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How to Tell the Difference Between Cold and Allergy Symptoms

How to Tell the Difference Between Cold and Allergy Symptoms

All too often we diagnose a cold as allergies and allergies as a cold. Which is it? Before you go diagnosing your sniffles and sneezes, read this Q&A with a Cooper Clinic physician to solve your symptom mystery.

Know Your Numbers

Some of the most important numbers you need to know are not found in your bank statement or your phone book. Your clinical laboratory results contain vital information for your health. Make sure you know these numbers and what they mean.

A Perfect Father's Day Gift

A Perfect Father's Day Gift

This Father's Day urge your dad to get the gift of a lifetime: an annual physical exam. Many men avoid seeing a doctor yearly for a check-up. Read more about why it's essential to get an annual physical exam and what many men might be missing if they skip.

Skin Care Myths - Busted!

Skin Care Myths - Busted!

Many skin care products and treatments are surrounded by hype. Can you erase wrinkles? Do you need to spend a fortune on skin care products? Read more as we debunk a few common skin care myths.

Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

Kenneth H. Cooper, the "father of aerobics" recently celebrated his 80th birthday with a skiing trip to Colorado. With helpful aging tips, you too could be skiing into your 80th birthday. It's never too early to start the healthy aging process. Learn more about how to get there and where to get started.

CT Scan Q&A with Cooper Clinic Diagnostic Radiology Expert

Learn about why Cooper Clinic finds imaging a necessary element to preventive exams.

Stop the Slump

The National Institute of Health shares that back pain is the second most common cause of work days missed due to illness. Poor posture while sitting at your desk can lead to short- and long-term back pain. Learn to improve your posture and your performance.

A Cooper Expert Explains How a Colonoscopy Can Save Your Life

Fifty thousand Americans will die this year from colon cancer, a largely preventable disease. Dr. Abram Eisenstein, Director of Gastroenterology at Cooper Clinic, discusses screening options and recommendations.

Your Blood Pressure IQ Can Determine Your Fitness Outlook

Your Blood Pressure IQ Can Determine Your Fitness Outlook

Do you know a non-gender specific, "silent killer" is lurking among us and can surface suddenly to trigger heart attack, kidney failure, eye hemorrhage (damaging the retina), or stroke? With every heartbeat, this insidious and symptom-free killer, also known as high blood pressure, can overwork the heart and lead to numerous complications before one even knows there is damage being done.

Are Politics Stressing You Out?

Are You At Risk For Developing Osteoporosis?

Becoming a Wellness Leader in the Workplace

Behind the Scenes of the Cooper Clinic Laboratory

C-Reactive Protein Test: A Simple Way to Determine Inflammation

Eat. Move. Transform.

Get Cooperized to Stop Diabetes

Got Rhythm? Atrial Fibrillation and its Effect on Your Health

Healthier Habits, Happier Employees

How to Combat a Sedentary Lifestyle

How to Combat a Sedentary Lifestyle

How many hours do you sit a day? S. Michael Clark, MD, Preventive Medicine Physician at Cooper Clinic discusses why it's important to move every day, even if just for two minutes.

How to Prevent Common Diabetic Foot Problems

Preventing Allergy Symptoms with Common Allergy Treatment

Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

Prevention and Safety When Traveling Abroad

Reduce Stress to Improve Productivity

Six Steps to Fight Type 2 Diabetes in Children

Slow the Decline in Bone Density to Prevent Osteoporosis

Sneak Preview: A New Class of Cholesterol Drugs

Start the School Year Off Right

Study: American Adults Aren't Exercising Enough

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