decade or two.

    Matt Mosley

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper! Thank you for all that you have done for my family, especially my mom and dad. We all are so very appreciative of YOU! Have a blessed 90th birthday.

    Sloan Hildebrand

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper. Thank you for all you've done to help so many of us live healthier lives. I've been coming to Cooper Clinic for 21 years and I'm certain that I'm living a healthier lifestyle as a result. Thank you and best wishes for a very happy birthday!

    Mike Oestmann

  • Happy Birthday to a Long Term Friend who has done so much for me and countless others. The opportunity to work out and play basketball at the Fitness Center for over 25 years was such a Blessing. I also received my annual physical at the Clinic during that time which was so beneficial to the good health I continue to enjoy. Dr. Cooper is a Great Man and I will always be grateful to him for having such a positive influence on my life.

    David Terre

  • Dr. Cooper, It is with great joy that I wish you a Happy 90th Birthday. Working with you and the amazing practice you established was such a privilege for me. I loved being a part of the cutting-edge of what medicine can do to help prolong useful life in patients. May your words last to make life better for generations.

    Tom Kimball

  • Happy birthday!! You changed my life with your first book in the late 60s and I have been a fan for 50 years. I applaud your work, I read your books, I come to your clinic, I take your supplements and I share everything I've learned with a multitude of grandchildren. We all thank you!!

    Jan Stockon

  • Wishing you a wonderful day, and may you continue to live your life full of blessings! Happy Birthday

    Pini Duverney

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! Thanks for the leadership and inspiration in the field of wellness and the abundant life.

    Rick Beelby

  • You have been such an inspiration over the years, Dr. Cooper. I have benefited greatly by coming to Cooper Clinic for my physicals for many years. Happy birthday and God bless you.

    Linda Cartlidge

  • We have come to Cooper Clinic for our physicals every year (except 2) since 1999 and always look forward to our appointments. The entire staff is wonderful, very professional, and always helpful! We both wish you the very best on your birthday!!

    Leslie George

  • Happy 90th. I’ve been fortunate to have been coming to your clinic for the past 15 years for my annual physical. I appreciate the role model you are and the services your wonderful employees (especially Dr. Abel) have provided. Thank you.

    Marc Allen

  • What a wonderful way you have changed the world of wellness. I am so pleased to have had you and the Clinic as a facility to send referrals. HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY YOU ARE A GREAT ROLE MODEL

    Harry Smith DO

  • Happiest of birthdays, Dr. Cooper! It's an honor to know you and have you as my doctor, mentor and friend. May God bless you and Millie!

    Scott Mason

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper. I just visited the clinic this week. Thanks for all you do and have done to help the rest of us live a healthier life. May God bless you with a year of making wonderful memories with those you love. Warmest regards.

    Justen Traweek

  • I first heard you lecture about Aerobics nearly 60 years ago when I was a young Air Force physician at Randolph Air Force Base. It has been gratifying to watch your successful career, to read your aerobics books, how to live the aerobics lifestyle. Have a very happy birthday and many more!

    Norwood Hill

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper, and thank you for channeling your energy, intellect and inspiration toward educating your fellow humans to make the most of our bodies and minds. It's always nice for the rest of us to have high aspirations!

    Lee Roach

  • Happy Birthday! Dr. Copper! Thank you for being a pioneer in the field of physical fitness and also, many thanks for being an enduring inspiration for us all! You have immeasurably improved the lives of millions.

    Esmeralda Pena-Weber

  • Dear Dr. Cooper! I grew up in Brazil not understanding why everyone would always say “let’s go out for a Cooper” when they wanted to do a jogging. It was an awesome pleasure to know you personally in 2018 and hear all the great stories you had with the “Seleção”. Thanks for your remarkable legacy to the well being of mankind. Happy Birthday, God bless you!

    Abel Reigada

  • The Peck family wishes you a very happy and healthy birthday. We owe so much to you, your clinic physicians and staff. Many thanks for all you’ve done. Be well and congratulations on this incredible milestone!

    Kevin Peck

  • I remember your Aerobics book in my childhood home in the late 60s. Then it seemed everything fitness took off from there! We listened to Zig Ziglar on his motivational tapes talk about the Cooper Clinic in the mid-70s, and I'd drive by it in Dallas on the way to work in the 80s. Our family friend, Dr. Bruce Miller, who recently passed away, told us about his acquaintance with you as you both talked about nutrition during the 90s. I even went for a grand physical at your Dallas clinic and later joined the new Cooper Fitness Center at Craig Ranch here in McKinney in the 2000s/2010s. Somehow your life has threaded through mine over all these years, and I am so grateful for your subtle influence and indirect investment. I hope your 90th birthday is the happiest of all. What a privilege to be alive. May God bless you and keep you, Dr. Cooper!

    Anne Clayton

  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for the Cooper Clinic I’ve been doing my annual physical for 25 years. What a benchmark to look at every year to keep fit.

    Mark Sullivan

  • I am happy and proud to have worked with “The Father of Aerobics,” who has almost singlehandedly done so much to make the world healthier, and may well have saved more lives than any other doctor alive today. His clinic saved my life with a health problem they alerted me to during my annual checkups. He has inspired me, as he had inspired tens of millions of others, to become more fit, and the aerobics movement will serve as a lasting memorial to his pioneering and groundbreaking work in convincing the world of the importance of regular exercise. He helped move medicine away from disease management and towards disease prevention, inspired many to take up jogging, and made fitness an important part of American lives. My wife Ursula and I, grateful patients and friends, look forward to celebrating his 100th.

    John Banzhaf

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I had the chance to meet and talk with you on January 4th as we waited the mandatory 15 minutes after having received our first COVID shot at Comprehensive Orthopedics (you initiated the conversation by inquiring about the large scab on my lower leg that I received from a bicycle accident which has now healed quite nicely, thank you). Here's wishing you many more "Happy Birthdays" to celebrate in the years to come. P.S. I have benefited greatly from participating in the Nutritional program offered by the Clinic.

    Bill McNally

  • Dr. Cooper, The Lord gave a Beautiful gift to the World on the day you were born! Happy Birthday 🎈🧁 I love Cooper Clinic❣️. I was a patient of Dr. Camron Nelson for nearly 18 years😷. I miss seeing him.

    Janet Skauge

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper! From reading your books since they first were written to coming to Cooper Clinic for a physical every year for the past 30 years, your work is what has enabled me to be fit and healthy for my entire adult life. I know that is also true for many others as well. Your work is truly a gift to the millions of people who are in good health because of you. Congratulations on turning 90, and thank you!

    Gregory Lester

  • A Very Blessed Birthday wish for you! God Bless you this new birthday year Dr Cooper! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.

    Rose Vincenyo

  • Dr. Cooper, Jody and I would like to wish you a very happy 90th birthday. It has been an honor. to know you. We are so appreciative for what you have done for us personally but also all you have done for our Air Force through the years. We are looking forward to seeing you in May. All the best Bill

    Bill Begert

  • Happy Birthday! We love you and thank God for your kindness to our family! You have been a wonderful example of God's love to all of us! May He continue to richly bless you and your family!

    Debbie Cannaday

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Robin and I hope you had a wonderful day today and we thank God for you. I appreciate you for always taking such good care of me! Love, Scott Turner

    Scott Turner

  • Dr. Cooper, Congratulations to your 90th birthday. I am so honored to know you and we had wonderful time together in China. Wish you the best birthday ever, with many many more to come.

    Gary Ho

  • Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! David, Lillian, Michelle, and Michael Shriro

    Lillian Shriro

  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper. I was your (executive annual physical) patient in 2017/2018, and I hope to return in the near future. Thank you a million times for your help to the humanity and contribution to medical science. We're grateful. Many many happy returns of the day.

    Partha Teerdhala

  • Happy birthday Dr Cooper! May God continue blessing you with good health 🎂🤩

    Mary and George Foreman

  • Happy Birthday Dr.Cooper!🎂😀

    Wanda Love

  • God bless you, Happy Birthday; Thank you for all you do and the many blessings you’ve brought into so many lives.

    Darryl White

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! Blessings & continued success to you, your family and the whole of the Cooper Clinic Team. Joshua 14:6-11 (NKJV)

    Ako D. Bradford, M.D., FACP

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper: I’ve been an annual physical patient with Drs. Tornelli-Mitchell and McFarlin since 1997 even after a move to Austin in 2000. At 71, I attribute much of my good health to their combined care and skill. On your birthday my wife and I received our second of two COVID vaccinations at your clinic. Your entire staff should be complimented for the excellent way they handled the entire process. And a tip of the hat to Dr. McFarlin for getting us in line for our two shots. Again, happy 90th and here is to many more.

    Graham Dodson

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! What an amazing impact you have had on so many people’s lives! You are a true example of what is good in this world! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Nancy Smith

  • Have a Very Happy Birthday. Because of your facility and doctors, namely Dr. Kettles, we have enjoyed better health than we would have had. We started at Cooper Clinic over 20 years ago and have also had our grown children start there so they could have a baseline and a good start at health for a lifetime. God Bless.

    Dr. Richard and Sharon Browning

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I love visiting my family in Dallas because of your gym. It’s a beautiful gym and everyone's so welcoming. All the best this year!

    Ammar Mohamed

  • Happy 1ST Day on Earth Day Dr. C A “Tip of the Hat” in celebration of your special day. I enjoy following your lead of PM as an investment in our health! Fitness is a journey and I am blessed to have been coming to Cooper Clinic for over a decade. Here’s to treating everyday as a gift ! Best wishes & Happy Birthday.

    Robert Leahy

  • Happy birthday Dr.Cooper🎂🎂🎂 Congratulations on your lifetime work for American health!

    Jim Hill

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy birthday to one amazing man. Thank you for being such a wonderful example for the Chapmans.

    Cindy and Steve Chapman

  • Best Wishes to a great physician who’s work enhanced the lives of millions.

    Dr Bill Ranelle

  • 🎈Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper For 23 years you have helped me take charge of my health by giving me great advice! 😊 You have reviewed my medical report and John's jointly, so that we have no secrets. We have always admired your stamina, your dedication to educating people on how to become or stay healthy! Thanks to you I did two half marathon back to back at age 46. I was race walking, not running. At age 76 I still do some race walking but at a slower pace. You were my inspiration to undertake something I had never done before. May you continue to enjoy good health and happiness every day. 👏😀🧘🍀🌅🏃🏻‍♂️🎂

    Ursula Banzhaf

  • Happy Birthday and many more!

    James Lowry

  • HAPPY HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY 🎉 Dr. C 🎉♥️😍 We hope this day has been as awesome as you are. God Bless You and we love you♥️ We both cherish the friendship that’s lasted a lifetime even when time goes by and we don’t see you...we cherish the times we’ve had together 🥰

    Robyn & Mike Rudberg

  • Ken, Dotty and I pray that you enjoyed the blessed birthday ever. You truly are such an inspiration to us. Each year when we come for our physicals, we see what fantastic shape you have maintained so we are motivated to stay in shape. May the Lord bless you with another decade of good health. Blessings.

    Charlie & Dotty Duke

  • Dr. Cooper, I first heard you at your presentation at the Indiana Dental Association which I think was in the mid 70s. I was inspired! I'm nearly an octogenarian and my goal is to be able to tell my kids what things were like a hundred years ago! hope you can too. Congrats on your success and best wishes for a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  • Happy Birthday Uncle Ken! You are just amazing & we are very proud of you. With love—Roger & family

    Roger Cooper

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday!! I first learned of Cooper Aerobics in 1978 during my freshman year at Georgia Tech. We read your aerobics book in our PE class. I am so grateful for your innovative approach to fitness. I have been fortunate to get a Cooper Clinic physical assessment on multiple occasions from 2005 on. In 2015 you were kind enough to allow me to meet you personally in your office. You pointed out several elderly patients that far exceed my stamina in the treadmill. (Ha!) God bless you sir!

    Clay Gilbert


    Claire Farris

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper!!! 🎂🎂🎂

    Judy and Bob Sherman

  • Dear Dr. Cooper: I have been a fan of yours ever since I read your book on Aerobics in 1973 when a physician in Coral Gables FL gave me a copy. You inspired me to jump right in and earn my 30 aerobic points each week. I have had the pleasure of hearing you speak many times and your messages continue to resonate in my head. My favorite is, "it's a whole lot easier to maintain good health than it is to regain it after it is lost." What an understatement! And I keep reminding myself: "proper diet, proper exercise and proper supplementation." Please keep the good advice coming; I will always heed it. Happy Birthday and may you have many more. Thank you for all that you do.

    Bill Wilson

  • You were the beginning of our, my husband and my, commitment to exercise. I remember one year when we were at Cooper Clinic for our annual physicals and enjoying some lunch after--you were sitting at the table next to us. We enjoyed a brief conversation with you eventually getting around to The Treadmill Test. It just happened to be a record for me--even to this day actually!! I was so proud to tell you!! Your leadership and commitment to health and longevity are an inspiration to so many and continue to be even at the young age of 90. Wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!! Well lived, and wished many more.

    Nancy Swaney

  • Dr. Cooper, First, and foremost, "Happy Birthday"!!! The irony is that you are the one who has given the most to all of us---health! I remember when I first started running and learning that you were the one who inspired "exercise." My husband and I have been, in some form, coming to Cooper Clinic for over 40 years. Today, as part of the Platinum Program, we feel truly fortunate to be able to continue our relationship with the fine doctors and staff of the Clinic. On rare occasion, I see you in the halls and always want to thank you for all you have done for exercise, but I never want to bother you. So, just please know how grateful we are for all you have done and wish you the very HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!!

    Karen Drayer

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I am fit today and play golf 3 days a week thanks to your guidance and encouragement!

    Pat Williamson

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper. You’ve been an inspiration to me and countless others, and I hope you are able to look back and enjoy the fruits of all your labor. Congratulations on an amazing life well lived.

    Michael Faulkner

  • God blessed you with knowledge and as a result so many have benefited from your guidance. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

    Elisabeth Wilkerson

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday and congratulations on your 90 years. I was fortunate to be introduced to your first book in 1970 by my cross country coach in Athens, Alabama. I have probably read that book 30 times. You inspired me to dream of living to be 80 or 90 years old. A tall order for a 17 year old in rural North Alabama. I have made it to 67 and look forward to challenging those years. I still run 300 to 500 miles a year and maintain a carefully monitored diet. I am looking forward to my 21’st annual physical at Cooper Clinic this month. Thank you again for your books.

    C. Houston Elkins, Jr.

  • Happy bday, Doc. I heard you in 1978 at Texarkana College speaking about aerobics. I became a runner that day. Many miles later, I’m now almost 72, eating a plant based diet, walking every day and 4 lbs under my high school weight. I came to Cooper Clinic in my early 30’s assuming I would die of cardiovascular disease like my dad did at age 38. Every year is now a bonus year. Thank you for establishing a preventative path for my family and me. Wishing you God’s richest blessings!!

    Michael Giesler

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! Thank you for everything that you have done. Your impact is beyond measure! We’re so blessed to work for a company founded on your wisdom, faith and core values!

    Catherine Lindberg


    Karen Barnett

  • Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to people you don't know.

    John Casstevens

  • Welcome to the nineties! Thanks to you I’ve made it to 92. Let’s both go for 100!

    David Soelter

  • Happiest Birthday to you Dr. Cooper!! I am sincerely so grateful for your lifelong vision and work!!! Cooper is my favorite place to go and has brought so much into my life!! Thank you sir!!! Hope you have a wonderful 90th and know how loved you are!!!

    Shareese Rowland

  • Dear Ken, I already sent Carole & my greetings to you earlier today. We love & appreciate you & Millie, and are grateful for our over 40 year friendship! God bless you both!

    Norm Sonju

  • Dear Doc, Best wishes - you are so very special. Such an inspiration to so very many.

    JD Russell

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper. Thank you and Dr. Kettles for the wonderful care through the years at Cooper Clinic. Your dedication to preventive medicine has added years to so many lives, including mine. Hope you have many more happy and healthy Birthdays.

    Suzanne Lowe

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper, and many more. I first met you when you were only about 50, and you sure haven't aged much. Keep on keeping on!

    Judy Havener

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! I am so proud of the 17 years of work I did in service of your mission to increase quantity and quality of life. All the best to you and your incredibly talented staff at Cooper Aerobics!

    Tessie Clasby

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I am now 75 and fit because of Cooper Clinic and especially Dr. Michelle Kettles. I was challenged to change my lifestyle and did so and sustained it! When I think of the thousands of patients like me whose lives have been significantly improved because of the fine wellness care provided by the Clinic I am in awe of your dedication to all of us. Thank you for your dedication and leadership. I hope you have had a wonderful 90th birthday!

    Rollin Bredenberg

  • You are one in a million, Dr. Cooper! Congratulations to you on the enviable milestone of your 90th birthday! You have truly been a beacon of light toward others reaching their 90th and beyond, as you were for my husband, Harry. Your personal touch, expertise, and generous sharing of your wealth of knowledge as you treat each patient is appreciated beyond measure. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many Blessings as you begin this next decade.

    Rebecca Sue McKillop

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and investing in the improvement of so many lives of others. Your vision, wisdom, and passion for sharing how to live a healthier life has been instrumental in making my own life better for over 20 years. I am most appreciative.

    Janet Sander

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper - Thank you for the impact you have made on millions around the world in regards to preventive health. Thanks to you many individuals are enjoying more years with their families, have made commitments to lead a healthy and your research continues to foster meaningful public health policies throughout the country! What an honor to call you a mentor, visionary and most of all, my friend. Happy Birthday from the Romo family! (Joel, Denise and David)

    Joel Romo

  • Dear Kenneth Cooper.. thanks to you and your book “Aerobics” my 83 year old husband has walked every day rain or shine 4 miles a day for the last 53 years.. We love you and we wish you a very happy 90th birthday!

    Candy and Frank Caric

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, You have inspired, encouraged, and promoted a healthy lifestyle for so many of us. I give you credit for making my 50's healthier than my 30's. You gave me and so many others, a community (my Cooper Family) to make fitness a priority. I am forever grateful. Happy 90th birthday. You definitely walk the walk. I hope this birthday is a wonderful celebration for you and your family. Sincerely, Liz Goldreich 💙

    Elizabeth Goldreich

  • Happy Birthday. You have been such an influence in my life-from group exercise leadership training when I was young to great care as I age. Thank you. 🎂🎁🎉🎈

    Vicki Hurt

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper! 90 years young! I’ve been a patient at the Cooper Clinic for nearly 20 years and always look forward to my visits! I had the pleasure of meeting you during one of those visits as I was waiting for my next check up activity. You simply ask me if they where talking good care of me and I responded that they always give me excellent care here. Congratulations on your many achievements and thank you for the inspiration that started me on my fitness “journey” nearly 45 years ago. Still running at age 65. Thank you again Dr Cooper!

