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Tone Up with Queenax™

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Tone Up with Queenax™

If you think utilizing monkey bars or an AntiGravity® Hammock won’t get you fit at the gym, you haven’t tried the Precor® Queenax™

“The Queenax is one of the best ultimate functional training systems around,” says Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Alicia Parker.

Parker, and Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Carla Sottovia, provide an in-depth look at what the Queenax is and how it can help you tone from head to toe.

What is the Queenax?

At first glance, the Queenax can look intimidating. This functional training equipment contains straps, bars, suspension rings and more, designed to give you a total-body workout. 

“The Queenax is a highly adaptable, expandable and flexible rig that allows for a unique functional and suspension fitness training experience,” says Sottovia. 

More than 220 exercises can be performed using the Queenax, which can keep your workout routine fresh and challenging. Whether it be lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, hanging or swinging, exercises on the Queenax can be tailored to meet your fitness needs and goals.

The functional training focus of the Queenax can also help make movements of everyday living much easier, as many exercises mimic motions such as climbing stairs or bending over in the garden.

Total Body Sculpt

Lower body, upper body, core. No matter what area of the body you’re looking to improve, the Queenax can help you get there.

“The Queenax not only helps with toning, but with plyometric exercises—quick, powerful movements that stretch and contract your muscles—and mobility,” says Parker. “Every exercise you do can be performed in a variety of ways using training tools—called apps—that attach to the Queenax.”

Each app plays a role in toning your body and improving endurance, strength and power. The equipment provides an ideal way to cross train your body and challenges you to move in every direction. A few examples of apps include:

  • Superfunctional™ fitness training bar
  • Up Strength ladder
  • Resistance tubing
  • UFO (Unidentified Fitness Object) platform
  • Antigravity® Hammock

“The more you challenge your body in different directions, speeds and angles, the better you will move,” says Sottovia. 

Who Can Benefit?

Modifications can always be made on any Queenax exercise, making it ideal for all ages and fitness levels. 

“If you’ve never tried the Queenax before, schedule a 30-minute session with a professional fitness trainer,” says Sottovia. Cooper Fitness Center also offers Small Group Training sessions, which utilize the Queenax. 

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