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We partner with employers, health insurance carriers, hospital systems and group health insurance broker/consultants to manage population health and wellness as a business advantage. Groups across the country are witnessing the power of healthy change with Cooper Wellness.

Energy Co. (4,000 US employees, 7 states including 20+ locations)


Cooper Wellness Strategies engaged Energy Co. in 2009 for the purpose of developing a wellness plan that engaged their dispersed workforce in living a healthier more productive life. The program including onsite health screenings, online health risk assessment, online and telephonic health coaching, incentives integrated into the group health plan premiums, a strategic communications plan and an intentional approach to aligning health with the company’s mission and values.
The full program launched in early 2010 and in early 2013 a three-year study was conducted to assess the operational and economic impact of the program. The following chart depicts the statistical outcomes that were realized (left side).

  • Engagement in wellness activities prior to working with Cooper was consistently below 30%. Engagement soared under the Cooper Wellness plan model to a three-year cohort average of 89% of Energy Co.’s 4,000 employees.
  • Of the ten clinical health risk factors that Cooper evaluates as a measure of health improvement, all ten improved each of the three years included in the study. Improvements in population health for the health areas were not less than 8% and in some cases as high as 18%.
  • With 235 more employees in 2012 compared to 2010, Energy Co.’s total healthcare spend was four percent less – a cost savings of approximately $2.3million dollars.


As part of the wellness planning services that Cooper Wellness Strategies provides to Energy Co., an onsite wellness center was built to support 1,800 corporate employees at their US headquarters. Cooper Wellness provides professional staff for the onsite facility and within twelve months grew the total membership to more than 65% of the eligible workforce with more than 40% of members active at least 5x’s per month.

Cooper Wellness conducted a second analysis in early 2013 looking at a three-year impact of member usage of the wellness and fitness center as compared to individual risk factors. The objective of the study was to identify low users in year one who became moderate-high users in year three. The results included a statistically strong correlation between increased use of the center and improvement in overall health. In some cases improvement was dramatic including a 58% overall reduction in Metabolic Syndrome and a 39% overall reduction in group risk for diabetes (measured by blood glucose). The following chart depicts all statistical outcomes that were realized (right side). Numbers are expressed as percentage improvement.

Texas Retail Co. (80,000 employees, 300+ locations)

With more than 300 store locations and 80,000 employees, Texas Retail Co. needed to align their leaders behind a common goal that physical fitness drives performance and for healthier people as a business strategy. First beginning with the top 45 of their executive leadership, Texas Retail Co. focused on leading change as a core theme to their commitment from the top. By using Cooper Wellness Strategies’ Leading a Fit Business™ seminar, Texas Retail Co. trained their top team to lead by example and showed participants how to influence others to be responsible for their health.

With a renewed commitment to the improve the health of their employees throughout Texas, the Leading a Fit Business™ seminar became a management training requirement for more than 650 Texas Retail Co. officers, directors and managers. By engaging managers across the company Texas Retail Co. was able to connect physical health to professional performance and established a wide net of wellness support that is driving employee health and cultural strength.

Manufacturing Co. (6,500 employees, 7 plant locations, 60% union workforce)

Manufacturing Co. was known as a hard place to work. With heavy machinery, long hours and a strong union presence, personal wellness was a distant second priority to producing their products. With a new CEO and a vision of a safer and more team-centered environment, Manufacturing Co. turned to employee wellness as a solution.

Starting from the top, the new CEO who himself had dramatically improved his health and seen the benefits of being fit, called on more than 100 of his top management team to follow his lead. Manufacturing Co. used Cooper Wellness Strategies’ Leading a Fit Business™ seminar to teach the group about physical fitness and its impact on leadership strength. Key messages focused on the power of leading by example and the influence of being an advocate of a healthier team.

With an inspired group of officers, directors and line managers, Manufacturing Co. worked with Cooper Wellness Strategies’ consultants and built an award winning employee wellness program that met the needs of both the salaried and hourly union teams. Four years later and with persistent effort, dramatic results emerged. In a third party study conducted in 2010, 2,000 cohort Manufacturing Co. employee’s participating in the wellness program experienced 26.5% less medical claims expenses as compared to a similar control group of employees who were non-participators in the wellness program. Combined with more than $7million dollars saved through a re-engineered safety program, Manufacturing Co.’s total wellness program was a definitive success.