    Sam Wash

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Thank you for the impact you have made on my life, and the world. In addition, to being the "Father of Aerobics"....you are the "Father of Walk-A-Thons" by bringing the concept of walking to raise funds for research and programs....for a multitude of non-profit organizations, including my alma maters, March of Dimes and American Heart Association. Millions of people participated, and BILLIONS of dollars have been raised! Lives have been saved. Thank you, Dr. Cooper!

    Amy Johnson

  • Happy 90th Birthday!!!

    Tom Long

  • Happy 90th birthday Dr. Cooper! Thank you for everything you do!

    Daniel Montes

  • You have made such a difference in so many lives. I know you have in mine. Happy birthday!

    Ina Thompson

  • I was first introduced to your Clinic as a benefit of employment with a firm in Dallas. I salute you in founding and contining to promote your work as your slogan "Well into the Future" fits your efforts very well. I even continued to have a few physicals after I became retired and although I haven't been there in a few years, the things I learned have helped me stay healthy. Hope you have a Happy 90th and many more and your work at your Clinic continues to grow and reach more and more patients.

    Carl Fischer

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! You’ve touched so many lives! Some may not realize it was you but still took jazzercize or Zumba or jogging and you changed their lives. May you live forever!

    Terry Y

  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper! Your years of hard work and dedication to health and wellness are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all you have done. Best wishes for a wonderful day and year!

    Christine DuFresne

  • Doctor, I am proud to say I started with the Cooper Clinic in 1972, and am still a big fan of your program. You have inspired me and the I live the way you changed 'health' in the world. I am going to be 80 soon, so I look forward to celebrating your 100th and my 90th together. Happy Birthday.

    Arthur Gardenswartz

  • Dr. Cooper, you are an inspiration. Happy Birthday!

    Judy Belk

  • A Life well lived. Thank you for your example to all of us. Especially to the medical community. “Perseverance Further”. As the Chinese say. Blessings to you. 🕊from Birdsong

    Mary Birdsong MD

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. You have left great impressions in the heart of people. Wish you best of luck in life!

    Ekta Sehgal

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper Best wishes to you on your 90th and thanking you for all the care you’ve given thousands of patients at your clinic. You and your son and wonderful staff have given the world a formula to live their lives to the fullest. By living the same lifestyle you have advocated to others and being a wonderful human, you have achieved amazing feats. Hope to talk soon.

    Walter Rainwater

  • Dr. Cooper - You have always been an inspiration and a mentor to me. The Cooper’s have been a “second family” really, growing up with Tyler and all the trips we took together (like Brazil). Congratulations on reaching 90 and I wish you and Millie the best! Happy 90th!

    John Gough

  • Happy birthday! Thanks for your contribution to fitness.

    Hugh Blevins

  • Dr. Cooper, Here's wishing you a happy 90th. You have been and still are an inspiration to all of us. I wish you continued good health and happiness.

    John Charles Simpson

  • May you be blessed with many more happy and healthy birthdays.

    Betty Jones

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy 90th Birthday. Thank you for setting a good example for us all. Best wishes.

    Mark Gray

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper. You and your life are an amazing inspiration. What you have created with your team at the Cooper Clinic is improving our lives every day. All the best to you and your family.

    Ondrej Pitra

  • Happy Birthday I hope you enjoyed you day. I miss seeing y'all.

    Ginger Wilhelms

  • Dr. Cooper, We wish you a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for ALL you've done for so many. How blessed we are to have you to take such a personal interest in each & every one of us. God bless you & our very best wishes for many, many more!

    Paul & Kathy Moser

  • We have been coming to the Cooper Clinic for over 20 years. We credit you and Dr. Kettles for our great health. We are proud to be patients of the Cooper Clinic and value what you have created here in Dallas that is recognized across the world as a TOP MEDICAL FACILITY. We celebrate YOU, Dr. Cooper on this amazing milestone.

    Jo and Andre Staffelbach

  • Happy BTD Dr. Cooper, wish you all the best of health and happiness as you celebrate your 90th birthday. I thank you for the opportunity to learn and live a healthier lifestyle.

    Sami Kiriaki

  • Dr. Cooper: hope your birthday has been tremendous. Thank you for all you have done for health and fitness. Sincerely, Brian Loughmiller Former Mayor, McKinney, Tx.

    Brian Loughmiller

  • Dr. Cooper! Wishing you all the best on your 90th birthday! What an inspirational life you have lead! A true role model for leadership, preventive medicine, and exercise. It's been a honor to work under your guidance and leadership.

    Brooke and Kiko Zavala

  • 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉Happiest of birthday wishes to you Dr. Cooper!!!! You have certainly lived your fitness mantra to the fullest and continue to be an example for us all to emulate. Here’s to many more active years.

    Anne & David Calhoun

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! Your life has been a blessing to so many.

    Treasa Bowers

  • Happy birthday, Dr. The most amazing thing about the clinic you built is the culture which breathes through every staff member: service, engagement, excellence and commitment. Thank you, sir.

    Steven Hausman

  • I read your book Aerobics 50+ year’s ago & has been my guidance since. I get up to your clinic every few years when I can afford. Thanks for everything.

    Albert Richard Wilson

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper I am blessed to have you as my Doctor ! Enjoy your special day !

    Tim McKee

  • Dr. Cooper I want to thank you for being my friend and helping out with the ushering at Prestonwood when called upon. Additionally I started coming to u for medical advice when u opened the clinic I think in 1974 or 1975. I look forward to my appointment with u next month. Happy Birthday u are a pioneer in the medical field. Your friend Glen Baker

    Glen Baker

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. Cooper. What a pleasure to know you and an appreciate your life’s work. Fred and I cherish our friendship with you and Millie. We wish you many more happy and healthy years.

    Fred and Zoe Williams

  • Happy Birthday Ken! My wife Laurie and I have been coming to your clinic for ~30 years. We believe we are healthier and more active because of your program so thank you! We love Michele Kettles!!

    Ted Beneski

  • Dear Dr. Cooper: My dentist, Dr. Archie French in Arcadia, CA referred me to your clinic and I completed my first complete physical evaluation on Feb 7th, 2002. It was a great experience and so I have been going back ever since. I would like to thank you for setting up the clinic and focusing on the many benefits of aerobic exercise. The evaluations at your clinic have allowed me to fine tune my own healthy habits, in particular the importance of adding omega 3 and vitamin D supplementation to my daily diet. I wish you a very Happy 90th Birthday and hope you will continue to share with us the very insightful articles that you publish for many more years to come.

    Enrique Nikutowski

  • Thank you for raising a great, caring, Christ-following Doctor/Son. I wish you the very best. Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper.

    Skip Taylor

  • Happy 90th.....Dr. Cooper

    Diana Sanders

  • Happy happy Birthday Dr. Cooper .....Love and respect you soooooo much .....you are AMAZING......

    Linda Temple

  • Dr. Cooper, Please accept our best wishes for a wonderful 90th. You have truly lived an amazing life and I can’t convey in mere words my respect for you. I have never met you but adore Millie and see Tyler- I met Millie at the aerobics center and she shared so much about you and your family- starting at Ft Sill. I have the greatest respect for Tyler and appreciate your guidance in helping him become an amazing person and doctor! Thank you for all of your perseverance in the face of adversity from the medical board and truly making a generational change in the health and lives of so many. I hope you had all of the chocolate chip cookies you wanted today.

    Barr and Lisa Holzer

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DR. COOPER. You have been a role model of mine for 50 years (I am 77). I started jogging in the 1960s and kept track of my aerobic points. Your work has be so important to me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Also your work at the LD Pankey Institute in the 1970s was life changing for me. I do appreciate your work and the help you have been to me, my family and our community. Keep the motivating of others going for many years.


  • I'm glad I read your book "Aerobics Program For Total Well Being" that has been a positive influence on my health for the past 45 years. I am 78 and don't take any medication and am looking forward to 90 as well.

    Albert Upsal

  • Happy 90th Dr. Cooper. DeeDee cherished her time at the clinic, our kids remember the Easter egg hunts with fondness and I, mostly, look forward to my physicals with Tyler. I hope you enjoy your special day.

    Peter McCabe

  • Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration! I attribute much of my healthy life/lifestyle to you. I read your ground-breaking book, "Aerobics," in the early 1970's as a teenager. After reading it, I took up running and I have never looked back the past 50 years! You changed my life. And I'm one of millions, I'm sure. I'm also now a patient at Cooper Clinic for the last five years for my annual executive physical -- and always look forward to my visit there. Congratulations and I wish you many more birthdays still to come!

    Chip Bergh

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper and many more!! Thanks for everything you have done to drive healthier lives. Congratulations!!

    Trinidad X. Saucedo

  • Happy Birthday!!! Hope you are enjoying your day surrounded by your family and love ones. Wishing you many more healthy years!!! Kind Regards

    Tatiana Liceti

  • Happy Birthday, my friend! Jody and I so enjoyed our time with you and Millie. May the Lord continue to bless you and watch over all you do! Grace and peace, Pastor David and Jody Coronado, California

    Pastor David McElrath

  • Dr. Cooper, You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for teaching all of us to become healthier and happier people. You make a big difference in our world. Thank you!

    Wally Gruenes

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday! You are amazing and your level of dedication to your profession is incredible. I hope on your birthday you get to relax a little, have fun and eat LOTS of birthday cake. Thanks for making all of us healthier!

    Rush Weston

  • Happy Birthday. I want to get to 90 also. You have built a wonderful organization.

    Richard Strain

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper. Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating your 70th =) It was an honor working beside you for the years I was in the clinic. Thank you for your service, unfailing faith, vision, and leadership.. and for changing the culture of medicine through exercise and nutrition! Here’s to many more!

    Lori Cooper

  • I’m one of the 25 year faithful attendees to my annual physical at Cooper Clinic. Thank you for all you’ve done and how you’ve contributed to my well-being and health along with that of literally thousands. Thanks for being a faithful servant.

    Raymond Harris

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy birthday and thank you so very much for helping me maintain my health. You are an inspiration to all of us. Dennis Riordan, 74 Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

    Dennis Riordan

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! 90 creates a major challenge trying to blow out that many candles. We wish you a great day and more of the same.

    Kirby & Pat Walker

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper

    Wanda Gifford

  • Happy Birthday, Young Man! Thanks for all you've done for our collective health over the years, and for putting your USAF training to great use. My very best wishes to you and your family.

    Sherman Chisom

  • Dr. Cooper, you are the Gold Standard when it comes to healthcare and exercise. Your research and data have guided your business, while the Lord has planned your steps. I so much appreciate the influence you’ve had on our lives. Happy 90th and many more to come. God’s richest blessings on you!

    Cindy Bedford

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper. I still have one of your famous AEROBICS books that I bought for $1 20 some years ago written by you as a Major in the Air Force.

    Fred McNulty

  • Happy Birthday to the man who enabled so many others to be able to celebrate more birthdays by teaching them about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle!

    Lisa Wargofchik

  • All the best to you Dr. Cooper! You have influenced my life so much. Our friendship for the last fifty plus years has been special. Happy Birthday

    Lou Neeb

  • We love you Dr Cooper!

    Greg Cyrier

  • Dr. Cooper you are truly an inspiration! I have been a fan of yours since discovery of your first book during my military service at Fort Gordon Georgia almost 50 years ago, and am grateful to be a patient of Dr. Terry and your outstanding staff for the past 15 years. Happy 90th!

    Charles Lackey

  • In awe of your accomplishments. Personally speaking, knowing that I have to come to your clinic for my annual check up (employer required) has sometimes been my sole motivation to stay healthy. Thank you for all of your work and the example you’ve set. Happy 90th!

    Michael Amend

  • Happy 90th birthday Dr. Cooper. Thank you for being a pioneer in overall fitness and its impact on our overall health. All the best,

    Johnny Mize

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy 90th! Birthday! We wish you many more. Thank you for all you have done. We appreciate you!

    Roz and Richard Constant

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I am so glad yo are still going strong....what an inspiration! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have given to my family. There are really no words to thank you. I have never been so excited to meet a man of your caliber but so I did. I hope you live many many more! I love you with all my heart!

    Jenna Sterling

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday!! You are an inspiration and positively impact many people's lives. Your caring, patient, gentle and genuine approach sets you apart, as well as your wealth of knowledge and passion for health. You are world-class!

    Alan Mayer

  • Happiest birthdays to you Dr. Cooper. You are a inspiration to us! l

    Vicki and Rick Hall

  • Thank you for the greatest facility that serves our community. Happy Birthday!

    Vicki and Bill Chadwick

  • Happy happy birthday Dr. Cooper! Wishing you a great day and many more! Life is better with good health and that what you gave me by championing preventative medicine. You rocked it! Thank you for making a difference in my life!

    Nancy Peterson

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper!! You are an inspiration to us. The wellness week we spent with you in 2003 was the best gift we ever gave ourselves. Our trips to your hotel are always a highlight for us and we love working out in your new gym when we’re there. You deserve a celebration! Hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!

    John and Roberta Morgan

  • Proud to share a birth date with one of the finest men I KNOW!!!! Blessings and continued good health!! Keep changing the world, Dr. Cooper!!! Anita and I send our love to you and Millie.

    Rick Perry

  • Happiest of birthdays to you Dr. Cooper! You are the man who changed the way the world views health and fitness! Congratulations on your milestone birthday! Keep changing the world!! With the greatest respect.

    Mariann Vitamanti

  • Happy 90th Birthday! Wishing you great health & happiness with your loved ones.

    Jodi Peterson

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! Thanks for making the world a healthier place! Wishing you another great year.

    Cara Mayer

  • Happy bday, Doc. I heard you in 1978 at Texarkana College speaking about aerobics. I became a runner that day. Many miles later, I’m now almost 72, eating a plant based diet, walking every day and 4 lbs. under my high school weight. I came to Cooper Clinic in my early 30s assuming I would die of cardiovascular disease like my dad did at age 38. Every year is now a bonus year. Thank you for establishing a preventative path for my family and me. Wishing you God’s richest blessings!!

    Michael Giesler

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, wishing you a very Happy Birthday and an amazing year! I’m hoping to visit your clinic in the coming year as we were not able to this past April, as we had scheduled, because of COVID. All my best.

    Stephanie Grant

  • Dr. Cooper: I have not had the pleasure of meeting you, but your son, Dr. Tyler Cooper is my physician at the Clinic. He is an excellent physician and he has told me how much you have meant to him as a father. To have a son of such talent and character is likely one of the most important things you have done in your amazing life. Happy Birthday, and many more.

    Michael Bierman

  • Wishing you the best birthday ever with happiness and everything good. Dr. Cooper we appreciate and love you and your family so much. This has to be a great day.

    Jane and Fareed Hassen

  • Many Happy Returns of the Day! Happy Birthday

    Teresa Perkins

  • Thank you for all you do for all of us! My husband--Dr. Bobby Joe Kennedy--loves working for you. Blessed birthday to you!

    Linda Walker-Kennedy

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper!

    William Carroll

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Thank you for believing in the veterans community!

    Aaron Wagner

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday! You have inspired so many and especially me to think about and take responsibility for our health. Your example has allowed me to lead the city of Ft Worth to a healthy place. Thank you for all you do!!!

    Betsy Price

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY BLESSINGS AHEAD! Thank you for all you have done to make the world a healthier place and in particular for inspiring us to do what we can to live gratefully with discipline. Oklahoma is so proud of you. And we love you!

    Jane Jayroe and Jerry Gamble

  • Happy birthday and best wishes, Feliz Cumpleños!

    Al Penedo

  • Happy birthday. I am thankful to have been going to your clinic for the last 20 years. I am grateful for my relationship with Dr. McFarlin which I believe has greatly improved my health.

    David Kelly

  • Happy Birthday and many more, Dr. Cooper!

    Arilyn Carter

  • Wishing you good health-- and all the best otherwise--in the year ahead. (At our age, that's as far ahead as I plan.) Cooper Aerobics/Fitness as blessed my life.

    Lawrence Harrington

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! You have changed the lives of millions of people for the better. Few people live a life, and in your case a lifestyle, that facilitates so much good. You have certainly left the world a better place than you found it. I hope you have a great day and a few more decades!

    Roger Pheps

  • Dr. Cooper - the commitment to your fitness journey is inspiring! Thank you for leaning in, staying with and bringing so many to the practice of preventive medicine. Happy Birthday.

    Lori Fightmaster

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! Wishing you many more years of health and success. 90 is the new 45. Your expertise and the great facility you have built have made all of us feel younger and live healthier lives. It has been such a privilege to be a member.

    Pepo Tsvetanov

  • We’ve been driving from Kentucky for years and have loved all our experiences but my most fun memory is when I was waiting one morning and the doors had not opened. This older man in a baby blue ‘80’s running suit came up to my car. He wanted to talk so I got out. He said, “Good Morning, Little Lady!” Now the funny part of this is I am 6’2” and he was maybe 5’5”! We talked for 1/2 an hour about life, your friendship, my job, etc. When they opened, the doors, he very gallantly held the door for me. As we walked in, everyone started standing and saying, “Good Morning, Mr. Perot!” I had no idea who he was and I think that tickled him pink! I tell this story often so Happy Birthday and Happy Memories!

    Janet Caldemeyer

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper, and many more!

    Tom Morris

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Kenneth Cooper! Your work in medicine has made my life fun at 73 years old and still going strong. Hope you have a special 90th Birthday!

    Paul Godwin

  • Dr. Cooper I wanted to thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the wellness of others, and to wish you a wonderful birthday, with many more to follow.

    Kevin Vezina, CMDCM U.S. Navy (Ret.)

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. Thanks for keeping me healthy the last 35 years with a little help from Dr. Jenson and Dr. Nelson. Your program is the best.

    Tommy Ford

  • HB, Dr. C! Hope you had a great, healthy day. And thanks for your team keeping me healthy!

    Milt Siegele

  • Congrats! I love your clinic!!

