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Imaging Procedures

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Early detection. Early prevention. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to understand your risks for disease. Technological advancements have made many screening procedures as minimally invasive as possible.

Dual Source CT Scan (preventive exam standard component)
A scan of the upper torso detects buildup of calcium in the heart arteries, which is associated with risk of coronary artery disease. The Dual Source CT Scan also evaluates the lungs and abdominal organs and may identify findings such as fatty liver, aortic aneurysms or tumors. Males: baseline at age 40. Females: baseline at age 40-50. As clinically indicated thereafter.

Carotid Screening Ultrasound 
A limited evaluation of the carotid arteries for detection of significant plaque or blockage. Baseline at age 65; as clinically indicated thereafter.

3D Mammogram
Digital screening of the breasts to detect early breast cancer. Females: baseline at age 35-39; 40+, annually. Read more on our Breast Health page.

Osteoporosis Screen/Bone Density
Low radiation density/calcium content assessment of the spine and hip bones to screen for osteoporosis. Females: baseline at age 35. Males: baseline at age 60. As clinically indicated thereafter.

Additional Imaging Procedures
Lung CT and digital chest X-ray are available upon physician’s orders.

Physician Referrals
Cooper Clinic's imaging and radiology services are available to individuals with a physician’s referral.