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Keeping a Fit Kitchen: Tool Time

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mother and daughter cooking with vegetables

Cooking at home generally helps us eat less calories, less sodium and less processed foods overall. Keep your kitchen well stocked to ensure you have the tools you need to create and maintain a healthy environment, diet and lifestyle! Having the proper kitchen equipment can make cooking easier, more convenient and more enjoyable.

Kitchen knives
A good set of sharp knives is a basic essential to meal prep and cooking. Sharp blades make it easier and safer to chop, dice and mince food. Be sure to sharpen them every so often to prevent dullness.

Digital food scale
This tool proves to be useful for portion control. Sticking to appropriate portion sizes can also help you manage your grocery bill.  

Measuring spoons and cups
Another quintessential set that belongs in every kitchen is a set of measuring spoons and cups. When it comes to snacking, these tools help you keep portions in check in addition to accurately following recipes.
Tip: Use measuring cups for cereal, rice, popcorn and nuts. Stow extra measuring cups in large bins of oats, cereal and grains for easy access and easy measuring!

Glass storage containers
Avoid plastic containers and upgrade to glass containers. They are durable, microwave safe and don’t release unwanted chemicals when heated. Find a set that offers multiple sizes so you can meal prep with ease.

Meat thermometer
Guarantee your meat, seafood, poultry and casseroles are cooked safely and to perfection with this handheld device.

Food processor
Opt for a high-quality food processor that will last you for years. These can cut down on time when chopping, dicing or blending foods. Get creative and choose from endless options of delicious, healthy foods such as: homemade nut butter, hummus, pesto or fresh salsa. 

Salad spinner
Cleaning your salad greens just got easier. After rinsing greens thoroughly, toss them in the salad spinner to get rid of any excess moisture. Then they will be ready for a simple salad or side of savory sautéed greens.

Steamer basket
Skip frying in oil or sautéing with butter. By placing the steamer basket on top of a pot of boiling water, the steam easily cooks meat and veggies without the added fat with this kitchen gadget. 

Instant Pot®
This modern-day multi-purpose pressure cooker cooks food faster with one touch controls and a “smart” capability feature that allows you to monitor what you are cooking from your phone via Bluetooth® connection and remembers how you cook! If you live life in the fast lane but still want to create healthy dishes at home, this appliance is a must-have for your kitchen.

This tool slices everything evenly and perfectly, making foods more fun to prepare! Its substantially sharp blades allow for precise slicing of foods. Be sure to protect your fingers with a glove or handguard when using this tool.

Snazzy lunchbox
Go on, be a kid again! It’s more enticing to bring your lunch from home if your lunchbox has an artistic flair and reflects your personality.

Something about investing in the most effective tools for your kitchen can benefit your nutrition overall. Start small and build in one piece at a time to set yourself up for longterm success.

Article provided by Cooper Clinic Nutrition.