    Vanessa Longwell

  • Dr. Cooper: Wishing you a spectacular 90th birthday. It is an honor to work for you and with you every day. You are a living legend!!!

    Carolyn Terry

  • Dr. Cooper: Congrats on reaching this great milestone. I joined the Cooper Clinic (assigned to Dr. Rahl) and the Cooper Fitness Center at the ripe age of 58, and I hope that I will reach your milestone plus 30 years by following the preventive health and fitness approach espoused by the Cooper system. Hope you had/have a great birthday today, and I will let you know how I’m doing when you make it to 120!

    David Greenblatt

  • Happy Wonderful Birthday! You are the best!

    Barbara Womble

  • Dr Cooper, wishing you a fabulous 90 BDAY!!! Through all of your creativity, determination and love for what you do, you have touched and improved the lives of thousands and thousands of people. I am fortunate to have been and continue to be a patient of your clinic and your son, Tyler. There is no better honor for a man to have raised such a wonderful family. Again, my CONGRATULATIONS for all you have accomplished and wishing a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!

    Anthony Affuso

  • Happy Birthday to a man who has helped so many live longer and healthier lives!!

    Carli Stovall

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper!!! We live in California and have been coming every year for care at your facility because we haven’t quite found anything as great as Cooper Clinic! May you continue to be blessed with many more years of continued good health!

    Lori Timmons

  • Happy Birthday!! It has been wonderful to have you testing and training me for half your life. Your research informing all of us to exercise and enjoy living longer has become my lifestyle. Whether on the ski slopes or at a YPO Conference in Acapulco we've had a fun times. Enjoy the first day of the rest of your life!!!


  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I want to be like you!! Congratulations on 90 amazing years. Keep it going!

    Darcy Anderson

  • Happy birthday Dr. Kenneth Cooper, I remember you from all the Runner’s World Magazines I subscribed to. Cooper’s Clinic remains the gold standard for health and endurance science due to all of your work and your vision. Fifty pounds of prevention is better than a ton of cure and more fun. Hi! To Dr. Terry

    Alan Pogue

  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper! You’ve taught us what we need to do to take good care of ourselves and how to be a healthier community. Thank you!

    Susan Sheffield

  • Dr. Cooper, happy birthday! I want to thank you for establishing Cooper Clinic. I’ve been going there annually for 15 years and see Dr. Nelson who is the best. I was fortunate on one visit to meet you and it certainly made my visit extra special. It was an honor to meet you. Again my best to you on your birthday and I wish you many more.

    Chuck Scott

  • I..... (like so very many others around the globe) am enormously thankful that our Heavenly Father has so richly blessed us and continues to bless us all with you, your brilliant professional insights, and your unwavering faith.

    Al Dorsett

  • The best birthday wishes to you and giant thanks for Cooper Clinic and workout center.

    Karen Greebon

  • Ken: You have always been the example of healthy living to me and my cohort (who are now still kids in their 70s)! I recall with great pleasure when you joined me in meeting with Chancellor Kohl in Germany as we went on to Davos many moons ago. Then, as now, I felt blessed to know you and be among your legions of admirers. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG MAN!

    Richard Fisher

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday! You and your book were the inspiration that started me on my journey to fitness in December 1968. You defined fitness and how much running and other exercises were needed to maintain fitness. I became a life long fitness enthusiast. I am now 81 years old and continue to do aerobic workouts and strength workouts 6 days a week. I've also improved my nutrition over the years. Thank you for leading the way and for your inspiration and for improving the quality of my life ant my wife's life. I look forward to wishing happy birthday again in 10 years!!

    Walter Willms

  • Dr. Cooper, Wishing you many happy returns of this day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your vision and legacy will live forever!!

    Logan Sankaran

  • You are the reason I am still on this earth instead in God’s Kingdom in Heaven. On May 21, 2015, during my annual executive physical at Cooper Clinic, your radiologist, John Cannaday noticed a 2mm spot on my pancreas in the CT Scan. Out of an abundance of caution, he requested that I come back over to his office and have another CT Scan, this time with contrast. But for that second CT Scan, I would probably have been dead by Christmas. On June 10, 2015, I was on the operating table at John’s Hopkins undergoing the Whipple procedure. But for your wonderful institution, Cooper Clinic, I would not be here today enjoying my wife, family and friends looking forward to my 6th year anniversary of the operation in June and in excellent health creeping up on my 74th birthday on August 25th. Thank you and have a wonderful and blessed celebration of your 90th.

    Ted Skokos

  • I wish you and your family continued good health. I am a patient of your son Tyler and I will confirm you focused on the right things of family and God first. Please continue to be a role model and inspiration to the rest of us over 55.

    Michael Quinn

  • Happy Birthday to an incredible man.

    Sharon Mottern

  • See, a steady diet of chili fries and dark beers leads to longevity. You changed my life. Thank you.

    Ed Henckel

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! We appreciate the difference you have made in so many lives. Cooper Clinic, plus two of your talented doctors, saved my life by finding blocked arteries before I had a heart attack. After stints, I was able to continue being active and doing the things I love to do. May God bless you on your special day!

    Larry & Cathy Boldt

  • Happy 90th birthday Dr. Cooper. You have made a big difference in my approach to life and health. I attended the AGC executive management training in 1991 and have been blessed by annual wellness exams since then, and your son Tyler Cooper. You have made the world a better place to live. Thank you.

    Richard Straub

  • For me, being your patient is like visiting the Pope. You have long been a guiding light, then sitting in your office made me feel like I was doubly blessed.

    Richard Ware

  • Happy birthday to a legend. I am a patient of Dr. Carolyn Terry and a happy client of The Cooper Clinic. At 90 you might be reflecting on your life. I hope you realize the impact you have made. You and your team have kept me alive. God bless you.

    Greg Alexander

  • Have a wonderful, memorable birthday! Thank you for all your work and dedication to prevention and living. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday 🎈🎂🎊🎁🎉

    Susan Criddle

  • Wishing you the Best on another Birthday!! I've enjoyed sharing a few of those years with you... here's to many more! Happy 90th

    Abel Chris

  • Our best wishes for your 90th birthday. What an incredible inspiration you have been to thousands. You will never know how many lives you have influenced. Many people, including those in our family, are leading healthier, stronger and more productive lives because of you. May you live many more years, because we need you!

    Maria Huckaby

  • Dr. Cooper, what to say to such an icon of fitness, dedication, passion and leadership? You’ve truly changed the world! (And still going strong!) Happy happy 90th birthday!

    Pam Walker

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday! Thank for your impacting our lives with your work. May the Lord give you many more!

    Albert Reyes

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper. I have been a patient at the clinic for over 20 years and have be consistent with my annual physical for the past 16 years. It has been a great journey for me and at this point I have outlived both my father and grandfather. I give credit to you and your team for helping me on my journey.

    Richard Pence

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper from one of the many millions you have helped. You are such an inspiration. You have set the example by practicing what you teach and changed the lives of so many. Thank you and God bless you.

    Jane LeMaster

  • Hi Dr. Cooper, Happy 90th Birthday!! I hope this will be one of your best years yet. You are such a treasure to everyone who knows you. Thank you for all that you have done to help so many people around the world improve their health. We are all so fortunate to have you in our lives. Happy Birthday!! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!! With love.

    Susan Dell

  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful man! We first met 39 years ago when I was your patient at the Cooper Clinic. Thank you for being my doctor and allowing me to lean on you many times. Have a blessed birthday and many more to come!

    Susan Lang Puckett

  • Congratulations Dr. Cooper! Thank you for turning my life around toward health on my first exam at the Cooper Clinic in 2007. I’ve returned faithfully to Dr. Kettles ever since and am so much healthier today. You have truly made the world a better place via your life and work. Thank you!

    Alice Simkins

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper. Thank you for keeping me healthy for the last 40 years. Dan Susie

    Dan Susie

  • A very wonderful birthday Dr. Cooper. I am 94 and have been coming to Cooper for many years with my wife Judy and we look forward to it each year. I am in good health and walk almost 10,000 steps daily. Your Clinic is part of our success. Thanks and keep walking.

    Fred Long

  • Happy birthday Doc.....and many more. You have been and I expect will continue to be an inspiration. Thank you.

    Jim Ed Gray

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Thank you for all you do! Here’s to many more Birthday wishes! ❤️

    Amy McIntosh

  • Hi Ken, First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and congrats for making it this far. You are 5 years older than me, and we are both healthy. So much for living a good life. Second, thanks for being my physician for awhile. I felt so cared for and have deep appreciation for your humanity Third, I am so impressed at your legacy and it benefit to humanity long after all birthdays are over. COOPER CLINIC is a monument to ingenuity, courage and vision. BLESSINGS AND PEACE. MAY THIS BE YOUR BEST AND THE NEXT ONES TO COME BE EVEN BETTER.

    Harville Hendrix

  • Dr. Cooper, I’ll be 87 wife 85 this year, we been going to your clinic for over 30 years, you found breast, prostate, and lung cancer on us early enough that we are alive and health at this age. We can’t thank you enough for the difference you have made in our lives!!! Happy Birthday.

    Omer Adams

  • Sending all our love and happy birthday wishes. God bless you!

    Sally and Bill Jones

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. Your 90th birthday is a testament to your aerobic invention.

    Martha Stinson

  • Happy Birthday!

    Scott Nelson

  • Happy Birthday Sir!

    Thomas Cwikla

  • Happy Birthday!! Wishing you the best today and always Dr. Cooper! Continue to live life to the fullest and continue to help others!

    Erick Coronado

  • Dr. Cooper, Your diagnosis on my heart may have saved my life! I'm sure you've heard similar gratitude in your 90 years and these are well deserved. Happy 90th Birthday!!!! You are a fitness role model and inspiration to us all!!! Many thanks and God Bless you with many more years.

    Philip Blazek

  • Happy Birthday Ken. Wonderful example of following a lifestyle that you put in motion many years ago. We are returning to Dr. Kettles in December after enjoying over 43 years of following your advice beginning with Larry Gibbons in 1978. Thank you and sending you God’s blessings and love from South Florida.

    Bill and Nancy Swaney

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I first visited your facility in 2004 as a participant in the wellness clinic. Being empowered to intentionally choose health, enjoy food and movement as medicine and value well-being changed my life. I was able to attend another time and credit “Getting Cooperized” for literally saving my life. God bless you and thank you for your service and generosity of spirit in sharing your gifts and knowledge.

    Monica Morgan

  • Dr. Cooper You’ve changed the world. Well done. Happy birthday.

    Scott Johnson

  • You have been a major influence in my life Dr. Cooper - and I am sure it is the same for thousands upon thousands of other lives. Surely that is a life well lived. Thank you....and may the fork be with today :-)

    Michael Flanagan

  • Dr Cooper, You led the way for us. Even the Marines. Happy birthday.

    Walter Boomer

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper. You have been an inspiration to so many. I think we held the record in the wellness program, because we brought so many people in ministry to this excellent program. One of these friends was the niece of Bev Shea. Bev remembered you well. Hope all who see you today see Him and give Him honor and blessing!

    Skip Taylor

  • Dr. Cooper, you won’t recognize our names, but we’ve followed you from my Air Force pilot training days in 1968/69 to current. I bought your book “Aerobics” at the BX at Craig AFB. Both my dad and uncle were your patients in the 1970s and 80s and they lived to ages 96 and 92 respectively. We’ve been Aerobics Center members off and on since the mid 70s (including the fire in 1979!) and Cooper Clinic patients (and Institute supporters) back to the Dr. Constant days (who also was at one time my USAF Flight Surgeon!) and you once saw me for a Class III flight physical since I’ve stuck with my flying passion for more than 50 years. I believe your son Tyler and our son Ryan were St Marks students at about the same time. As our paths have crossed, we’ve admired you greatly! Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do for so many of us! Happy Birthday!!

    Donald Bowles

  • Happy 90th birthday! Have a wonderful day!

    Geamileth Chow

  • Happy Birthday to a true inspiration! You have done so much for so many. May your Birthday be filled with much fun and blessings.

    Rebecca KILLELEA

  • Doc, Want to wish you a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sir! I sure miss having those personal experience talks with you, your medical advice and sharing our views of the world. Hope all is well for you. Forever your admirer.

    Randy Bales

  • Happy birthday Dr.Cooper🎂🎂🎂 Congratulations on your lifetime work for American health!

    Jim Hill

  • Happy Birthday! We celebrate you this day, for the many lives you have changed for the better. Thank you for bringing better health to the forefront and providing Cooper Clinic! We honor you this day! Again, Happy Birthday!

    Dan & Staci Wilks

  • Dr. Cooper, Congratulations on hitting this special milestone!!! Wishing you all the best now and always. Enjoy you special day and the year ahead.

    Jayne Ross

  • Happy Birthday to a medical leader and guiding light to so many in our society. Keep on keeping on and many more.

    Bryan marsal

  • Dr. Cooper, happy birthday! I was introduced to Cooper Clinic by Ross Perot Sr., who insisted (as you know he would and could) that I become a patient. I was associated with him from1985 until his passing, and learned not to say no. Being associated with Cooper Clinic for the past 18 years has been both a joy and a privilege. Thank you for all you have done for so many.

    Peter Altabef

  • Congratulations! And thanks for all the differences you have made in so many peoples' lives.

    Penny Hopkins

  • Happy Birthday. Thank you for creating a wonderful environment for exercise. My parents, Jim and Betty Walsh, joined the Center in the late 70s and I could not wait to grow up and join myself! Thank you again you helped me start my exercise journey.

    Betsy Guidone

  • Congratulations on your 90th birthday Dr. Cooper!!

    Richard Salwen

  • Congratulations on a life well lived!!!! Happy Birthday!

    Deborah Frankum

  • I wish Dr. Cooper a very healthy and happy Birthday. May you live that many years more...! God Bless...!!!

    Simon Zerihun

  • Dr. Cooper, Thanks for inspiring others to be better humans, both physically, mentally and Spiritually. My family has benefited immensely from your leadership and living example!

    Ken Hickman

  • Happy Birthday Uncle Ken!! So proud of you!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

    Roger Cooper

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday today. I am proud to have you still as my doctor and look forward to many more visits.

    Ronald Clegg

  • Happy 90th birthday Dr. Cooper! I hope you have a wonderful next decade! While you have enriched life journeys globally, you continue to enrich our lives at Cooper through your leadership and your faith. Happy birthday and many more ahead!

    Nancy Davidson

  • Dr. Cooper, I have been coming to your clinic and facility for 9 years for my physical from Waxahachie. I love coming there. Keep it going !!!

    Robert Aday

  • I am so grateful for people like you. God gave you a vision to help so many of us to strive to maintain our health and yours. I can't say enough about Cooper Clinic. I love Dr. Kettles and all the work that you have had your staff contribute to so many people. Thank you for touching our lives. You are certainly a rare coin and am so glad that rare coin is in Dallas. Again, Many thanks for all you do and have done. Happy Birthday. God Bless you!

    carol shoquist

  • Congratulations, Dr. Cooper. As regular patients since the early ‘80s, I feel the good health that my wife and I possess is due in no small part to your skills and expertise. At 77 and 71, we are grateful for what we have experienced at the Clinic and look forward to having our annual checkups when we turn 90! Thank you, Sir and Happy Birthday.

    Peter Benson

  • Congratulations on reaching your 90th year. What an awesome milestone. I am 11 years younger and hope to make it to 90 or more. Have a WONDERFUL DAY surrounded by your beautiful family and friends.

    R Carey Bond

  • Ralph and I wish you the very best birthday! Your dedication to teaching us all how to maintain good health has brought great pleasure to our lives. Enjoy your special day!


  • Thank you for your vision of helping people live a healthier life style. My family and I want to wish you a very Happy 90th Birthday!

    Mary Barnes

  • I wish you the happiest of birthdays, Dr. Cooper! Enjoy your day being celebrated! Best wishes.

    Gena Teague

  • Dr. Cooper, Our 50 year journey together continues! I look forward to it reaching 60 years when you turn 100 and I a young lad of 92, in 2031! Love, appreciation and best wishes.

    bruce paton

  • Happy birthday Sir absolutely. I think you knew my dad he would’ve been your age. His name was Dr. Zwaine Lamar he practiced in Cypress, Texas, up until the day he passed at the age of 79. I wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Thanks for all that you’ve done.

    Shane Lamar

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. Thank you for your dedication and professionalism. First class service and your overall efforts are appreciated by many!

    Mark Royse

  • Dr. Cooper Happy Birthday and congratulations on another milestone! I read your book decades ago and it changed my life style. For 20 years my wife and I have come to Cooper Clinic from Calgary, Canada for our annual "check up" with your fine doctors. I am 77 this year and still trying to catch you. Thank you.

    C.Alan Smith

  • Happy Birthday, Ken! Diana and I pray that the years ahead will be fruitful, meaningful, and filled with the joy of the Lord. Thanks for leading so many of us to the deeper reality that our bodies are indeed the temple of the Holy Spirit. Rejoice evermore! 2 Tim 1:12

    Tom Elliff

  • Happy 90th and congratulations! You are the most admired person in the exercise world. A lot of people owe their health and longevity to your original ideas from many years ago all the way to the present. I miss seeing you for my yearly physical because of fires and floods in Montecito, and now COVID, but I'm looking forward to our meeting sometime in the near future. I am healthy at present but always look forward to my yearly physical and interaction with you. Again, best birthday wishes.

    Joe Mendelson

  • Hi Dr. Cooper, Sending you best wishes for success and health today and in the year to come. Happy Birthday!

    Mike Grigsby

  • Dr. Cooper thank you for allowing so many of us to reap the benefits of your hard work and research. Everyone I've met up there is so nice and professional. I do wish the best for you and your family. Here’s to another 20 years.

    Rocky Williams

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Thank you for sharing your passion for health and exercise with so many! My husband and I have both benefited so very much from our visits to Cooper Clinic. many blessings!

    Kendall Clark

  • Many healthy happy returns great man. We owe you a lot.

    Tevfik Dalgic

  • Thank you for caring to keep us healthy and have a great birthday🎂🍷

    Lynn Ward

  • Happy 90th Birthday to you Dr. K. Cooper. I have benefited from the wonderful medical institution you have build there in Dallas. The facility and staff are fantastic and thanks for having the vision to develop it. Wishing you another 90 years.

