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Platinum Unplugged is a new video series that answers questions from Cooper Clinic Platinum members, everything from COVID-19 to preventive health. Cooper Clinic Platinum physicians discuss the latest topics to ensure our members are well informed and well taken care of—mind, body and soul.

Email us your questions and we’ll respond in future episodes or via email.

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Episode 1: February 2, 2021
Topics: COVID-19 stats; COVID-19 vaccine status at Cooper Clinic; Importance of seeking medical attention for severe symptoms of heart disease from Dr. Nina Radford, Cooper Clinic Cardiologist and Director of Clinical Research


Episode 12: December 10, 2020
Topics: Increase in COVID-19 cases and the status of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines; Validity of rapid antigen testing used as a COVID-19 screening tool; Added holiday cheer from the Cooper Clinic Platinum team

Episode 11: November 2, 2020
Topics: Staying healthy during the holidays; Six tips to help you stay on track with your eating plan while enjoying your Thanksgiving meal from Ginny Ives, Cooper Clinic Nutrition Director and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Episode 10: October 1, 2020
Topics: Monoclonal antibodies with COVID-19; New testing procedures for asymptomatic COVID-19 cases; Cardiovascular concerns with COVID-19 from Dr. Nina Radford, Cooper Clinic Cardiologist and Director of Clinical Research

Episode 9: September 1, 2020
Topics: Importance of plasma donation for people with COVID-19 antibodies; Tips to help treat “maskne” from Dr. Helen Kaporis, Cooper Clinic Preventive and Cosmetic Dermatologist

Episode 8: August 3, 2020
Topics: Importance of wearing masks and physical distancing to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, supplements to reduce your risk and the importance of getting your flu shot

Episode 7: July 1, 2020
Topics: Update on COVID-19 testing, trends in number of cases and the importance of wearing a mask

Episode 6: June 1, 2020
Topics: COVID-19 testing and trends in number of cases and hospitalizations

Episode 5: May 1, 2020
Topics: Questions about COVID-19 antibody testing answered, plasma therapy and the connection between COVID-19 and strokes; How stress and anxiety affect our health from Kevin Gilliland, PsyD, psychologist and Executive Director of Innovation 360

Episode 4: April 24, 2020
Topics: COVID-19 antibody testing, Cooper Clinic reopening and wearing masks; Helpful at-home workout tips from James Silvester, Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer

Episode 3: April 17, 2020
Topics: Possible treatments for COVID-19 and nutritional supplements; Nutrition tips from Lizzy McCrary, RDN, LD, Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Episode 2: April 10, 2020

Episode 1: April 3, 2020