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Muscle Activation Techniques

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Do you want to improve your performance in your workout program or sport, move without discomfort or return to your favorite activities? Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT) can help.

MAT is a revolutionary approach to correct muscle imbalances by addressing muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness. Performed by a Professional Fitness Trainer/Certified MAT Specialist, the dynamic, hands-on process identifies and corrects neuromuscular imbalances—getting to the root of the muscle and joint pain.

A MAT session includes:

  1. An assessment of your range of motion and testing the muscles to determine where the imbalances are
  2. Activating the muscles by applying pressure to the soft tissue surrounding your weak areas to restore proper communication between the brain and muscles
  3. Retesting the muscle(s) to evaluate progress

Ultimately this process helps to:

  • Restore normal body alignment
  • Decrease muscular imbalances that contribute to pain
  • Reduce the risk of injury

Many people see an improvement after just one session; however, a series of four to six sessions is recommended to reinforce the stabilization of your muscles.

With MAT you can return to your active lifestyle with renewed strength. Book your session today! Email Mary Edwards or call 972.367.6939.

Robert Treece, Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer and MAT Specialist, demonstrates specific Muscle Activation Techniques® exercises to assess the origin of nagging lower back pain. Watch the video below.

For more information and to schedule a MAT session, email Mary Edwards or call 972.367.6939.

Certified MAT Specialists

Christian Mazur
Christian Mazur

Paul Mossa
Paul Mossa

Robin Self
Robin Self, PT

Robert Treece
Robert Treece

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Wes Cade