    Fitz George

  • Dr. Cooper, I've been coming to Copper Clinic annually for 42 years. I'm grateful to you for helping me live a long and happy life. I recently told someone who was doing an article for some publication from your Clinic that I owed my fortunate good health to three things: God, genes and Cooper. This note comes your way wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

    Joe Barnett

  • You Helped Super S Foods and me...now 85 and still going to see a grocery store 2/3 times a week just for the heck of it!! Thanks for all you do, did, done, gonna do...

    John Dieterle

  • Thanks for everything you have done to show people how to lead healthier lives. I have definitely learned how to be a healthier person. Certainly hope you are having a great Birthday and look forward to seeing you soon.

    Ted Schultz

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper!! Thank you for all that you do and have done for our community. Our family have been Cooper Fitness Center members for 22 years and we thank you for helping all of us stay healthy and happy!!

    Melinda Knowles

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper, I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for “Cooper Clinic” for the past 42 years.

    Delbert Chumley

  • Happy Birthday to you. We’ve enjoyed your guidance for over 30 years!

    Ken and Ann Newman

  • Dr. Cooper, I am deeply grateful for your lifelong, passionate commitment to Christ and to improving the lives of millions around the world. Your ministry through preventive health care has truly changed the trajectory of medicine. My favorite definition of greatness is that great people plant trees they'll never sit under. You have done this in my life and so many others across these decades. Janet joins me in giving thanks for your commitment to Christ and to service in his name. God bless you! Philippians 1:3.

    Jim Denison

  • Thank you for your example of health and fitness. You are an inspiration for us all. Your vision has made a difference for not only Texans but for people around the country. MY Our Lord continue to bless you.

    Letta Jean Taylor

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! Thank you for your research and your inspiration to all of us to be healthier and heart-stronger over these many years. You are a living example of someone who practices what you preach.

    Edie Lycke

  • Happiest of days to you, sir! And wishing you one of your greatest years ahead!

    Vance Dell

  • All the best on your Birthday!

    Robert Ivey

  • Dear Ken, Margo and I wish you a very Happy 90th Birthday. We are grateful for all that you’ve done to make our community, our country and our world a healthier place! Congratulations Ken, and thank you for the honor and privilege of serving on your board for all of these years. We are certainly blessed to call you our doctor, but more blessed to be able to call you our dear friend.

    Jim Keyes

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DR. COOPER! Salute, my friend, across many miles. Human beings of like-minded trials Once only dreaming to conquer that path. Leading one towards life’s goals that last. Compassion, empathy leads the way Hoping beyond hope it all will stay When all is gained and nothing seems lost As children we yearn for acceptance As we learn, across time, how to dance Some faster, others with many steps Forgetting the rules, maintaining pep. No matter the time nor even space Could not buy shoes good enough to lace. There is yet one word all encounter On their journey to provide banter Always true, goals of such high merit Impossible for most to ferret. When medical counseling is best Nothing remains to chance or a guess There are many themes to be addressed In order to gain much good progress. To be an adult with faithfulness Kenneth Cooper, his name is success!

    Roy Wilson

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper. Wishing a very happy blessed day.

    Rebecca Ehrhardt

  • Dr. Cooper, you truly are an inspiration to all. Thank you for your dedication to all of your patients in helping us live healthy, happy lives! Happy Birthday! Keep celebrating! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 All the best.

    Theresa Morrison

  • Stay healthy & happy, Enjoy your day!

    Alfred Sher

  • Happy 90th Birthday. My Dad turned 90 on February 15. Hardy generation!!!! Congrats.

    Rich Salazar

  • Happy Birthday 🎊🎉🎂 Dr. Cooper! Your fervor and studies starting in the 60s has giv3n so many of us a higher quality of life! My dad was so proud he was one of your early “guinea pigs.” Best wishes for a wonderful year!

    Brenda Neel Hight

  • Ken: Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you did for me!

    Bud Robinson

  • Happy, healthy birthday, Dr. Cooper!! You are a strong example to all of us wanting to get stronger as we age!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Christy Engemoen

  • Happy Birthday!! I remember back when you came to the DallasISD to talk to all the teachers about the benefits of having a quality life with preventive medicine and exercise. How it would enhance our mind and body and help us be better teachers. We had fun getting the assessment you provided and I will never forget it. I am still trying to stay healthy and I go to your clinic for check-ups as often as I can. Thank you!!

    Tangee Gamble-Moon

  • Wishing you a joyous birthday celebration Dr. Cooper. You have made so many lives better over the years and changed how we look at the importance of healthy living. My father gave me a copy of your first book when I married some 56 years ago and I still have it. He was a college professor and head of the department of Physical Education at Tarleton State University for 26 years. He was a man ahead of his time and appreciated your interest in a healthy lifestyle. My husband and I spent a number of years as clients at your Dallas facility and credit your excellent care with our good health habits. Thank you for continuing your efforts to raise the healthy living consciousness of people everywhere. The world is better for having you in it.

    Pat Camp

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy birthday on yet another milestone. While I am not the best aerobic guy, I do indeed credit my good health to the care and encouragement received from Dr. Nelson and my annual visits, paid for out of my own pocket. I have had the pleasure of meeting you in person on a couple of my visits and appreciate your commitment to good health and providing a pathway for others. Blessings!

    Madison Jobe

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! You are amazing and a inspiration to all of us!! Have a wonderful birthday and many many more!!🎉🎉

    Victoria Bret


    Nanci Freudenburg

  • Happiest of birthdays, Dr. Cooper!

    Hazel Clendening

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Happy 90th birthday! Your impact on the world of preventive medicine is why many of us are still here. I thank you and wish you good health and happiness.

    Freda Peters

  • We have been so fortunate to know you through Millie’s service on The Salvation Army Advisory Board. Your generosity and example of faith and excellence in your medical profession have deeply impacted us. We’ve celebrated your anniversary with you and pray that today’s celebration is equally grand. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    Barbara Rich

  • Dr. Cooper: Happy birthday and thank you so much for your calling over the years. My father met you in the late 1950s when you were working on an airplane crash in southern Oklahoma. Ever since 1970, we have had a copy of Aerobics on our shelf. More recently, we have been blessed by my wife, Dr. Susan Roberts, being able to work with you and the fantastic Cooper team. In 2004, I became a patient and I truly believe that Dr. Tedd Mitchell and the Cooper team literally saved my life. Susan talks with great joy about the times that she is able to run into you. You have assembled a team with a philosophy of care and excellence that is a blessing to many. Thank you so much. Have a great day and a double portion of your favorite cake with too much ice cream.

    Kent Roberts

  • Ken, It has been an inspiration and honor and truly a pleasure to know you at the center all these years. Congratulations on your 90th!

    Paul Tipton

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! You are an amazing man, and we are so thankful for your commitment and dedication to showing us how to live a healthy and better life. We love you for walking the walk and not just the talk. May God Bless you for many more years to come.

    Michelle & Randy Tomlinson

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, what a wonderful model you are for us all! My first visit to Cooper Clinic was in 2019 and I can tell you that I am fully signed on to the philosophy of the clinic that you instituted. What an impact it is making on my life and undoubtedly the lives of many others! Happy 90th birthday and many many more happy returns!

    Charles Boamah

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper! It has been an absolute honor, pleasure and blessing to have worked at the Fitness Center for 30 years. May you continue to live life to its fullest and inspire us to be the best healthiest selves we can be.

    Alexis Penn

  • Absolutely inspiring, Congratulations and hope you continue to live with happiness and health.

    Kelsi Sullivan

  • Dr. Cooper, We are celebrating the kindest visionary and we are so proud to know you. Thank you for sharing all of your dreams with our world as we needed you then and we need and love you on this special day. You have been an inspiration to our world and a true change agent. I have always loved you and what you and your family stand for. You are a one and only. With gratitude.

    Lynne Huck

  • Happy Birthday!

    Robert Wright

  • Dear Dr. Cooper! On your 80th birthday sent you this poem below today I re-send it on this beautiful 90th birthday of yours! Thank you from my well-conditioned heart for the gift of helping me achieve optimal health I now have at age 70. You are such a role model for the world! Your sharing, your humbleness, your wisdom, your knowledge, your caring, your perspective, your respect, your passion for your life's work truly impacts our world! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here's the poem, ten years later: An 80th Birthday Poem Just remember, once you're over one hill you begin to pick up speed! I wish you the happiest of birthdays-It’s clear you have all that you need! Thank you for the gifts you continue to give to our world so sweet and dear Thank you for being there for your help, insight and your well-trained eye and ear! You are a source of inspiration and always will be Happy 80th Birthday and may all your wishes come to thee!

    Abby Ross

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! You not only influenced my life but helped pave the way for health promotion as a career. I hope you have a great birthday and an incredible 90th year!

    Joseph Callahan

  • Dr Cooper, I hope that you are enjoying your special day!! Happy Birthday! Feliz Aniversario!! Big Hug.

    Carla Sottovia

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Hope you have a fabulous Birthday! Thank you for all your wonderful advice on keeping us all fit!

    Helen Ryan

  • We met at a Dallas County Dental Society Meeting many moons ago. You shared with me your father's lifestyle and his last day in practice. I read your book and changed my priorities. Thank you for your inspiration. These days I visit Cooper Clinic to see my excellent nutritionist, Meridan Zerner. Maybe I'll stop by and say hello. Best wishes for the Best Birthday ever! And many more,

    Rob Levy,DDS

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Blessed Birthday! Thank you so much for your passionate desire to enable individuals to live long, healthy lives. Our prayer is that God continue to bless and keep you and your family for many more years to come. Enjoy your Special Day!

    Tina Reed

  • Happy birthday Dr. Ken Cooper! I’m happy to join you on our next healthy, spirit-filled and mindful trip around the Sun on this amazing planet. ✌️❤️🎶🙏🏻

    Geoff Hammett

  • Happy 90th to a guy who once finished in the top 150 at Boston! Thank you for your wonderful example and leadership. Boomer Sooner.

    Steve Bradley

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! From the first time I heard you speak, to the visits we have made to The Cooper Institute, you have been health enhancing for so many. You have been the reason some of us have had more birthdays, and more fun with good health in between. So have a grand celebration, and cheers to you!!!!!!

    Charlotte Strub

  • Dr. Cooper, best wishes on your birthday. There are countless other people celebrating birthdays because of your work. Your legacy is one of giving long life to those you inspire. God bless you.

    Ramon Colon

  • Happy 90th birthday!!!

    Donna Beilfuss

  • Happy 90th Dr. Cooper! Wishing you a wonderful day celebrating this milestone! If it wasn't for Cooper Clinic 20 years ago and the incredible doctors, I wouldn't be in the great shape I'm in today. Bless you and your amazing work ethic and all of the Cooper family. My husband and I are sending many well wishes from El Paso.

    Katie Rindt

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper.


  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper. Thanks for saving the lives and improving the lives of millions through your practice. A life well lived!

    Greg Hatcher

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday and many happy returns. Thank you for all that you've done to make all of us healthier.

    Linda Wassenich

  • Happy Birthday! Praying God's blessings will be yours this year and many more!

    Bill and Debra Mockabee

  • Happy Birthday 🎂!!! Way to go! You, sir, are an inspiration on so many levels!

    Scott Western

  • Happy Birthday! Enjoy each and every moment...

    Richard Ganem

  • Happy Birthday. You have been inspiring me since the 1970's. Thanks for so much and hope you have a great day.

    Jane Sanford

  • Congratulations on your 90th birthday! You are an inspiration to all of us who are fortunate enough to know about and visit Cooper Clinic. Thank you for continually upgrading your campus!!! If you had one puce of advice to give, what would that be? Wishing you another year of great health.

    Elaine Deming

  • Dr. Cooper, Happiest of birthdays to you! I want to wish you such a special day and give thanks for all you have done!

    Jessica Evans

  • Dr. Cooper, I met you several years ago at an event in Dallas and we talked about our children loving Kamp Kanakuk which lead to our discussion about health, running and the Cooper Clinic! We are so grateful to you for the Cooper Clinic and consider it a huge blessing in our lives and good health!! Happy 90th Birthday - wishing you great joy for this new year! Thank you for all the direction, vision and wisdom you have shared for all of us live healthier lives.

    Christy Mordy

  • Thank you so much for common sense healthcare. I love getting "Cooperized" in Dallas every year or so. Feels like home. Also appreciate your endorsement of Leslie Sansone. I have enjoyed doing her walking tapes for over 20 years. You are truly an inspiration. Happy Birthday and wish you many more!!!

    Linda Hasse

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper! Thank you for your commitment to preventive medicine. That commitment has saved countless lives, and improved countless lives. We are privileged to be patients of your son. You have both inspired, encouraged, and continue to instill in us a commitment to a healthy lifestyle! Congratulations, and may God continue to be with you!

    Mike and Barbara Stoltz

  • Buster (Cecil B.) and I wish you a safe, healthy, and very happy milestone birthday from Rome, Georgia. Your life's work has improved our life's health for nearly two decades. We are so grateful for the Cooper Clinic, Cooper products, and the Cooper philosophy. I was blessed to meet you and hear you speak when I attended a Wellness Week. You are an inspiration. Enjoy every minute of your special day and many years to come. Janice Wright

    Janice Wright

  • Thank you so much for all you have done to improve the health of each of us. Love you guys! Happy birthday and stay healthy!

    Julie Hill

  • Dr. Cooper - Happy Birthday! My husband and I have been coming to Cooper Clinic since 2007 for Executive Physicals. However I have known about you for over 25 years form my parents Commissioners John & Elsie Busby. My Parents loved getting to know you and your lovely wife at Salvation Army events and we are so grateful that you became my father's doctor and literally saved his life by noticing a very small blip in the stress test. We love sharing this story and so appreciate the way you cared for my father from that day forward to the present. While living in Oklahoma City, we passed by Cooper Middle School and came to find out it was named after YOU. The influence of your 90 years is just incredible. Blessings on you and your family as you celebrate this great milestone.

    Dawn Luyk

  • I am 69 and been coming to the Cooper Clinic since my 40th birthday. You are truly a visionary and am so happy to wish you a wonderful birthday. All the best and you have a wonderful legacy.

    Jack Burris

  • Thank you Dr Cooper for a lifetime commitment to help others with their fitness and lifestyle. You have always and still lead by example! I feel blessed to work at the world class Cooper Fitness Center. We all love you and wish you a fantastic birthday!!! Happy 90th🎉🎈🎂🥳❤️wishing you many more Birthdays to come!!!

    Viviana Lubertino

  • Happy 90th! You are such an amazing role model and have helped so many. You are a shining soul and inspiration to others. Thank you for all you do!!

    Kelley Rainwater

  • Dear Mr. Cooper, I wish you a very happy birthday and a healthy long life. You have inspiration to millions including me.

    Azhar Ali Syed

  • Thanks for guiding us to healthier habits! Stay Safe.

    Jeff Davis

  • May you know how many people you have inspired. Happy birthday!

    Barbara Glover

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. You are an inspiration to all of us. I have been a patient of the clinic for 34 years and now your son is my doctor. You should be proud of your organization but more importantly of your son. He is the best person I know.

    Mike Russ

  • Over 20 years ago Joe was inspired by a presentation that you did at a business meeting. He began traveling from MD every year for a complete physical with Dr. Kettles. Several years after he started the annual physical, I did the same. We both enjoyed the attention and the advice for fitness for over 20 years. We have missed that last lear due to COVID. Thank you for all you have contributed to the world of fitness! Happy Birthday - wishing you many more!

    Joy and Joe Jacques

  • Thanks for your great advice over the years! Happy Birthday!

    Robin Stough

  • Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

    Bobbie Rosencrans-Wright

  • Dr. Cooper - Your family has blessed me and my family. Your legacy in wellness and with your family has blessed me, my wife and our kids. Tyler is one of my best friends. We've surfed, skied, hiked14'ers, traveled, double-dated, bible studied, and much more. Thank you for building such an amazing legacy and impacting lives for generations to come. Happy 90th!

    Ross & Kara Miller

  • Happy 90th Birthday to a great man with a great legacy. A pioneer of the benefits of proactive health management and prevention of disease. You are truly an inspiration for all of us. As a former soccer player and great fan of the 1970 Brazilian soccer team, considered the best of all time, I often relate to people the story behind that team and Brazil's long time success in world competition. They knew the benefit of being "Cooperized", a term born in Brazil to describe their experience and learnings from Dr. Cooper. God Bless you and your wonderful family!

    Arthur Wolf

  • Happiest of Birthdays Dr. Cooper! Nine decades is a milestone and you have truly been blessed to have reached it in health. May you have another blessed decade and may I be sending you another birthday wish in ten short year. God bless.

    Arlana "Lona" Mauk

  • For over 4 decades I watched as you and your team helped patients and friends make better choices in life. We are all blessed by your efforts. Have a great birthday! Barbara McDougal, Lubbock.

    Barbara McDougal

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! It is an honor and privilege to work for you, but above all a blessing! Enjoy your day!

    Tracy Craig

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday!

    Brent & Kay Franks

  • Dr. Cooper, what a remarkable life you had led. You’ve certainly had a positive and profound impact on the health and well being of our society. On a personal level, my health has improved substantially over the years as the direct result of Cooper Clinic’s guidance and advice. On behalf of myself and my entire family, I cannot thank you and Tyler enough. Best wishes on your 90th Birthday and God bless you and your family.

    Steve Oberfeld

  • Happy Birthday, Dad! You are an inspiration to so many people and have positively changed millions of lives. Yet, I'm most grateful for the father and grandfather you are to my family. We love you. Tyler, Angie, Clark, Lang, and Kai.

    Tyler Cooper

  • Ken, Happy 90th birthday! I hope it is your best one yet, and fully suspect that it might be. Enjoy the day and thanks for sharing your research, thoughts and wisdom over the years. You have made many lives better!

    Jack Wagner

  • You are an inspiration to so many by how you live your life and you have changed lives for the better in creating awareness of the importance of fitness and wellness. I feel so very blessed to teach classes at the world-renowned Cooper facility. Being a part of this amazing community has changed my life. I honestly don’t know what I would do without what I call my “home away from home.” God has blessed you and may He continue to bless you and your family. Happy 90th!

    Kris Flabiano

  • Dear Ken, Many happy returns! Hope you have a wonderful celebration for your milestone birthday, surrounded by as many family and friends as the pandemic permits. Your medical expertise and friendship have meant a great deal to the Simon family for well over 30 years. I'm not quite sure when Dad started seeing you, but I know how much he valued your relationship, as I value ours today. I am grateful not only for what you've done for our family, including your help with my book three years ago, but for your tireless work in bringing good health to millions around the world. You are a prime example of how one many can make a huge difference in so many lives, and I can't wait to see what your next decade holds in store until we celebrate your 100th.

