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Personal Training: Beyond the Workout

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Personal Training: Beyond the Workout

When making a decision about whether or not to use a personal trainer to ramp up your exercise routine, it is important to understand that personal fitness training can extend well beyond physical exercise. A client-trainer relationship is about trust, customization, education and growing together.

Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Louie Herrera explains what you should consider when selecting the ideal trainer for your needs.

Many people consider personal training as an option to help them get in better shape. Herrera notes that exercise education, which includes proper exercise sequences and techniques along with controlled load volumes, is a huge benefit to clients who work with trainers one-on-one.

Customized Just for You

It is important to set your fitness goals before choosing a personal trainer. No matter if you’re fitness savvy but in need of a change in routine, or simply looking for encouragement and accountability, a trainer will tailor a customized program that meets your specific needs and will serve as a “road map” for meeting your goals. Clients who are eager to see physical results of their training usually begin to notice changes between four and eight weeks from their initial start with a trainer.

Some clients may look to trainers for guidance when it comes to maintaining fitness while working through an injury. In these circumstances, a client must have clearance from his or her physician, should work with a trainer qualified to handle the unique situation and should pay attention to symptoms while moving forward with an exercise program. 

Though physical therapy is not provided at Cooper Fitness Center, our trainers are dedicated to helping clients through whatever obstacles they may be facing. However, we are all about prevention on the Cooper campus.

When it comes to preventing injury, Herrera notes that an educated trainer will take into consideration other recreational activities his or her clients participate in, and adjust or design a program to help condition those clients for those specific activities.

Support System

Building a relationship with your trainer depends on the personalities involved.

“Some trainer-client relationships only take a few days to develop, but others take weeks or months,” says Herrera. “Typically, it takes a few weeks to build a comfortable, trusting relationship.”

Herrera says he has many clients who he considers to be good friends and almost like family members.

“What makes the relationship special is the ability to not only push through workout sessions together, but also work through problems we both may be facing in life.”

“Over time, clients notice heightened motivation and exercise consistency due to having set appointments with their trainers,” says Herrera. “At Cooper Fitness Center, trainers are also able to talk with clients about general nutrition and stress management tips, but we also have the opportunity to refer our clients to leading experts in those fields who are housed right here on the Cooper campus.”

At Cooper Fitness Center, members and clients have the opportunity to select a professional fitness trainer from a group of highly-qualified and credentialed individuals. Most of them hold advanced degrees and specialize in various forms of training, and they go through continuing education annually, if not more often. The trainers are always eager to grow alongside their clients.

“Some clients ask great fitness questions that we sometimes don’t have the answers to,” Herrera says. “This motivates us to research or reach out to colleagues for answers and expanded knowledge, to ensure our clients receive the best information possible.”

No matter your motivation for working with a personal trainer, the key is to set realistic, short-term goals and always continue to move forward. For more information about Professional Fitness Training at Cooper Fitness Center, visit or call 972.233.4832.

Article provided by Cooper Aerobics Marketing and Communications.