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Botox & Dysport

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Botulinum toxin type A, is a purified protein that blocks impulses to muscles and sweat glands. It has been in medical use for nearly three decades beginning with ophthalmologists and neurologists, and Botox Cosmetic was FDA-approved for certain indications in 2002. Cooper Clinic in Dallas offers Botox for cosmetic reasons and excessive underarm sweating.

  • Cosmetic Applications - Botox has been approved for the treatment of frown lines and is also used for forehead wrinkles, crows feet and neck folds. By using extremely small doses of Botox injected directly into a specific muscle, only the ability of that muscle to contract will be inactivated. Therefore, the problem muscles cause, such as a twitch, spasm or frown line, will be stopped.

The actual treatment takes only a few minutes and Botox takes effect in three to four days. Gradually over three to five months the effect will fade, and the muscle action will return. When the lines start to reappear, the treatment can be repeated to maintain the desired result.

The side effects of Botox are related to the local injection of the solution. There will be a slight discomfort from the needle entering the skin, and a small chance of a bruise at the site of injection. There have been no permanent side effects from the use of Botox. Approximately one percent of patients will develop a slight lowering or ptosis of one eyelid. This is temporary and may not even be noticed by the patient.
Before and after using botox photos
Results of a Cooper Clinic Dermatology patient.

  • Excessive Underarm Sweating - Because Botox inactivates the signal to sweat glands it has been used successfully to control axillary hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm perspiration. Several injections of Botox are done at the predetermined sites of excessive sweat gland activity. The majority of underarm perspiration is stopped within 48 hours in most cases and the control of excessive perspiration typically lasts five to seven months. As with wrinkle treatment, the effect is localized to the specific sites of Botox treatment.

An alternative to Botox, Dysport helps smooth the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. One injection into each of five points between and above the eyebrows temporarily prevents muscle contractions that cause frown lines, leaving the rest of your face to move naturally.

The majority of patients see improvement two to three days after treatment, with the results lasting for up to four months.

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