    Bill Simon

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! Wishing you a Joy-filled Day and many more years of Health and Happiness! Your leadership, generosity and congruence are appreciated and valued! Thank you for your positive impact on so many of our lives, over the years.

    Catherine Walsh

  • Who knew what lay in store for the world of health the day you were born. What an awesome example of a life being well lived. Your love for HELPING others shines through. I met your beautiful wife at the clinic and I can tell you chose your wife well. Happy birthday, and God Bless 😇

    Patsy Wilson

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! You are an inspiration to all of us and we wish you a day and many more years of continued great health, happiness, and lots of love!

    Lindsay + Ford Smith

  • Congrats on your big 90!!! Cooper Clinic has made a massive impact on my life over the past 20 years I have been getting my annual physical with your team. I was diagnosed early at age 47 with prostate cancer as a direct result of Dr. Terry’s great work and had surgery and have been cancer free for the past 13 years. Keep up the great work with your exceptional team- and hope to celebrate 100 in 10 short years.

    Paul Rostron

  • Happy Birthday Neighbor. You are an inspiration and it is an honor to wish you a happy birthday! See you in ‘the hood’!

    Robin and Mike Burch

  • Happiest of birthdays Dr. Cooper...what a milestone! I first met you in Singapore in the mid 80's when I was working at the Singapore Hilton and you stayed with us whilst you were introducing the country to aerobics and wellness! I've been a customer since '95 and it's been amazing to watch the Cooper legacy blossom and grow. Thank you for making a positive impact on the health of so many!!

    Andrew Partridge

  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for the people who are fortunate enough to experience your phenomenal facilities, which you have created. God Bless you and we hope you've still many more years to share your expertise with us.

    Dale & Jana Monroe

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper, Working for the Cooper Fitness Center was always a dream of mine. I prayed about getting a job with your company. Twenty-four years later I’m a full time group exercise Yoga and Pilates Instructor. I was blessed to be the first Private Pilates instructor when we started the program in 1997! You are an inspiration to all!

    Sarah Paxton

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper!!! It has been an honor and privilege to be able to come to the Clinic for over 30 years!!! The doctors, the medical staff, the entire organization always made me feel special. I want to wish you continued good health, and may you enjoy many more birthdays in the future.

    Irv Kalick

  • Delighted to wish you a happy birthday. Back in the '80s I attended the Institute for training and have been a student of your work ever since. Congratulations on reaching such a milestone. May God continue to bless you.

    Duane Trogdon

  • Happy 90th Birthday, Dr. Cooper! Wishing you a blessed birthday and many, many more!!

    Margaret Pierce

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper! Thank you for all you’ve done for the health of so many Americans. You are a true example of what a clean and healthy lifestyle will do for you. Many blessings to you on this special day and here’s to many many more!!

    Thomas and Ann West

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. I was old enough when you started the aerobic movement and I still am going strong. I hope you are too. I will be forever thankful.

    Karen Jonrs

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, happy birthday and many blessings from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I had the privilege to be in your clinic and I was impressed about the quality and the very good people you have. I want to wish you all the best and many years to come with joy and health.

    Ioan Tone

  • Wishing you a Happy 90th Birthday. You and your clinic have made such a positive impact on not only me, but my entire family and I thank you for all that you have done. You are an inspiration for all the people you have touched throughout your life and made the world a better place. God Bless and hope you have a fantastic birthday with your whole family.

    Micheal Webb

  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper. It has been a privilege getting to know you as well as being your patient. Wishing you many more!

    Paul Buxt

  • Thank you Dr. Cooper for making the world a healthier, better place. HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY

    Pat Moore

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper. My mother turns 90 as well this month plus I was at Oral Roberts University in the early to mid-70s when we adopted your aerobics program and it stayed fit ever since. Thank you for all your contributions.

    Greg Rudisill

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper, I know what a great guy you have been through my daughter Karisa Uncapher Danley's association with the clinic for many years as well as my own medical experience received at your clinic.

    James Uncapher

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper (my prince)! I’m sending my love and utmost respect to you on this wonderful occasion. Working for you was not only the highlight of my medical career but also my personal life. I could not have had a better mentor and friend. I miss seeing you every morning. You always shared your wisdom and advice and I truly loved every minute. Have a happy and blessed day. Much love to you and Mrs. Cooper

    Jan Giamfortone

  • Happy 90th birthday! What a wonderful adventure you have been on!! I’m so blessed to be a part of your legacy at Cooper Fitness Center! Happy birthday!

    Christy James

  • Dr. Cooper, although I do not know you personally, I have benefited from your leadership and guidance for many years and to some extent owe a great deal of thanks to you and your organization for the findings that your team made for me and my health. Enough about me, I wish you a Happy 90th Birthday. You and your family have done so much for the health industry. May the Lord continue to bless you for many years to come.

    William McConnell

  • Hi, Dr. Cooper! What an achievement! I'm wishing you the happiest birthday ever! You certainly deserve it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Scotty Esquibel

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper.

    Robert Graham

  • Dr. Cooper! What an honor it is to celebrate your life and influence! I praise God for you, your love, and leadership in the lives of millions of people, including me. I am so thankful too, for your Christian witness and love for our Savior, seen throughout your life. I am blessed by your direct influence in my life through your son, Tyler, one of my very dear friends. I see your influence in his life. I'm grateful. May you be reminded of how much you are loved today! In Him, Dr. Jeff Warren, Park Cities Baptist Church

    Jeff Warren

  • Ken: You are a blessing from the Lord to me! I've never had a Dr. who cared about me like you do! May the Lord make his face shine on you and illuminate your path. May the Lord be gracious to you and continue to grant you His peace. Dr Cooper, God has clearly anointed your life for His service!! Happy 90th birthday dear friend!

    Ron Crosby

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! You are an amazing man with many accomplishments that have benefited so many people. Enjoy this day and many more.

    Karen and Stephen Band

  • Happy, happy, happy birthday, amigo.

    Michael Foster

  • Best wishes for a wonderful and happy birthday celebration. I have not been a member for several years but truly enjoyed and benefited from my membership.

    Dorothy Woodward

  • Congratulations! Wishing you the best for many many more! Sincerely

    J. D. Holbird

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. Cooper. I first experienced your book and aerobics programs while attending ORU and have been a firm believer in your exercise regimen ever since. I am 66 years old, practicing optometry full time and I'mstill not taking any medications thanks to you, I believe, and your program. I currently come to Cooper Clinic once a year for a full physical that saved my life by discovering prostate cancer in its earliest stages. I have remained cancer free. Your contribution to a healthy life style will continue for many generations to come. Again, I hope you have a great day. Sincerely, Dr. Jeff Davis


  • Happy 90th Dr. Cooper!!

    Richard Franklin

  • Happy Birthday and thank you for all you have done to improve the health and well being of our world - and your patients - like me.

    Wes Ritchie

  • Dr. Cooper Thank you for being both a role model for fitness and spiritual health. May the Lord richly bless you this year. Happy Birthday.

    Diana Cooper

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I have been coming to CC annually since 1997. It has been a GREAT journey! Thank you for your contribution to fitness for everyone everyday!

    Carl Everett

  • We are so grateful to you for sharing your incredible fitness wisdom that has improved the quality and longevity of life for so many of us! You have developed an excellent facility and provided a first class staff in North Dallas. Congratulations on your incredible accomplishments! Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

    kathy oneal

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! It has been amazing to watch your accomplishments over the years, congratulations! By the way, Dr. Michele Kettles and the Cooper Clinic team have been taking care of my family for the past 10 years and do a GREAT job! Best in the business!

    Kevin Jones

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Best wishes and God Bless.

    Michael Stoltz

  • How fun!! And how great to be honored by the invitation to send you a birthday wish. Thank you for your inspiration and for blazing such an amazing trail. What true joy you have helped so many people find in feeling good! Thank you and Happy Birthday!

    Susie Henry

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! A tumor was found in my kidney at your clinic in 2002. I am over 18 years cancer free now because of your preventative medicine practice. Thank you! Have a wonderful day. God bless.

    Rusty Sewalt

  • Dr. Cooper, Wishing you a blessed and happy 90th birthday! Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us for living a healthy, faithful and fulfilling life. Blessings to you from Baylor University

    Linda Livingstone

  • Dr. Cooper, I pray today is the first day of a year filled with love, good health, happiness, fun, and wishes that come true. I also wish you many more years to celebrate. You should be incredibly proud of your accomplishments and what they mean to so many others. Happy Birthday, Engrid

    Engrid Carpenter

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. Wishing you the best one and greatest one yet!

    Stan Garrett

  • Happy Birthday Dr Cooper!!!! You continue to inspire generations of people around the world to live a healthier and happy life. This milestone serves as yet another example of of what "Cooperizing" is all about :). I feel abundantly blessed to have you in my life and to have you as my doctor for over 20 years (and my accountability partner too). May today start another trend of exciting and fulfilling moments like those enjoyed in the first 90 years! God Bless you, Millie and the entire Cooper family.

    Joe Castiglione

  • Happy Birthday Ken - what a very special day for you!! Thank you for all that you have done for me!! You sure have figured it out in life!!

    Dean Fearing

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper!!! Thank you for blessing the world with your love of Christ and passion for good health through exercise. You are the best "Father of Aerobics" a person could ask for!!!

    Brad Wilkins

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! Thanks for all you’ve done over a number of decades making healthy living a priority for thousands of us. Cooper Clinic probably saved my life by finding plaque build-up in my heart 15 years ago and put me on a regimen to mitigate future issues. You and everyone at Cooper Clinic have a special place in my heart, and I and my family thank you.

    Steven Floyd

  • You and Millie are quite a team and I love your support of Baylor University and Dallas Baptist University where I have seen you participating and being honored. You are the founder of aerobics and your legacy is lasting and made such a difference in many lives including mine, May God continue to Bless your life as you have been HIS Servant these 90 years! Happy Birthday!

    Ellen Byrd

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper. Thank you for making such a difference in our lives. The world needs more like you. May you be blessed with many more happy, healthy years. Shelley

    Shelley Rench

  • Have a wonderful birthday. I teach Personal Well-being at a university in Texas. We start on physical fitness tomorrow. I always tell my classes about Dr. Cooper!

    Debbie Roberts

  • Happy Birthday Sir.

    Sudhakar Pennam

  • Dr. Cooper - happy 90th birthday. My own father recently passed away a week before his 90th birthday, so I wanted to say well done on reaching this day and teaching us all to live a healthy, happy life. Enjoy every day.

    Julian Lowin

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! Where do we begin to thank you for being such a phenomenal doctor to us & others for so many years?! We’re SO GRATEFUL that your passion for research birthed an innovative approach to proactive management of health & wellness! You’ve transformed lives & lifestyles around the globe by generously & creatively sharing your depth of knowledge. Not only are you an incredible physician, researcher and businessman, your ethics and on-going example of “walking the talk” are beyond reproach. With great admiration & wishes for many more healthy, happy birthdays ahead.

    Trina Ramsey

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Wishing you a very happy 90th! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all! In good health!

    Leslie Chandler

  • Thank you for all the hard work you have put into helping others live a healthier life. Your dedication and the results you have achieved are amazing. God Bless You and Happy Birthday!!! Many more!!!

    James Peterson

  • Dear Dr. Cooper. My visit with you was so memorable, as well as our interactions at Williamsburg. I am a great admirer of yours and quote you often. Congratulations on 9 decades!

    Charles Roberts

  • Hi Dr. Cooper, Congratulations on your 90th birthday! Just today, eat a lot of cake and ice cream to celebrate! There is a lot to be thankful for.

    Drayton McLane III

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I have been one of your fans since being introduced to your book while I was attending SMU in 1972-1976. I was 18 as a freshman. Now, I am retired at age 66. I moved my health club membership from Equinox to the Cooper in June 2018 immediately after I stopped working. While I was working, the commute to the Cooper was a bit much, but now? Happy to do it! I always drive in the main gate so I can see the sweep of the lawns, ponds and drive across the darling little bridge. Just love that! The Cooper is a country club where the focus is health and wellness instead of golf. Thank you for your vision! Warmest regards on your 90th Birthday!

    Ellen Beadling

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper!

    Trey Kimbrough

  • Happy 90th Birthday, Dr. Cooper! Cooper Clinic has helped me and so many others lead a healthy lifestyle. We celebrate you on this day and wish you a joyous year ahead. God's blessings to you always.

    Lynette Smith

  • god bless you and yours

    frank bufkin

  • Dr. Cooper, Your life has been lived for others. Only God knows how many people have been positively influenced by your teaching and example. My husband and I have followed you for the past 40 years. What I remember you saying is, "Exercise is your best friend." Thank you and Millie continue to be wonderful teachers. I pray that God will continue to bless you as you strive for 100! Time to celebrate!

    Kathy Keasler

  • Over 20 years ago Joe was inspired by a presentation that you did at a business meeting. He began traveling from MD every year for a complete physical with Dr. Kettles. Several years after he started the annual physical, I did the same. We both enjoyed the attention and the advice for fitness for over 20 years. We have missed that last year due to COVID. Thank you for all you have contributed to the world of fitness! Happy Birthday - wishing you many more!

    Joseph and Joy Jacques

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! It was a honor to work with you in Corporate Communications. You have an amazing faith & legacy and I celebrate your Life today!

    Brandy Mcdonald

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, what a gift you have been over several decades to the Spence family! Thank you for your friendship with my beloved father-in-law, Wayman, and for the care you've provided to Donna, David and me. I would likely not be here were it not for my cancer diagnosis during a routine physical at the Cooper Clinic in 2005. David and I will never forget that you tracked us down at M.D. Anderson to wish us well! I pray for your ongoing health and vigor. Happy 90th birthday! With affection and esteem.

    Cindy Spence

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper You have changed the world to a better place and may GOD continue to bless you. Pray for many more happy, healthy days,

    Reggie Sullivan

  • Ken - Best wishes for a truly Happy Birthday. You really are an example of longevity and healthy living. You and Millie represent such good family values. It's wonderful to see this, now especially, during such troubled times. Many happy returns!!!!

    Robyn Corey

  • Wishing you all the best on your birthday! I so much appreciate the care, concern and advice that you have provided over the years. Happy Birthday and best wishes for many, many more!

    William Shephard

  • Cooper Clinic has been a godsend to our entire family thank you.

    Chris Kettles

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper! You are such a pioneer and great man and I want to thank you for your service.

    Steve Rogers

  • Wishing you a happy healthy birthday!! Thank you for your dedication to the health of so many people. 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎂🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎉

    Leanne Lentschke

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper, Congratulations on all of your achievements in improving the quality of life for so many people! You are a true visionary and the Cooper Clinic/Campus is a very special place!

    Michael Kettles

  • Wishing you a very happy 90th birthday, Dr. Cooper!

    Shelby Thiele

  • Happy 90th birthday! Thank you for all your research and good work!

    Thomas Wittmann

  • Dear Dr. Cooper: Happy birthday! You are the true definition of a role model and you are also an inspiration to many, especially to me. Wishing you all good things and thank you so much for seeing your vision, Cooper Aerobics Center, through to fruition and growing and nurturing it into what it is today--a world class facility focused on health and well-being.

    Kay Franks

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper! I was so blessed and honored to be able to witness all of the good things you’ve done to help so many including me. I’m not where I want to be but thank God, I’m not where I used to be. Knowledge is power. I’ll never forget riding the bikes and your kind hello glad you’re here” you always said to me. You’re an inspiration! God bless you real good today and always!!

    Lisa Walker

  • Dr. Cooper, Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! and many more years of wonderful health.

    Paula & Ed Emich

  • Dr. Cooper, Michelle and I hope you have a wonderful day! Please know how grateful we are for you and what a tremendous impact you have made on our lives. It is a joy to serve the Lord with you, to learn from you, and to be encouraged by you. Happy Birthday!

    Jonathan Teague

  • Happy Birthday! I am so happy to live in Dallas and to have been a long time Cooper member! The clinic literally saved my father's life. Thanks for your dedication and enthusiasm for the wellness of the body! Happy Birthday!

    John Knight

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. COOPER! Praying you continue in good health and blessings as you have helped so many people to achieve good health. Praying you have many more healthy years to continue your good work.

    Diana Shelton

  • Dr. Cooper - thanks for all your time and wisdom the last few years as your personal patient. I am sorry that I missed you last year due to COVID, but it has been great getting to know you and your history. Carrie and I have personally enjoyed the sit downs in your office where you spend time and truly care about us as people vs. just being your patient. From the time where you chose me as one of your new patients (because I was from Oklahoma) till now, you are an inspiration for me. Thank you.

    David Zenthoefer

  • I am proud be a part of the Cooper Family.... Happy 90th and Many Many more.

    Robert Suarez

  • Happy birthday my dear Sending you my very best from half way across the world. I wish you and yours to continue to be the best humanity is capable of. With admiration .

    Amin Badr-El-Din

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper. Your work laid the foundation for a great clinic which has assisted many people, including myself and my son, lead a healthier (and happier) life.

    John Luffey

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! Hope you have a healthy & happy day!

    Fred Walsh

  • Happy, happy birthday Dr. Cooper! Thank you for opening and creating such a lovely and impressive environment to get healthy and to be checked from the inside and out. Thanks to your clinic and the wonderful doctors and technicians there I learned I had Thyroid cancer early on because I had a body scan. Last week I had surgery to remove my entire Thyroid and some lymph nodes. If not for that body scan I'm not sure when I would have known about the cancer. I for one, appreciate all your hard work and dedication to your clinic! Wishing you great health and warmest regards!

    Sherry Summers

  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper. Wishing you many more!

    Paul Buxt

  • Wishing the best of days celebrating 90 spectacular years.

    Ralph Jones

  • Happy Birthday wishes Dr. Cooper! I’m so proud to be a Cooper Fitness Classics Dance instructor for 25 years. Thank you for the opportunity to work for your world class organization.

