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Vein Therapies

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Whether a cosmetic concern or a medical condition, Cooper Clinic Dermatology in Dallas offers proven vein therapies and treatments for spider veins. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Rick Wilson offers specialized techniques for women who have painful or prominent veins on the legs, chest and breasts.

Sclerotherapy is the "gold standard" for treatment of spider veins, according to the American College of Phlebology. This proven technique works to keep the legs free of spider veins and often relieves related symptoms of aching, tiredness and pressure. Through technology advancements, the procedure is significantly more effective in vein repair/correction without the significant pain saline (salt water) sclerotherapy causes.

Sclerotherapy is performed with a tiny needle, which ensures essentially painless treatment with closure and fading of the unwanted spider veins typically in three to five treatments. There is no post-procedure down time, and patients report little to no discomfort after the procedure.

Photos of before and after receiving sclerotherapy
Results of a Cooper Clinic Dermatology patient.

Prominent Chest and Breast Vein Treatment
Prominent chest and breast veins are treated with specialized sclerotherapy and/or laser treatment techniques. The treatment reduces the appearance of prominent dark veins on the chest and breast that are common in women, especially those who have undergone breast augmentation. Typically the appearance of the prominent veins is dramatically reduced after only two to three 20-minute treatment sessions.

Photos of before and after chest veins treatment
Results of a Cooper Clinic Dermatology patient.

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