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Tips for Getting Healthier and Living Better from Cooper Aerobics

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Tips for Getting Healthier and Living Better from Cooper Aerobics

In your fitness routine, you likely have goals that you want to accomplish, but you may lack the instruction and knowledge needed to achieve those goals. Cooper Fitness Center Dallas offers a comprehensive, research-based lifestyle program consisting of three different specialty programs, including weight loss, disease management and pre- and post-natal.

Professional Fitness Trainer Colette Cole, MS, addresses how the Female Focus program empowers women and how it benefits your health.

Weight Loss
If you are looking to shed some weight, the Female Focus weight loss program is a great avenue to start on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. This program gives you the tools and knowledge to lose weight healthfully through an individualized program that is customized to your metabolism.

Upon joining the program, your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) will be tested, along with your body fat and girth measurements. From your nutrition plan to your recommended exercise regimen, the entire program is based on your metabolic rate. Along with your weekly training sessions, you will also join a consult with a Cooper Clinic registered dietitian to learn what your RMR means to you on a nutritional level. Women walk away from the program with the tools that they need to incorporate into their life on a long-term basis.

Disease Management
If you suffer from health issues including osteoporosis, arthritis/fibromyalgia, heart disease, diabetes or cancer, the disease management program can help manage and treat your problems. The program focuses on improving the functionality of your body and encourages healthy lifestyle choices.

In the initial functional assessment, you will be evaluated on your strengths and weaknesses, along with imbalances in your body. Based on this evaluation, a professional fitness trainer will develop a program for you with specific exercises to improve your fitness level.

For example, if you suffer from osteoporosis and have poor posture due to stressed joints, your program would focus on improving joint and muscle balance, along with exercises focused on strengthening core muscles for your posture. This program can last up to four or six weeks

Pre- and Post-Natal
If you are a mother getting ready for birth or looking to get back in shape after having a baby, the pre and post-natal program provides instruction for moms-to-be throughout and after their pregnancy.

Through a six-week program, April Swales, Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer and mother of two, will teach moms what exercises they should be doing during and after their pregnancy to realign and strengthen the lumbopelvic region of the body. Sessions also focus on building each individual's core strength, flexibility and areas of weakness.

What Can You Do?
Follow these practical tips to improve your fitness level at any time:

  1. Stretch on a daily basis. This is important for maintaining and improving joint balance at any stage in life.
  2. Learn proper posture.  Engage your core on a daily basis to build a solid foundation for your body. This will alleviate pressure on your joints, while staying aligned to prevent stress on your body. Watch this exercise move to help you strengthen your core.
  3. Stay active. Incorporate a physical activity into your daily routine. Whether you are walking around your block or practicing yoga, you should aim incorporate physical activity into your day.

Not only does the program strengthen your fitness level, but it also allows women to build relationships other participants to motivate and support one another to reach their goals. Each program is done in small groups to allow for accountability partners and friendships to develop.

The Female Focus program is open to the public and helps women enhance their education and skills to accomplish their objectives.

For more information about the Female Focus program, call 972.233.4832 or click here.

Article provided by Cooper Aerobics Marketing and Communications.