    Patricia Barron

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, There are many words of gratitude that I would like to express, but in the interest of your busy schedule, let me summarize my feelings. Thank you and happy birthday. 40-year patient

    Jim Byrne

  • Happy Healthy 90th Birthday, Dr. Cooper! Here’s to many more 🎉

    Billye & Steve Burke

  • Dr. Cooper, it seems like only yesterday Berkley and Tyler were kampers at Kanakuk kamp. We were so excited about watching your children grow up and love Jesus. What a praise and “GREAT JOB” being a great husband, father, innovator, and friend of all...many blessings this 90th may God continue to bless you with health and happiness. Psalm 91 “refuge and strength”

    Keith Chancey

  • Dr. Cooper: Wishing you a healthy and happy 90th birthday. No question, you have significantly impacted both my father's as well as my fitness. For this, I am very grateful.

    Joseph Best III

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, What an amazing life and career. We feel honored and proud to be a friend of Tyler and a patient of your Center. During my travels, I have seen how your name and fame goes from Brazil to Canada and beyond, always helping improve the life of many. Have a great 90th Birthday and Many Happy Returns!


  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper! You are an inspiration to all. Here's to many more years to come.

    Christopher Green


    Robert Scichili



  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! I’ve had the pleasure of reading your first book while studying to be a Physical Education major at The University of Texas. That book influenced my teaching and personal life, health and well-being. Later in my life, I came to work at Coopers as an Associate Staff member and later still as a member! I share this as a testimonial to the part you have played in my life. You have been a “difference maker” in God’s world! Thank you! I hope you feel loved and celebrated on your special day!

    Teresa Murphy Wheeler

  • All the best for a great 90th birthday and a wonderful year to follow. Your approach and philosophy lays out a road for all who decide to take it of a longer, more active life. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Peter Jones

  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper! You are an inspiration to all. Here's to many more years to come.

    Christopher Green

  • Wow! What a great day to celebrate you and the wonderful contributions you have made to our society. I hope that you have a fun-filled day with your family! Happy birthday 🎈🎉🎂🎊🎁

    Angela Wommack

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday!!I have been coming to your clinic for close to 40 years now! I want to thank you for all your clinic has meant to my well being. You are an amazing man! Enjoy this big day!

    Dan Banks

  • Happy Birthday!!🎂

    Maureen Richards

  • Congratulations on your 90th birthday, Eagle Scout Dr. Cooper. You have inspired many including me. Blessings!

    Ponce Duran

  • Dr. Cooper, It has been a privilege for Kellye and me to be part of the Aerobics Center and Clinic for the past 30 years–what a terrific concept! We are grateful for what you have created, more importantly the people who you have attracted to work with you. We look forward to our trips to the Aerobics Center; and I just joined Platinum Concierge program. Thanks for all you have done to enhance our lives! Happy Birthday!

    Jeff Price

  • Dr. Cooper, I must say you have certainly changed my life and that of my wife, Linda. We have been obtaining our physical examinations at Cooper Clinic every year for over 40 years now. We are confident that your teachings, research and beliefs have not only extended our lives but vastly improved their quality. Thank you, may Almighty God Bless you and grant you many, many more happy and healthy birthdays.

    Mike & Linda Beaver

  • Hi, Dr.Cooper. Thank you for all the inspiration! I was a teenager in Wyoming when I bought your first book. Your ideas have helped me all these many years! It was a pleasure to have met you at the National Senior Games meeting when you were a guest speaker. Thank you for your continued inspiration! Wishing you an awesome celebration of your 90th year! Best wishes!

    Diann Darnall

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. Best,

    Jorge Rivera

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. K. Cooper!! Wow! Ninety years is a great milestone. Congratulations! 🎉🎈 I hope you are having a great day!! I wish you and your family all the best!!

    Calven & Ann Howell

  • Thank you for all you have done to promote healthy longevity. The clinic has had a huge impact on my life. My only regret it that it is not in Houston 😊

    Cathy Weems

  • Dr. Cooper, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and upcoming year, too!

    Carol & Ron Ballschmiede

  • Best wishes on your 90th birthday! Thank you for all you have done for so many in preventive medicine. Keep up your wonderful work.

    John Orgain

  • Thank you for practicing what you preach. You are truly an inspiration to millions. Happiest of birthdays! Eat a little cake today!

    Danny and Kate Graham

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! I have only been your patient for a few years, but I have cherished the visits. I have received excellent medical care at your clinic, but I equally appreciate the spiritual guidance and "Life Lessons" that I receive during my visits. You have influenced a multitude of people in your life, and I am certainly one of them. God Bless You and have a Great Day!

    Mike Roebuck

  • My wife, Susan Daigle, and I came in 2018 for the big physical and work-up. We now have a MDVIP relationship with a physician in Lafayette, Louisiana and we work out daily. Thanks for getting us restarted!! 71 and 64 years old.

    John Strother

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper. You are an inspiration to us all. Hope you have the best birthday celebration!

    Charlotte Madison

  • Hello Dr. Cooper, Happy 90th Birthday. I remember well when your 1968 groundbreaking book "Aerobics" was first published. With it you revolutionized my approach to fitness in my teens and have been a key influence in my lifestyle choices since. Thank you for your service and for your remarkable leadership!

    Stephen Speakes

  • Happy Birthday, Dr Cooper🎉🎂. As a 30-plus-year member, I have enjoyed all the classes and services over the years. Thank you for building and growing the Cooper Center. Hope I make it to 90 years as well!!

    Jane Greene

  • Happy 90th, Ken! I first heard you speak in San Antonio while you were still in the Air Force. Later you accepted our invitation to come to SA to meet with our Harte-Hanks management team and our spouses in 1973. You taught us how and why it was important to do our daily “Cooper,” and you taught us so much more. You came back several times. Then we began to get our check-ups at your clinic. We became all too familiar with the treadmills and the pool at Preston Road. And we took to heart our numbers—from max heart rates to body fat % to max treadmill times. They became a badge of honor to our team. All of us developed better lifelong health habits because of you. And some of us, although now in our 80s, still come back. Thank YOU, Dr. Cooper!!

    Bob Marbut

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, When I was 40, I came to visit you after Jay Monahan, a Washington and Lee classmate of mine, had died of colon cancer. Though I didn't know Jay personally as I was 3 years behind him in class, I was determined to have my first MDCT scan performed. Thanks to YOU, I have been Heart Healthy with NO heart disease since then, scoring a zero and 1 on my scores. Good living these last 21 years! Now, I take my new smoking hot stone cold fox Bride up to see y'all, too! Warmly yours,

    Hubbard and Lisa Kennady

  • Happy birthday, Doc.

    Wayne Bishop

  • Wishing you a healthful and magical 90th birthday, doc! You are truly an inspiration, and I am so incredibly honored to have been a part of the family for 7 years!

    Laura Hanson

  • You were walking into NorthPark Mall briskly many years ago! We entered together, walked a few strides in tandem for a while. I did not know who you were. You looked down at my new running shoes and made a nice comment regarding my shoes. We talked about running and its benefits, just an extra nice guy off the street, I thought. You turned into a store for one of your book signings. You asked me my name. F.A. (Drew) Barbosa, I said. You signed a book for me and said something like "This book will help your running out." It did–it changed my life in so many ways! Thank you for all you do, Ken!

    F.A. (Drew) Barbosa

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper. You have much to be grateful for; and more importantly, we are truly grateful for you and your entire team at the Clinic for improving the quality of our lives.

    John Palter

  • Dr. Cooper, Although I have never met you personally, I know that you are a man to admire because of the wonderful atmosphere that you have created at Cooper and the obvious satisfaction and happiness of all the employees working there. A man cannot be truly great without lifting up all of those around him. Whether customer or employee, you have lifted us all up, filled us with inspiration and expanded our sense of what is possible. Thank you for this gift and for modeling how to live a long and excellent life. Happy 90th Birthday!! Regards,

    Samantha Harkinson Dewan

  • Happy 90th Birthday, Dr. Cooper! I’m a big fan! I began seeing a nutritionist at Cooper about 10 years ago. With her help, I lost a significant amount of weight and have kept it off for 4-5 years. I am so very glad you included nutrition in your array of programs. You’ve helped me be a healthier person. Wishing you many more years of health and happiness.

    Paul Thomas

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday and God Bless You, sir. You and your organization have saved my life. I will forever be thankful and grateful for what you did for me and countless others as well. Wishing you many many more Birthday Wishes to come. Best Wishes,

    Randy Keylor

  • Happy 90th birthday, Dr. Cooper!! Enjoy your day, and know so many have benefited from your dedication to health and wellness. My best,

    Kym Radke

  • Happy Birthday to you! I tell everyone I know how good Cooper Clinic is. Quality of life is as good as it can get by using your facilities. It is so reassuring to get a clean bill of health periodically. Hope you have a wonderful day!

    John Bleich

  • Dr. Cooper, Thank you for all you have done for so many. Because of you and what you started with Cooper Clinic, Cooper Fitness Center and The Cooper Institute, I am living a healthier live. As a 20+ year patient and member of the fitness center I benefit from your passion daily. Also, because of your son, I was able to seek treatment for prostate cancer at a very early stage and am thankfully a healthy survivor. So you could say I owe my prolonged live to the Cooper family. I appreciate you leading the fitness journey that we are on and serving as a motivator to continue. Happy 90th and blessings to all. God Bless,

    Randy Golden

  • 90 STRONG!! Wishing you a very happy birthday, and a special thanks for all you have done and continue to do for the propagation of physical health and education around the globe. You are a pioneer, philanthropist, and certainly a fantastic doctor. However, you are most memorable to me because of your kind spirit and genuineness when dealing with others. The world needs more like you. Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper.

    Chad Baker

  • I sincerely wish you a very happy birthday, and hope that the year to follow will be full of love and laughter!

    Robin Wentworth

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Thank you for the selfless manner in which you have followed God's leading for your life and encouraged others to make good choices. You're the best, Brother! Peace, blessings and happy birthday!!

    Brad Hagstrom

  • Have a Very Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Thanks for being an inspiration to so many! I will always cherish my 36 years working for you and all the wonderful people who I still call friends today. A lot has happened since 1976 when I first met you and started working at "The Aerobics Center." I am proud that I got to be a part of your amazing journey! May God continue to Bless you!

    Pat Grimes

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Happy 90th Birthday! It is such an honor and joy to celebrate you and commemorate all the amazing things you have accomplished over your long life. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us–all across the world! You embody what it means to live a healthy lifestyle with faith, physical health and mental health and for that I salute you! Have a wonderful time celebrating!

    Lizzy Mungioli

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday sir! You are a man who practices what you preach and that shows up in everything that you do. I first met you when I went to Cooper Clinic when I was 40 (I'm turning 60 next month). I noticed right away that you built a first class institution. May God bless you with many more years, and I hope you very much enjoy your birthday!

    Jerry Cifor

  • Dr. Cooper, even though I never personally met you, your work has made a huge difference in the way I have lived the past 22 years. In my humble opinion, Dr. McFarlin has been a wonderful extension of your vision. Your clinic not only teaches life lessons, it allows me to leave each year with the comfort of understanding my body functions (and malfunctions!) You are a very blessed man to have been given the opportunity to enrich the lives of so many people. May God continue to bless you in the future!


  • The best is yet to come. Happiest birthday wishes.

    Carol Lyon

  • Happy 90th today. You have been an inspiration to tens of thousands of people seeking guidance about living a healthy life and maintaining a lifestyle that is fun, fulfilling and easy to share with others. May you have a wonderful day with friends and family.

    George Sparkman

  • Dr. Cooper,Thanks for your vision in creating a network of such talented people. Our entire family has benefited from the routine visits and the special support for particular items we had to address. I have my annual visit coming later this month and I always look forward to investing time in my health and have been encouraged by all who make it so convenient and informative. Many thanks and Happy Birthday!

    Greg Bird

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DR. COOPER!!! I will always cherish our walks together back in the '90s. I go to Dr. Rahl for my physicals and leave so inspired by all that you've done for so many. Wishing you a new decade filled with great health, beautiful moments and many sunny days! Cheers to 90!

    Stacy Mullikin

  • Cooper Clinic has changed the lives of so many people, including my husband and myself. Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for all you do! Sincerely,

    Sylvia and Brian Fry

  • Dr. Cooper–a huge round of birthday wishes from Adriana and me. You have been a pioneer and an inspiration to many including myself over the years with your groundbreaking work, dedication, perseverance, passion, selflessness, caring and faith. Thanks for your guidance in our lives and for taking the time to help me be a better person. My wife and family are very appreciative. With much admiration, respect, fondness and gratitude,

    Bob & Adriana Hogan

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper. Greatly appreciate all your leading efforts in the advancement of physical health and well-being. Have a wonderful day.

    Mike Miller

  • Wishing you the happiest of days on this milestone day. You are an inspiration to me as well as to the rest of the world! Happy Birthday!

    Cheryl Schewee

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! When I first came to Cooper Clinic more than 25 years ago I didn't know what to expect. What happened was a complete change in my life. I have told countless people about your excellent program; plus even at 90 years old, you give me the most thorough physical exam I have ever had. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you next year. Have a blessed day.

    David Brown, D.D.S.

  • On your special day, I wish you the very best. May you be blessed abundantly as you have been a blessing to countless others. You are a true hero and legend to all who have crossed your path. May you have much happiness and celebration today.

    S. Deverka

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! I hope you have a joyous day!!

    Laura Bird

  • Happy, Happy Birthday to You, Dr. Cooper! Here's to wishing you many, many more!

    Shar Thompson-Brown

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! May you have a blessed day and many, many more!

    Buz Browning

  • Have a wonderful birthday, Dr. Cooper. I started in the 3-day wellness program with a physical back in the late '80s and still come every year. Thank you for saving my life. From Dr. Constance to Dr. Mitchell to Dr. Nelson–all great professionals. What a fabulous team you have built over the years. Best wishes and happy birthday,

    Donny Bohn

  • So proud of you, Dr. Cooper. Still going strong at 90. Joining Cooper Fitness Center in '77 was one of the best decisions of my life! I owe my fitness health to your vision. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday celebration! Take care,

    MARGARET Steenson Filingeri

  • Dr. Cooper, you have and continue to inspire so many of us. You still keep me accountable for my health and fitness. I hope you have a wonderful 90th birthday.

    Joan Graffagnini

  • Happy Birthday. Reminds me of the days i ran with Roger Staubach in the Tyler Cup. When I came in for my physical on the treadmill, you stood there and said "Come on, Clyde. You can do it. Roger was in last week, and you can beat him!!"

    Clyde Jackson

  • Happy 90th Birthday, Dr. Cooper! You are an inspiration to all. Here's to many more years to come.

    Christopher Green

  • Dr. Cooper, Thanks for all you do to be an inspiration to the world on health and fitness. Congratulations on your 90th birthday!!

    Mark Ramsey

  • Dr. Cooper, I first read your book in the mid-1970s, and it has been the foundation of my active life ever since. Congratulations on a life well lived and for being an inspiration to thousands. Enjoy your special day and thank you!

    Barbara Hess

  • Dr. Ken, Congratulations on arriving at 90 in a spectacular fashion! Am looking forward to your 100th! You have been the most fabulous, caring doctor that one could ever have. I treasure your care and friendship and count you as a blessing to our country and my family. All the Best,

    Lewis Sessions

  • “Live forever or die in the attempt.”– Joseph Heller Thanks for all you have done in the quest for all our good health. Happy Birthday.

    Travis Erwin

  • Dr. Cooper, You have and continue to inspire so many of us. You still keep me accountable for my health and fitness. I hope you have a wonderful 90th Birthday.

    Joan Graffagnini

  • Dr. Cooper, what an amazing legacy you have created. I'm proud to be a patient at the Cooper Clinic. My mother in law is about to celebrate her 94th birthday, she's been living the Cooper lifestyle all her life.

    Brad Moran

  • Happy Birthday! The Clinic that you created is unique and ahead of its time. It has made a difference in how I look at health and changes in my diet and exercise.

    Mara McMillen

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My husband Eric and I have so much to thank you for. I am so lucky to credit my parents' great health and longevity to the Cooper Clinic, and Eric's parents were the beneficiaries of the executive wellness program you provided to EDS. Your legacy of healthier living is being handed down generation to generation and we are so grateful for it! I enjoy working with Tyler on the board of the North Texas Food Bank as well as we try to extend better nutrition and improve lives throughout our community and state. I hope you have an absolutely fabulous day and are having great fun with your family on this gorgeous day! Most sincerely,

    Katherine Perot Reeves

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! I am so thankful that you follow your own advice and are able to continue working at such a high level. I have benefited greatly by trying to follow your advice and example. Have a wonderful day!

    Randy Rogers

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy 90th birthday!! I’ve had 2 checkups @ your clinic and am very thankful and impressed with your staff and service. Blessings to you for your challenge to us to live fully and with health.

    Boyd Bien

  • Congratulations, Dr. Cooper to your 90th birthday! What an amazing day to all of us who benefit from your outstanding achievements and contributions to the world! A true master of preventive medicine and a model of love, passion, helping and care! A great man to make the entire world better! Because of you, Dr. Cooper, we have more confidence towards a better life, because of you, millions of thousands people saw the hope of future! We love you and we wish you all the best and lead us continue to the wonderful journey! Best regards! David Shao CEO Dallas International Healthcare Services, Pllc

    David Shao

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. You are such an inspiration!

    Sarah Hager

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. Cooper! Thank you for teaching all of us how to live a longer, healthier life.

    John Killian

  • Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fantastic day! I am so glad to have an annual exam! You keep us in shape!!

    Ron Arvine

  • To the man who saved my life and many more Happy 90th birthday to the one so many adore Anybody can say they had a belief and did what they wanted to do Now you can look back at your life and know your words were true Kenneth was your given name but after a lot of hard work it was just Doc. Yet you had a belief, knew what to do, and you really walked the talk Overdue success and notoriety would eventually come your long way U are now known all over the world, so sit back and revel in your day your patient and friend Rick Salewske

    Rick Salewske

  • Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Dr. Cooper! May your coming year be filled with continued joy and happiness.

    Susan Flanary

  • Wishing you a spectacular birthday and much health in the year ahead! Enjoy and celebrate! You deserve it!

    Irvin Schorsch

  • Have a Happy Birthday!

    Rick Smith

  • Happy Birthday!! Though my interaction with him was limited, he took a brief moment to show me around. I had to ask who he was and his unassuming gentle nature just came through. God bless you Dr. Cooper, your family and your critical work at your clinic!

    Thomas Gregory Lucas

  • Happy bday, Dr. Cooper! You are one of a kind and a national treasure. Celebrate your milestone well!!

