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Strategic Consulting

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Our consulting services provide meaningful outcomes with measurable results.

Our statistical methods make wellness an objective and quantifiable people strategy. Whether building a long-range wellness plan, analyzing program data, turning analytics into user programs or managing outcomes administration, Cooper Wellness Strategies' systems generate a stronger culture, health improvement, productivity output and economic value.

Consulting services include:

  • 360° Wellness Plan™
  • Planning and Analytics
  • Diagnostic Audit
  • Plan Execution
  • Data Reporting & Analytics
  • Outcomes Administration
  • Fitness Center Design and Management 
  • Onsite Clinic Evaluation

You Expect Results.
Cooper Wellness Strategies' team of health management strategists approaches planning and implementation with the end in mind so that the resource needs, the outcome and the economic benefits are clearly understood from the start. We combine our renowned experience in population health management with a deep understanding of your organization’s unique culture, industry and integrated business practices, for example: single building to hundreds of locations, employee population from 10 to 100,000, long and short employee retention, and roles from management to manufacturing line.

Let Physical Wellness Make You Fiscally Stronger.
Cooper Wellness Strategies maximizes your organization’s health and wellness investment, with a strategy and plan to control excess future health care costs. Our commitment to your company includes:

  • A longitudinally-designed health management plan that views employee health as a strategic business advantage
  • A proven course to gain leadership confidence in organizational health and productivity
  • Implementation of effective methods for generating a healthier workforce and, most important, an economic ROI
  • Clearly defined performance metrics and demonstrable, year-over-year improvement in the employee population health
  • Work site safety initiatives that drive deeper success and fewer injuries
  • Maximized team productivity through lower absenteeism rates and presenteeism risk
  • A customized communication plan for your employees

It Starts with Leaders Like You. Successful employee wellness programs start with you, leaders willing to commit to change, not for the sake of change, but in order to deliver real, quantifiable results.

Call 972.560.3263 to learn how we can be a catalyst for the change you need. Together we can make your people and business healthier.