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Body treatments are meant to focus on both your internal and external health by a combination of exfoliation, targeted pressure points, specialty hydration methods and other techniques as listed below.

*indicates a client favorite

Stone Crop Restorative Body Treatment 
A relaxing and luxurious service, the Stone Crop Restorative Body Treatment is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and hydrating qualities. Stonecrop is a hydrating and healing plant used in many skincare products. This full-body treatment includes dry brushing followed by a lemony scrub to exfoliate and brighten skin. Next, your skin is rehydrated with a Stone Crop body moisturizer followed by a 50-minute massage using Stone Crop body oil and hot stones.
80 minutes, $200 

Harmonic Lavender Sugar Scrub
Your mind will instantly rewind while your skin is exfoliated thoroughly with a special blend of natural lavender essential oil and sugar mix. After a rinse when the skin is ready for hydration, you will be lathered in soothing lotion during a therapeutic 50-minute massage.
80 minutes, $200

Detoxification Body Wrap
Packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients, the techniques and products used in this service will stimulate your body, resulting in a refreshed feeling and youthful glow all over. Your body will be nourished inside and out. This full-body treatment includes a body brushing, warm wrap, a brief resting period while the scalp is massaged and a steamy shower, then a methodical massage technique is used for application of a moisturizing lotion.
80 minutes, $200

Fit Body Scrub for Him
Stimulate your body and mind with this robust mixture of rosemary and lavender oils, excellent for muscular tension. Following the exfoliation treatment, relaxation continues with a full-body Deep Tissue Massage.
80 minutes, $200

It is recommended to refrain from shaving within 24 hours of any body care services. Exfoliation services and body wraps are not recommended for those who are sensitive to iodine, shellfish or seaweed; are pregnant; have heart disease, irregular blood pressure or open wounds; or have highly sensitive skin or allergies.