    Leonard B. Smith

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper! You are an inspiration to all of us. We have enjoyed our membership and our children are officially Cooperized as they have grown up learning to swim, play tennis, and enjoy camp on your campus. Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience for all of us.

    Athena Hinkhouse

  • Happy Birthday to a great American. Fantastic legacy. Hope we can improve on all you have done in the service to others! 🙏

    Kevin Allen

  • Dear Dr. Cooper--There is no doubt in my mind that I am still alive today at the age of 82 because I have been blessed with knowing you and following your teachings. I know of no one in the world today that has more to influence individuals throughout the world to practice preventive medicine in order to improve their lives. In addition, your lectures at the National Defense University are legendary: you went up against the President of the United States, Members of Congress, and other big name DC speakers and always finished number one in the annual student evaluations. It was always the best lecture I have ever heard! God bless Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper M.D.--you are God's special messenger that has enriched people's lives throughout the world. Dr. John Holland

    John Holland

  • Thank you Dr. Cooper for your vision and for saving so many lives. I am a patient of Dr. Tyler Cooper and I weigh 40 lbs less and feel like I am alive because of what you have done! A big congratulations, thank you, and happy birthday to you!

    Sanjay Meshri

  • Happy Birthday — I have been attending your clinic for 18 years.

    David Pierce

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! We thank you for the tremendous impact you’ve had on so many lives ... educating us to the importance of aerobic exercise ! ! Thank You 🙏🏻

    Nancy Ferrillo

  • Very best wishes for a happy and healthy 90th birthday.

    Bob Bowlsby

  • Happy Birthday!

    Peter D’Apice

  • May the Good Lord continue Blessing you and all your family as we are a much healthier community because of your tireless dedication to Wellness!!

    Steve Ramos

  • Happy Birthday and thank you for inspiring so many of us in living a healthier life.

    erwin vanhaecke

  • Happy 90th Dr. Cooper! Your Wellness Program saved my life & my husband's life in 1997. Mine when Day 1 of the Wellness Program discovered a spiculated mass in my 1st ever mammogram at age 38. A mammogram I would not have had at 38 except that I was at the Clinic for a thorough baseline physical. That same day my husband was saved by the Ultra-fast CatScan that showed a horrid calcification score. A diagnostic technique that hadn't made it to our home state of NC in 1997. Here we are in 2021...getting ready to fly down to Cooper Clinic for our annual physical. We are sold on Cooper for life!

    Talmadge Mangum

  • Happy Birthday!!! I know we need to see you soon!!

    Fred & Crystal Edwards

  • We wish the VERY happiest of birthdays and thank you for all that you have done to make so many lives much better (and longer)!

    Margaret (Micki) and Mike Rawlings

  • Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fantastic day!

    Ron Arvine

  • Thank you for showing us the way. Thank you for continuing to see me for FAA medical exams. Thank you for helping us all get Cooperized! Best wishes, Blair

    Blair Bisbey

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, I miss you. I hope you have the happiest birthday filled with love, walking, and frosting and a toast or two. I'll be toasting you here in Los Angeles. I'm so grateful for your life and the man you are. You make me a better person every single day. Happy birthday.

    Steve Dworman

  • Happy Birthday! I remember seeing you in the hallways on my last visit and admiring your dedication to your work and helping others. Your Clinic has literally saved my life, and I know your life has improved or saved thousands or more during your time on this planet. So we celebrate you and salute you for your inspiration to use and your life's work dedicated to helping others! Cheers!

    Buddy Gill

  • Dr. Cooper, I am so grateful for the opportunity to work for you so many years ago. I left the clinic a year after Megan was born, 1996. Wow! It’s really been that long😳 I am so grateful for all you taught me and for how you instilled the belief in me that staying fit and active is a choice that must be made. I definitely continue to exercise regularly! Thank you for being a Godly man and for your positive influence on the world! I am forever grateful to you! I pray God will Bless you with a fabulous 90th Birthday! 🥳 The BEST is yet to come. Much Love ❤️

    Mindy Magel Montgomery

  • Congratulations on such a milestone birthday!! You have inspired so many of us in cardiology to keep encouraging and keep pushing our patients to aerobic exercise and healthier lifestyle!!!!

    Cheryl Vallie-Porter

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Many more!

    Steve Brenner

  • Happy Birthday to a Legend!

    Aarin Thoresen

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. You are an inspiration and I am blessed to be part of Cooper!


  • Happy Birthday and once more, thank you for saving my life.

    Jack Fussell

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Here's wishing you a day full of happiness and pleasant surprises! I hope your special day brings you all your heart desires.

    Rochelle Griffin

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! I appreciate the opportunity to work at this company. You are an inspiration to me and my family!

    Lisa Boyle

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! It's amazing what you have accomplished and built! Very excited to be apart of your team!

    Andy McCord

  • Best wishes on your 90th birthday!! You are truly an inspiration to us all at the Cooper Clinic and around the world! Thank you for your leadership and example of a truly fit life!

    Beth Cranford

  • Happy birthday Uncle Ken!

    Deana Mata

  • Happy Birthday!!!

    William Shepherd

  • What a blessing you have been to our lives since meeting you and following Cooper center since 1987. Your vision and the various times we heard you speak and your precious family have made you special in our lives and many others. Wishing you a special birthday today and a life well lived, not only today, but in future days to come. We celebrate today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEN🎉🎉🎂🎶🎶

    Mary & Ron Gammell

  • Dr. Cooper, you are truly a gift from God to this world! Thank you for serving His community and blessing our family. We are stronger, healthier and wiser because of your care! Happy Birthday!!!

    Robin Turner

  • Ken, Best wishes for special blessings on this day ... and always! Thank you for your many accomplishments that have made this world a better place.

    Patti Parrish

  • Have a beautiful day. We all love you back here in Oklahoma. Was wonderful talking to you this morning.

    Darla Hager

  • Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, and many more! Some of my fondest memories are from the Cooper Center ❤️

    Sarah Small

  • Dr. Cooper, Have a happy 90th birthday! Thank you for all you have done in the field of preventive medicine.

    Stephen Farrell

  • You have changed my life and given me the ability to pass down so much knowledge to my son! We both love seeing you at the gym still working out! You are so inspiring! Thank you! Happy Birthday!

    Erika Nazem

  • Dr. 'C" CONGRATS! Wishing the best birthday EVER! Celebrate like you're 58! (hee hee) Hope you're off having fun to celebrate YOU! Stay safe and well. God bless!

    Kim Doumen

  • You have changed my life and given me the ability to pass down so much knowledge to my son! We both love seeing you at the gym still working out! You are so inspiring! Thank you! Happy Birthday!

    Erika Nazem

  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper👏🏻 You are an inspiration! I knew about you and Cooper Clinic/Fitness Center before moving to Dallas in 2010. My friend, Carol Haugh Brejot, spoke highly of you as her father was a big fan of yours. I hope you enjoy an especially good workout on this “Chamber of Commerce” perfect March day. Sincerely, Nancy Jungman

    Nancy Jungman

  • You are an inspiration to me every day, but especially today! You are a true and shining example of how to live a long and healthy life. Thank you for all you have done, and may you continue to pursue excellence in all your endeavors for many more years to come. Happy birthday wishes to you and best wishes for many more!

    Fran Mills

  • Happy Birthday to the healthiest 90 year old in the world because he discovered the fountain of youth called Aerobics. Congrats on having the most successful business in Dallas while giving your success to God. I hope you continued success and many more healthy years.

    Tim Ostermeyer

  • I first learned of Dr. Cooper in the fall of 1970. I was a freshman at UFla, where the short wiry PE instructor (mandatory back then) expounded upon the virtues of this program. After taking more than a few years off from the program, I am active daily today and take good advantage of the Cooper Clinic from time to time. Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper, and many more returns of the day. You are a visionary, sir.

    Bruce Allen

  • Happy most blessed birthday to our dear friend of more than 50 years plus. When God created you Ken you were born fearfully and wonderfully made and one of His finest and best creations. May He favor you with many more healthy and joyful birthdays. You are loved to the moon, riding on a rocket ship back down to earth to wherever you are. In short LOTS.

    Elizabeth Aboud

  • Happy birthday to a special person who has made a healthy difference for so many. You are a modern day hero.

    Barnett Grace

  • Dr. Cooper - Happy Birthday!! My father, Commissioner John Busby, met you through your volunteer work with The Salvation Army. My father's involvement with The Salvation Army led him to meet multiple U.S. Presidents and Queen Elizabeth and so many people in all walks of life -- some wealthy and well known and many folks in the time of their greatest need -- but I dare say you are at the VERY top of the list of people he is grateful to have met. Why? Because you are the one who insisted he get an angiogram after you administered your stress test and suspected some blockages -- and sure enough -- he had pentuple bypass surgery as a result. That was over twenty years ago. I know he credits you with "saving his life" as he had no symptoms. He's now 83 and much like you living life to the fullest! Thank you for giving those years to him and to his family.

    Scott Busby

  • Happy Happy Birthday to one if the very best people I have ever known! God bless you!!!

    Sondra Saunders

  • Happy 90th birthday!

    Janet Porter

  • A very happy birthday!

    Danny Sterling

  • Happy, Happy Birthday to my life saving Dr! What memories I have of my numerous visits, the most important being when you kept exploring and finally insisted on my getting an angiogram. Five bypasses later my life was saved! May you enjoy continuing good health for years to come.

    John Busby

  • Best wishes for the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY on your 90th year!!!

    Paul Abrahamson, DDS

  • You are living proof of the impact a healthy lifestyle with exercise can have on longevity. You have inspired me to continue my journey. Here's wishing you a happy 90th and many more to follow!

    Mark Denesuk

  • Happy birthday Uncle Ken. What a great accomplishment. Hope you have a great day.

    Jeff Lynch

  • HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! AND MANY MORE. You deserve it. You have done do much for all of us. Enjoy this day.

    Dot Kanagy

  • Dear Ken, Happy Birthday! I am exactly 90 days older than you, having turned 99 on Dec. 4! You have been a blessing in my life since we met in 1968, and you and Millie and Joanie and I went to dinner and got acquainted. I was on the HP School Board, and we talked about the wonderful benefits of aerobic conditioning!

    Lee Slaughter

  • Happy Birthday! Wishing you God’s blessings on you this day and in the days to come. Thank you for your kindness and faithful commitment to ALL of us as you always are looking out for our health and best interests.

    Bill and Pat Shepherd

  • Dr. Cooper, Congratulations on achieving this amazing milestone! You have and continue to be a source of inspiration and motivation to all those you come into contact with. I had the pleasure of seeing you during my annual physical in December of 2019. Watching you move throughout the room speaking with different patients, I thought to myself I can only hope to be as vibrant and energetic as Dr. Cooper is when I'm in my 80s. Now here you are, setting the bar ever higher! I have no doubt I will be sending another note of congratulations when you hit the century mark! My best wishes for continued great health and my sincere thanks for all you've done to make it possible for so many others have that same opportunity.

    Mark Silagy

  • Dr. Cooper, We wish you a lovely birthday celebration! It is such a honor and privilege to be on campus at Cooper Aerobics Center. We respect and admire you tremendously. Warmest regards.

    Susan and Philip Walker

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper, You are an inspiration for all of us who have been blessed to know you. Thank you for creating Cooper Fitness--a facility focused on family values and healthy lifestyles with a smiling and always helpful staff. May your journey continue for many more years.

    Jerri & Norm Grail

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Congratulations on reaching this milestone. In 2011 the Census Bureau said 4.7% of Americans were 90 and older, compared to 2.8% in 1980. By 2050 they project the number will grow to 10%. That increase surely has to include your decades of work in educating all of us about the importance of regular exercise, managing our weight, stress, sleep, alcohol, etc., and how the choices we make each day can increase our chances of living longer and better! Wishing you joy, happiness, and good health.

    Jill Turner

  • Happy 90th Birthday! What an accomplishment! Wishing you many more happy and healthy years!

    Ken & Tricia Salyer

  • Thank you for making the Cooper Clinic available to us. We always got a great perspective on our health and great wellness suggestions over the years. Happy Birthday to you.

    Patrick Flynn

  • Happy 90th birthday Dr. Cooper!!

    Paul Shephard

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. COOPER! It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of your legacy these past 18 years. Thank you for creating a workplace that feels like a family and one where we get to know every day that we're making a difference in the world. Happy Birthday!

    Allison Conway

  • Congrats Dr. Cooper, have a fantastic birthday and many more filled with heath.

    ernesto martens

  • Dr. Cooper, on behalf of the Crusader Class, we want to wish you a birthday as remarkable as you are! You inspire all of us; and we are honored to know you and to be a part of your journey!

    Melanie Hughes

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Your work in in the field of health, nutrition and aerobic exercise has touched so many lives and inspired others to pass the torch to many more, as a result, your example has been multiplied expediently! You had a huge influence on two of my dear friends and mentors, Jim Stahl and Fred Blohm, both doctors at East Texas State University. Without your leadership and their influence, I would have never achieved the healthy lifestyle that my wife and I enjoy today! Thank you for all you have done! Happy Birthday!

    James Grove

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! You continue to inspire me to live a healthy life, both physically and spiritually, every day. I hope you have the best day celebrating your 90 year legacy, and I always look forward to seeing what amazing thing you will accomplish next. Thank you for all you do and have done for health and fitness. Miss you and the entire Cooper team, and hope I can visit and catch up soon. All the best.

    Mary Catherine Ratliff (Banister)


    George Fancher

  • You changed my life for the better in 1995 when I attended your law enforcement fitness school. I was able to bring that training to the Waco police department. I developed a Wellness program for officers and civilians, still in use today. Thank you and have a safe and wonderful birthday Dr. Cooper.

    Philip Ballmann

  • Dr (Col) Cooper--thanks for the great Class 1 FAA medicals exams and the support of your staff over the last years. Thanks for showing the world that just because you have had a lot of birthdays that you do not have to act or feel old. Let's go for 20 more.

    CR Davis, Lt Gen USAF (ret)

  • Happy birthday--you have been so blessed to be used by God over the years--I hope there are many more opportunities for folks to know about the work God has gifted you with--and good health.

    Linda Zucconi

  • In the early 60s I was in basic training at Lackland AFB and then stationed at Randolph AFB, as a medical corpsman. I read your first book and was fascinated by it, and my wife and I have been to your clinic for many years. Because of age and some infirmities, we have stopped going. We miss Dr. Kettles and her wise counsel. We want to thank you for all that your clinic has done - for us and for the world, and wish you many more years of health and happiness. Here's to lots more birthdays... Anne and David Reinauer, Lake Charles, LA

    David Reinauer

  • Happy Birthday!

    Jack Fraker

  • Dear Ken, Congratulations for having squeezed so many achievements into a mere 64 years of professional life. Back around 1960 you inspired me to start jogging, which led to fun college years of track and cross-country. More than 50 years later my visit to the Cooper Clinic saved my life by discovering a potentially fatal medical problem. Thank you for all you've done for me...and the American public!

    Michael Jacobson

  • On March 4, 1931, God created little Kenneth Cooper. God's creation was unique and different. Today, we are celebrating all the memories you have made and all the knowledge you have shared. But, mostly, we are celebrating 90 wonderful years of YOU, Dr. Cooper. Best wishes for another year of good health and much happiness. Proverbs 9:11- "Wisdom will multiply your days and add years to your life."

    Janet Doyal

  • You are an amazing example of making the world you live in a better place and even though you have spent a lifetime trying to make sure you would feel great on your 90th, I hope the day and the year exceed your expectations!

    carla howard

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Enjoy the best day ever!

    Ron Bentson

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper, you are an inspiration!

    Rick Thompson

  • Dr. Cooper, Congratulations on your birthday and all the wonderful work you have done for mankind. You are truly a ICON!!

    Darius Maggi

  • Dr. Cooper, It is with great honor that I submit my sentiments for what you have done for the fitness community. Attending your school several years ago to attain my Personal Trainer's Certification was and remains one of the best experiences of my life. It was an honor to meet you, and I thank God for that instant connection! Have a Happy Birthday and many more!! Sincerely, Makini Bendolph

    Makini Bendolph

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday to an amazing and inspiring man of science! I know numerous individuals who have taken advantage of your amazing clinic and I know the world (including me, my friends and our families) is a better place as a direct result of your wonderful work and dedication. THANK YOU! I wish you the very best of health, life, love, happiness, and fulfillment!

    Rob Franz

  • Happy Happy Birthday! Celebrate Big! Wish we still lived across the street. I could run over and give you a big birthday hug! 🥳

    Michele Clough Lambright

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper!! You are a guiding beam and inspiration to all of us. I am so proud to be a member of the Cooper Aerobics Center. Best wishes for more years of good health.

    Georgia Davis

  • In 2021, may God grant you patience as you wait for the gifts He has for you.

    Lyndie Blevins

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper- you are a true visionary!

    Nina Radford MD

  • Dear Doctor Cooper, We wish for you a very happy, happy birthday knowing that your life has been one of excellence and the highest regard for your fellow man. Your Aerobics lifestyle and educational purpose have inspired and improved the lives of countless thousands around the world--and continues to do so. We have always enjoyed hearing you speak through the years and know that you have been a great friend of dentistry. Even though it's your birthday, we're sure you are working at what you love. Sent with our very best regards.

    Arlet Dunsworth

  • I hope you have one of the best days of your life. Many more to come. You have helped so many. Thank you. Happy Birthday!

    Amos Skinner

  • Happy birthday. What a wonderful age to be. May you enjoy many more birthdays in the future. On another note I would like to say thank you to Cooper Clinic. Because of your clinic my cancer was discovered in the early stages and now it has been removed. I will always be grateful to Cooper Clinic.

    Annella Metoyer

  • Thanks for all your diligence and sacrifices for mankind. PuraVida. Costa Rica

    Tim Gergen

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays. We thank you for your years of dedication in teaching the world about the value of exercise and wellness. You have been an example to my husband, Steve and I since the 70s when we first met you. We wish you and your loved ones good health, peace and contentment on your journey. Know that generations to come will be influenced by what you have shared with the world. Wishing you the best always. Warmest regards.

    Marjorie Cooper

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Wishing you the very happiest of birthdays 🎉🙏🏻❤️ Your programs, product and the club have changed countless lives and we are so grateful. Many happy returns!

