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Holiday Tasting Traps

Holiday Tasting Traps

A sample at the store, an extra dollop of whipped cream and a bite off your favorite cookie can add up quick! If your goal this season is to maintain and not gain weight, you might want to watch your "harmless" small bites. Follow our fun scenario to see how easy calories can add up.

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Without Piling On the Pounds

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Without Piling On the Pounds

Tis the season for family, fun and food! While casseroles, dressings and pecan pie are some of our holiday favorites, it's important to stick to your nutritional goals. Read more about how to enjoy the foods you love while making new traditions this Thanksgiving.

Calorie Counts and More for Your Favorite Varieties of Nuts

Calorie Counts and More for Your Favorite Varieties of Nuts

Everyone loves a little crunch in their bite. But are your favorite nuts packed with healthy or unhealthy fat? Learn more and get nuts about your favorite snacks and toppings, plus get some great recipes to use with nuts.

Halloween Health

Halloween Health

While a lot of Halloween focus is on trick-or-treating for candy, your family doesn't have to stick to the norm. Have you tried giving out mini bags of popcorn or donating your leftover candy? Learn more about helpful tips and tricks to ensure you have a successfully, nutritious Halloween.

Understanding the Importance of Your Child's Lunch Choices

Whether your kids bring their lunch to school or prefer the school cafeteria, it's important the entire family understands the healthy options available. Read more to find out easy ways your kids can have healthy lunches made at home or from the cafeteria line.

Cut the Confusion When It Comes To Food Nutrition Labels

Reading a food label can be quite intimidating. They are required by the FDA, so it's important to know exactly what you're reading. Get to know the basics about food labels as well as what you should be looking for in vitamins, serving size, ingredients and more.

Finding Your Optimal Source of Heart Healthy Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3s are essential for your heart, brain and overall health. Even though seafood is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, you may also obtain them from other food groups. Learn how to increase your daily omega-3 intake with easy substitutions and ingredients.

A Dietitian’s Tips to Plan the Perfect Healthy Picnic Lunch

A Dietitian’s Tips to Plan the Perfect Healthy Picnic Lunch

The kids are home from school and the summer days are getting warmer; why not treat the entire family to a summer picnic! We'll show you simple ways to put together the perfect, healthy picnic that everyone will enjoy.

A Nutritionist’s Tips to Save Calories with Smarter Drink Choices

A Nutritionist’s Tips to Save Calories with Smarter Drink Choices

We all love iced tea, lemonade and cold juice during the hot, summer months. But your favorite cool drinks might be loaded with more calories than you think. Read more about simple ways to swap ingredients in refreshing beverages this season.

How to Manage Your Daily Sodium Intake and Avoid an Overload

Sodium has been a hot topic in the news recently. Many Americans are consuming much more sodium than what is required, which can lead to hypertension and more. Do you consume more than 2,300 mg per day or do you know how much that really is? Read more about our recommendations for sodium intake.

What's the Healthiest Caffeine Intake Level for the Average Adult?

What's the Healthiest Caffeine Intake Level for the Average Adult?

If you're a caffeine fiend, you might want to slow down your intake or try healthier options. While a moderate amount of caffeine is harmless, many people consume more than is recommended. Learn more about ways to decrease your bad caffeine habits.

Learning to Take Care of Your Bone Health With Good Nutrition

Are you getting enough calcium and vitamin D? Along with your daily supplements, calcium and vitamin D3 are present in many different foods. Incorporating these foods into your diet will help you optimize your bone health. Read more about integrating the proper nutrients for bone health.

Read These Simple Steps to an Earth and Waistline Friendly Diet

We hear the term going green almost daily, but how does this translate to our diet? Eating right and going green is not about sacrificing foods you love, giving up entire food groups or strictly eating vegetables. Going green is a diverse plan that involves eating real, fresh, and flavorful food. It also focuses on considering our environment when making food choices and exercising lifestyle habits.

Using Healthy Foods as Powerful Fuel for Body and Mind Wellness

While carbohydrates sometimes get a bad rap, they are a great source of fuel food. Carbs are imperative for muscle, brain, and nervous system function. Read more about picking the right carbohydrates and how they can fuel our system to top performance.

Cold Days, Warm Food

Cold Days, Warm Food

Just because you crave delicious, warm comfort foods during winter doesn't mean you have to pack on the calories. With help from a Cooper Clinic dietitian, learn more about simple ways to substitute healthy ingredients into your comfort food favorites.

Fast Food Figured Out

Fast Food Figured Out

All too often we find ourselves without the time to cook a meal because of our on-the-go lifestyles. If you find yourself needing to cruise through the closest drive-thru, read these healthy guidelines on choosing the best meals for the family.

Tackling After School Snack Attacks With Healthier Options

Knowing that snacks are a large portion of a child's diet, it is important to keep the pantry stocked with healthy choices. Learn how to incorporate exciting snack options in your daily routine for children and parents alike.

How to Identify and Avoid the Sneaky, High-Calorie Fast Food Salad

At Cooper we call them "better bad" choices. For example, if you eat at a fast-food restaurant, what is your better option? At many fast food chains salads are on the menu. But do you know if that salad is a low-calorie or high-calorie option? Find out more to keep your diet on track.

How to Enjoy Super Bowl Party Foods Without Remorse

Can you think of the one day a year where Domino's pizza sales rocket to 42 percent, they deliver more than 1.2 million pizzas, and their drivers cover nearly 4 million miles to feed Americans? It's Super Bowl Sunday!

A Simple Guide to Dining Out Sensibly in Any Situation or Setting

A Simple Guide to Dining Out Sensibly in Any Situation or Setting

Cheesy enchiladas, crispy calamari, juicy rib-eye steak menu items such as these may sound tempting and mouthwatering, but they come with many calories. If you've been trying to lose weight and are not seeing results despite your efforts to eat better and exercise, think about how often you eat out. Frequenting your favorite eatery may be sabotaging your efforts to slim down.

Bean Cuisine

Is it a meat? Is it a vegetable? Or the dreaded "musical" fruit? Some would say all of the above.

Are Our Kids Too Sweet on Sugar?

Cooked or Raw? The Best Way to Eat Veggies

Eat Right, Live Right, Feel Right

Expert Tips for Healthier Holidays

Five Dieting Mistakes to Avoid

Flu-Fighting Foods

Food Allergy Fact vs. Fiction

Go Further with Food

Healthy Summer Barbeques

How to Eat Healthy Ethnic Meals

Is Eating a Healthy Diet More Difficult Than Doing Your Taxes?

Living a Healthy Lifestyle with PCOS

Lowering Your Risk of Low Testosterone

Navigating Nutrition While Traveling

Six Steps to Manage Midday Hunger

Sports Nutrition

Super Seeds

What's In Your Milk?

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