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Built on more than 46 years of health and fitness research and expertise via Cooper Clinic and The Cooper Institute, Cooper Wellness Strategies offers a tailored approach to wellness within three core areas: strategic consulting, leader training and lifestyle education.

Cooper Wellness Strategies works with clients in manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, hospitality, technology, finance and retail as well as insured populations. Across diverse clients in terms of size, location and work environment, we have made a lasting impact through healthier employees and groups as well as populations insured by insurance companies.

At Cooper Wellness Strategies, the focus is delivering results not just data or programs and our clients are being transformed. These measurable results include improved health risk factors, enhanced recruiting and retention, increased productivity, reduced health care cost and lasting cultural change.

Our consulting services provide meaningful outcomes with measurable results. Our statistical methods make wellness an objective and quantifiable people strategy. Whether building a long-range wellness plan, analyzing program data, turning analytics into user programs or managing outcomes administration, our systems generate a stronger culture, health improvement, productivity output and economic value.

Healthy change starts with leaders like you.

Successful wellness programs start with leaders willing to commit to change. Cooper Wellness Strategies’ leader training programs teach the link between fitness and performance and inspire a lead by example mentality. We help guide driven companies to leverage the influence of leaders and managers to support health in one another, the people they serve and communities in which they engage.

Engaging people in sustainable lifestyle change.

Real behavior change requires science-based information, personalized goal-setting and focus. Cooper Wellness Strategies’ lifestyle education programs engage participants with best-in-class communication tools: in-class, online and mobile systems to make change convenient and enjoyable. At Cooper, we help improve individuals’ health for life.

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