    Amy Imel

  • Dr. Cooper, I can never thank you enough for all the gifts you have given to me, first by your discovery and support of aerobics. Second, I feel like I am a Cooper lifetime member, going on 43 years. Your facility is the vehicle for me to stay healthy and happy. Your determine and discipline is an inspiration for us all. I wish you a very special 90th birthday and much continued healthy for years to come. Thank you for contributing to my 71 years of good health. With so much respect and gratitude,

    Betsy Teitell

  • Happy 90th Dr. Cooper! Your vision and leadership in fitness and health inspired me at a young age while attending the kids fitness camps at CFC in the 70s. That inspiration still shines today as I continue to focus on overall well-being. Thanks for making a positive difference in the lives of so many including me.

    Mike Horowitz

  • HAPPY 90TH KEN!!! I am a 92 year old (as of 4/5/21) healthy guy who attributes so much of my healthy and wonderful life to starting my annual physical exams about 40 years ago at Cooper Clinic with Larry Gibbons (who became a very good friend as well !). This was an annual trip from Pennsylvania and one of the most important dates on my business schedule. I also was a runner. (And, for a short period held the stress test record for my age). So, THANKS for what you started and what it has meant to me! Let's keep it going!!! With best regards.

    Don Follett

  • Happy 90th Dr. Cooper. I am a healthy and active person because of your foresight and vision years ago. We all applaud you and wish you a wonderful 90th birthday. Best wishes!

    Vicki Rippeto

  • Best Wishes, Dr. Cooper! I'm only a little bit behind you at 81! Have a great day!

    RICK Lane

  • Happy Birthday Dr Cooper. I hope you have a great day. I was honored to meet you during a Personnel Training Course there at the Cooper Institute a few years ago. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to show the link between fitness and health.

    Mark Bowen

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper!! Thank you for all you have done for the world and for Bill and me! We love Cooper Aerobics Center, and you and your family!! May the peace of Christ be with you!

    Marilyn Hammett

  • Wishing you the very best life has to offer. You have given so much and am grateful I was fortunate enough to go to your clinic while living in Dallas. Still sing the praises of Cooper Clinic. Enjoy your 90th and here’s to 91!

    Maureen Richardson

  • Hello Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday to you sir !!!! Wishing you the very best on your 90th Birthday, so great! It’s been too long since I’ve seen you so I’m going to schedule something for this spring. All The Best to you.

    Bob Stoops

  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for your leadership on wellness & well-being! You've built an incredible organization....I was able to enjoy your guidance and benefits with my old company. Now that I am self employed, I can't afford it, but still look to you for guidance and vitamins! Thank you for giving me the educational foundation to look after my health. Happy Birthday!!

    Pablo Guzman

  • Dr. Cooper, Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. Thank you for all you do to make this world a healthier place. We're so glad to be a part of your work with our collaboration with The Cooper Institute. Enjoy your day from the entire team at the Vision Impact Institute.

    Andrea Kirsten-Coleman

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper & Many Happy returns!!!

    Steve Lam

  • Dr. Ken, Happy Birthday young man. Just wanted to let you know how much of a huge inspiration you and Millie have been to our whole family over the 40 years we have been in Dallas, from our early friendship and many YPO sessions you have led to the great books and things you have done for Dallas and a Fitter World!

    Bob Schlegel

  • Ken. Happy. happy 90th birthday. What a privilege I’ve had to know you this past 50 years as we both came to Dallas in 1970. You have been an inspiration. May God continue to bless you. Warmest regards.

    Doug Hawthorne

  • Dearest Dr. Cooper, I wish you a very Happy 90th Birthday!!! I can't believe you are 90 because you seem so much younger. I feel like I'm still 17 sometimes. I truly believe we are to have purpose: continue working and serving others to lead a long, healthy, happy life. You are our inspiration, and we are so thankful for you. I hope you have a wonderful day, year, and many more healthy years to come. PLEASE KEEP GOING, and we will follow your good example. May God continue to bless you and your families.

    Holly White

  • Happiest 90th👍 From your BC neighbor, Decatur resident and longtime user of your supplements! Thanks for all your years of leading the way!

    Blaine Ferguson

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper You are an inspiration to us all. May you have a great and fulfilling day and many more to come. Thank you for your leadership.

    Greg Stone

  • Happy birthday, Dr. Cooper! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Sherri Darver

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, Wishing you the absolute happiest of birthdays! You are a shining example not only of how to live life from a health perspective but as a light of Christ. Thank you for your commitment to our community and good care to many generations of the Yeckel Family. Enjoy this glorious sunny day with a good workout and a big slice of cake! Warm regards,

    Anne Yeckel Johnson

  • Happy Birthday!!!

    Andrea Alcorn

  • Happiest of birthdays to you, Dr. Cooper! Wishing you a healthful and active year. You are truly an inspiration!

    Andjelka Pavlovic

  • Wishing you a very healthy and happy birthday with family and friends!!!! Thank you for setting the standards for living healthy and happy!!!!

    Susan Regan

  • Happy birthday sir! I was fortunate enough to have gone through a physical at Cooper Clinic last year. I have no doubt your clinic and people added quality years to my life. Thank you!

    Scott Wanasek

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper and thank you for sharing your wisdom with us throughout the years.

    Cara Veale

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! My mother started doing aerobics and running when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. She did this because she was reading articles about you. She was healthy until she died at 99. Thank you for inspiring so many of us to exercise and stay healthy.

    Frances Broussard

  • Thankful for your vision in improving our concept of disease prevention with aerobics. As a fellow physician I wish you a happy and healthful coming year. Happy 90th.

    James Herd

  • Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Cooper. Wishing you many more.

    Michael Carrera

  • Happiest birthday wishes, Dr. Cooper! I heard you speak at the Cooper Institute in 2004 when I was working on my Group Exercise Certification. You inspired me to make exercise a priority in my life, because the rewards are great. Thank you for leading by example!

    Teresa Judd

  • Dr. Cooper - I am a former patient of Cooper Clinic. Happy Birthday! I am amazed at what you have accomplished in your lifetime. I hope you have many more birthdays!

    Edward Stanley

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I have had the honor of working for you for almost 17 years, and I couldn't imagine a better place to work and learn. Thank you for being you!

    Sheila Rose

  • Aerobics in college in 1988 was my first introduction to the concept. Thank you for sharing with the common person. I am still pursuing a heart healthy life with aerobic and strength fitness efforts. Happy birthday young man!

    Amie Kitt

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday! I recall fondly coming to Cooper Clinic, along with my brothers and also the senior management of Irby Construction Co. and Stuart C. Irby Co. Most of our senior management never even considered "working out" for personal fitness. Most all of them were "good ole boys" who had hard jobs, and thought that was exercise! In any case, my family and many of the Irby employees benefitted greatly from you and your organization! Again, Happy Birthday!

    Charles Irby

  • Happy Birthday to a great friend and doctor. Our friendship and family relationship are a special part of my life always. Hope to stop by to say hello to y’all. “90” years -- that's great👏

    Bob Colombe

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! You model the path to living the best life. May God continue to bless you, your family and your work.

    Berta Montes

  • Happy Birthday Ken! All the Best.

    Wayne Weatherly

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper-- I had the honor and privilege of meeting you briefly some 25 years ago, while I was visiting some relatives in the Carrollton, TX area. I knew your clinic was close by so I told them that I wanted to stop by to visit. I asked a receptionist if you were in and if it were possible to meet you. I was directed to your office and we chatted briefly and I got your autograph. I thank you for all the valuable work you have done over the years. I was a young PE teacher then, and now, at age 62, I am still teaching middle school PE/fitness during the pandemic (this is my 39th year!) Thanks again for your example!

    Perry Dickens Jr.

  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful man! You have always been such an amazing inspiration to me. Not just because of your medical knowledge and teachings but also because of your gentle spirit and your genuine caring attitude toward everyone you meet! May God bless you in the years to come.

    Myrna Schlegel

  • Happy Birthday dear Dr. Cooper!!! You are a great inspiration, thank you very very much!!! Have a wonderful Birthday!! Much love and admiration to you.

    Pilar Lopez-Cubero

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND WISHES FOR MANY BLESSINGS IN THE YEARS TO COME! "I respect any man who can heal a heart he did not break" To the best heart healer on the planet, keep up the good work. God Bless You

    Barbara Mumma

  • I have had the honor of coming to Cooper Clinic for many many years and because of your wonderful employees and doctors they have helped me to maintain my health and happy active life. Want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and look forward to many more with you.

    C Dan Smith

  • You are an inspiration to us all Dr. Cooper and I loved working at the Dallas and former McKinney locations. You truly are an amazing individual that has made a difference in my life and many others. One person can make a difference. Happy Birthday with many more blessings to come for you and your family. God’s Peace and Love to you.

    Bryan “Blu” Hunbbard

  • Dr. Cooper, I began jogging for the first time in my life after reading your book back in the early 70s. I was in my early 30s at the time. This behavior change has made a significant difference in my wellbeing. I’m now 76, take no prescribed medication and enjoy life. I’m been to your clinic several time over the years for checkups. You made a positive difference in my life. Thank you. Happy Birthday!

    Bruce Langford

  • Happy 90th.....Thanks for all you have done to keep everyone healthier

    Dawn Lynn

  • Dr. Cooper- Happy birthday and thank you from a 3 time graduate of your wonderful Wellness Week. So much appreciation for all I learned!

    Olivia Edwards

  • I first learned of you and Aerobics AROUND 1960 while I attended Oklahoma City University. I later enjoyed the Cooper Clinic for annual checkups for many years. My wife Shirley and I share with you the challenge of successfully summiting Mount Kilimanjaro. Your work and example have added quality years to my life. Thanks for all you have done for all the folks.

    Ronald Turley

  • When tested years ago you graciously signed my first marathon sneaker from 1979. That “unpadded” Nike sits on my shelf along with your good wishes (telling me to go out and run). And I do! Toenails be damned. 🎈 Happy birthday 🎉

    Jeff Blutstein

  • Have a wonderful 90th birthday with many more years of health ahead. Always admired your hard work and it was a pleasure to bump into you on a cruise ship years ago while I was running laps aboard with Cooper T shirt on! My years of clinic visits were always a pleasure...stay healthy!

    stuart goldsmith

  • Happy birthday Dr. Cooper. Thank you for your great contributions. I met you at your clinic when I came for my annual physical and we talked about Abebe Bikila, a great Ethiopian marathon runner. You shared with me about the Boston Marathon where he left you way behind. It is okay Dr. Cooper; you have run a different kind of marathon and won. Happy birthday Dr. Cooper and thank you for your contributions to humanity and your great legacy. Dex Beyene, Dallas resident, originally from Ethiopia.

    Dex Beyene

  • I wish Dr. Cooper a happy birthday and hope he has many more.


  • Dear Dr. Cooper, We wish you a wonderfully happy birthday! Your medical work and the Cooper Clinic greatly improved our lives. We are so grateful to you.

    John and Lisbeth Kling

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! All your Cooper Family wishes you a blessed day.

    Tamara Gerould

  • Dr. Cooper you are an amazing man! You inspire so many. I am blessed to work for your company. Happy 90th Birthday and many more great adventures to you!

    Sherry Williams

  • Dr. Cooper! Happy Birthday for a life full of service, innovation and caring. You touched my life and many millions of others on this road to fitness and longevity. May God Bless you and be with you always!

    Gene Duckro

  • Happy Birthday from all of us in the GI building!

    Michelle Reinheimer

  • Have a Wonderful Birthday!!!! You have had many great accomplishments in your lifetime.... and seen a tremendous amount of change over the years.... You can truly look back and say.... "I made a difference!" .... a true life success. May your life be blessed with good wishes, fond memories, and great health.... The only thing you are missing is the perfect birthday... March 5th.... (That's Mine!!!) God Bless and Keep You Always.

    Rita Clemons

  • Feliz cumpleaños to the guy who spreads and shares good health habits throughout our entire planet!!

    Maria Johnston

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. Celebrate big time and enjoy your beautiful spa services. I love your spa services! Have a beautiful fun day celebrating!! Amber West

    Amber West

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. Celebrate big time and enjoy your beautiful spa services. I love your spa services! Have a beautiful fun day celebrating!!

    Amber West

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, A very Happy 90th Birthday to you! I would like to tell you how important the Cooper Clinic has been to my own father, Jim Trimble, who also turned 90 in December. He was a faithful Aerobics Center member since 1983 when they moved into the neighborhood. He continued to go almost every day, enjoying walking your lovely grounds, getting health check-ups, and later enjoyed your stationary bikes courtside, always followed by fun coffee with friends. He would still be there if he had not moved to The Tradition 2 years ago. Needless to say, your groundbreaking program and center have made his life longer and happier (he's a triple bypass survivor of 23 yrs, amongst other things). Your staff always knew him and greeted him with cheer. I can say for people like yourselves 90 is the new 50! Congratulations!

    Kristi Thompson

  • My wife, Annette, and I were blessed to meet you at the clinic when we had our physicals 10 years ago. You showed us your cliff vs declining angle graph as it pertains to health and longevity...and now you have proven your own theorem ...May our God bless you and your family for the rich investment you have made in the lives of millions of people...What a Legacy he has allowed you to build!

    Dr. Sam BAILEY

  • Dr, Cooper, Happy Birthday!! You and your work has been an inspiration to me. My physicals at your clinic were always a highlight to my year and a motivation to stay in shape all these years.

    Scott Martin

  • Wishing you a wonderful and invigorating 90th birthday! Thanks so much for sharing your life and teachings with the world. You have influenced my life from 1977 when I was a new student at ORU and we had to watch your Aerobics video and get involved with aerobics every single semester. You helped me to understand the value of a fit, healthy body. I had the pleasure of seeing you about 2 years ago for a checkup and you shared some wonderful memories of your life in your office. I treasure that time. God's angels are still watching over you. Blessings in Christ brother!

    Edward Cook

  • Happy Birthday Kenneth!! I hope you have a great day. Thank you very much for helping to keep me and everyone else in the world healthy for all these years! All the best.

    William Thompson

  • Best wishes and a big thank you!

    Shannon Brown

  • Happy Birthday 🎈🎂 Dr. Cooper! Such an inspiration!

    Jackie Estes

  • Happy Birthday!!! And many many more Dr. Cooper.

    Abe Haddad

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. You are one of the true blessings in my life. Enjoy this special day to the fullest.

    Marcena Macaluso

  • Dear Dr. Cooper, All of us at Republic National Distributing Company wish you a Healthy Happy Birthday! Thank you for helping and saving lives!

    Tom Cole

  • Happy Birthday! You are one of the most influential people in my life regarding health and also in the country’s life. I still have your paperback book from decades ago. 👍

    Randy Meyer

  • Happy Birthday! Can you make 10 more?!!!!

    Thomas Lobrano

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper! You are an inspiration to us all and a standard bearer for healthy living.

    beth wright

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I had the pleasure of working with you and your staff at the Cooper Clinic providing ultrasound services and working on cardiology research projects in the late 80s and early 90s. I always found Cooper Clinic to be an inspirational place and I was grateful to be a part of your early mission to improve the health of people thru promoting wellness and exercise. You are an icon in medicine - congratulations on your 90th birthday!

    Bonnie Lankford

  • Happiest of birthdays to you! May you enjoy many more years of good health and happiness!!

    Phoebe Hampton

  • A healthy and hearty Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. Thank you for your contributions to a healthier lifestyle and all that goes with it! Our world is a better place because of you and you have impacted many and many more will follow! Forever the best to you.

    Sharon Herrin

  • Dr. Cooper, thank you for your vision, leadership and advancement of HEALTHcare. Our connection through my father in law John Holland is valued. Happy healthy wishes,

    David Goldberg

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper. What a wonderful milestone. We never met but I frequented your facility a few times when I worked years ago with Roger Staubach and thought it was terrific. Then, years later, I decided to spend a day there for an executive health check-up. That was worth it as well. So, congratulations, stay healthy, and the legacy of your work and your facility lives on. All the best,

    Robert Copito

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! Thank you for starting CFC! It has been my home away from home for 25 years! I hope you have a fabulous 90th birthday!

    Melanie Rasansky

  • From Costa Rica 🇨🇷 we wish you a happy birthday 🎉🎊

    Jimmy Rojas

  • Happy Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you have done to advance health and wellness!!

    Donna Thomas

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Cooper. I’ve still got my original dog-eared paperback copy of Aerobics. Thank you for your work, enthusiasm and legacy.

    Ann Mueller

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper! I am so grateful for the impact you have made, and continue to make, on our youth, nation and world. Thank you for making it a healthier place. I am honored to work within your organization. I hope you have a wonderful year!

    Breanna Natale

  • From both Mike Gray and myself, Happy 90th birthday! Enjoy such a joyous day.

    Doug Patterson

  • Hello Dr. K. Cooper, Praise The Lord, it’s your 90th birthday! Thank you for you tirelessly sharing the need for good health, exercise and nutrition. May God continue to bless you with many more years! Please keep up the good work!❤️

    Angela Fisher

  • Dr. Cooper, Happy Birthday! Thank you for inspiring millions to love a healthy life. As a law enforcement professional, I remember having to take the “Cooper Test” in order to complete the academy. Your impact reaches us still today (19 years later). Thank you and Happy 90th Birthday!

    Marilyn Edwards

  • I remember you running on Willow Lane as I was walking my dog for years. You always were and are so motivating. Have a wonderful birthday today. Keep on helping people stay healthy.

    Nikki Matthews

  • Happy Birthday Dr Cooper! Wish you many more years with us! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and motivating us to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Monin Pena

  • Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays as you celebrate a life lived well. Thank you for your contribution to helping so many others live a happy and healthy life.

    Annette Wi gfield

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Cooper!!!!! Wishing you continued health and happiness!!!

    Terry Caldwell

  • Happy Blessed Birthday Dr. Cooper!! Continued Blessings to you on this day and all others....

    Lisa Lyles-Carter

  • Happy 90th. DR. COOPER

    juansonya randle

  • Happy 90th!!!!

    Michael Jones

  • Dear Dr. Cooper -- Happy birthday! I have passed your birthday news to many friends in China and everyone asked me to pass their best wishes to you! Have a wonderful celebration! Best wishes and regards, Weimo Enyi (my wife) and Joe (my son) sent their best wishes and greeting!

    Weimo Zhu

  • Dr. Cooper, You are truly an inspiration to me! Out of all your many notable accomplishments there is one I admire you for best. That is the time you take to share a meaningful moment with us individually as teammates. Your actions show you care. Happy Birthday Sir. You are a blessing to know.

    Linda Daugherty