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Sleep Medicine

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A great deal of science supports the importance of sleep and its role in disease prevention. There isn’t a tissue, system or operation in the body—from the brain, heart and lungs to metabolism, immune function and mood—that isn’t enhanced by sleep.

Sleep disorders and disruption are common and a significant contributor to health risks. Lack of sleep disrupts normal brain and body function, causing a decrease in metabolic rate and endocrine functions.

The addition of Sleep Medicine to our Cooper Clinic preventive medicine services mirrors our purpose—improving the quality and quantity of life. The ability to diagnose sleep disorders and develop treatment plans for our patients early on helps set the stage for healthier outcomes.

Sonya Merrill, MD, PhD, FACP, is a Sleep Medicine Physician providing comprehensive evaluation and management of sleep disorders at Cooper Clinic.

  • Sleep Laboratory-based studies:
    • Overnight diagnostic study
    • Overnight CPAP titration study
    • Overnight split night (half diagnostic, half CPAP titration) study
    • Daytime sleep study (Multiple Sleep Latency Test)
  • In-home testing:
    • Sleep apnea test
    • Overnight oximetry test