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50th Anniversary

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Our 50th anniversary is an important milestone—let’s celebrate together. Whether you’ve been a part of our research at The Cooper Institute, a patient at Cooper Clinic, a member of Cooper Fitness Center, a guest at Cooper Hotel, a client at Cooper Spa or Cooper Wellness Strategies or have purchased our vitamins over the years, we are celebrating all things Cooper.

Our family-owned and operated business opened its doors in 1970 with Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s singular vision to improve the quality and quantity of people’s lives through prevention. Today Dr. Cooper—known as the “father of aerobics”—is 90 years old, still seeing patients and speaking across the globe sharing his proven philosophy that exercise is medicine and fitness is a vital sign.

Watch the following trailer of Dr. Cooper's upcoming documentary, "The Power of Prevention."

If you ask millennials today about life without exercise, most look surprised and typically answer, “Of course I work out.” They don’t know any differently and certainly find it hard to fathom that most people didn’t exercise or many with health conditions were advised not to do so under their doctor’s care...that is until Dr. Cooper’s fitness revolution in 1970.

Today, Dr. Cooper works alongside his son, Dr. Tyler Cooper, who is also a practicing preventive medicine physician and serves as President and CEO.

Drs. Kenneth and Tyler on the Cooper Aerobics campus in Dallas


Join us as we celebrate with stories from those who have chosen to become healthier!

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Testimonials from Cooper Aerobics customers


Aerobics—The Word that Changed the World
Prior to opening the doors of the original Cooper Aerobics Center, preventive medicine pioneer, Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, develops the 12-minute and 1.5-mile fitness tests and the Aerobics Point System while in the U.S. Air Force working with NASA. He also created a worldwide fitness revolution with the publication of his international best-selling book Aerobics.

Timeline 1970

  • To advance research on the benefits of aerobic exercise, Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper establishes The Cooper Institute 501(c)(3) in June and Cooper Clinic in December.
  • Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper uses his aerobics program to lead the Brazilian soccer team to a World Cup victory.

Timeline 1980s

  • The Journal of the American Medical Association publishes The Cooper Institute’s landmark study scientifically proving being fit—as measured by the treadmill stress test—decreases the risk for all-cause mortality by 58 percent.

Timeline 1990s

  • Mirroring the preventive medicine model used at Cooper Clinic, Dr. Tyler Cooper spearheads corporate wellness consulting to help provide corporations and organizations across the country with healthier leaders who in turn run healthier companies.

Timeline 2000s

  • Cooper collaborates with PepsiCo to eliminate trans fats from the Frito-Lay® snack line, creating an international wave other companies have followed.

Timeline 2010s

  • The Cooper Institute develops the Healthy Zone School Program and debuts it in partnership with the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. Today, Healthy Zone School Program has touched more than 159,000 North Texas students across 199 schools.

Despite this grand evolution throughout the past five decades, the culture and standards at Cooper Aerobics have remained the same. Our core values unify us in our pursuit to help people live better-quality, longer lives.


Cooper Aerobics has grown to heights never imagined in the early days of 1970. But like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's first steps on the lunar surface, it was the company’s ability to look to the future and evolve that got us where we are today. The secret to our success is no secret at all. It was one man’s vision, determination, faith and focus to make us all healthier.

We still remember where we came from. Thank you to all current and former teammates who make Cooper Aerobics a family and for your commitment, dedication and hard work.