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Many people eagerly start their weight loss journey with high hopes of seeing fast results, but quickly become discouraged for a number of reasons including a lack of a proper support system or underlying health conditions that inhibit them from reaching their weight loss goals. Weight loss is more than shedding fat and counting calories. It requires lifestyle changes and approaching the process from a medical, nutritional and psychological standpoint.

Introduced a little over a year ago, Cooper Weight Loss is a six-month comprehensive, medically-supervised program customized to help individuals meet their health goals which includes:

• Resting metabolic rate (RMR) test

• DEXA scan for body composition analysis

• Lab work (pre- and post-program blood work)

• Consultations with a Cooper Clinic Physician

• Behavior change consultations with a Licensed Professional Counselor

• One-on-one coaching sessions with a Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

• Personal training sessions with a Professional Fitness Trainer

• Complimentary six-month Cooper Fitness Center membership

• Web-based interactive platform and periodic messages for tips and motivation

Medically Supervised
Cooper Clinic Platinum Physician and Medical Director of Cooper Weight Loss (CWL), Emily Hebert, MD, shared her role in supervising CWL. “My job is to first medically screen the candidates and make sure there is nothing that would be an impediment to them being successful in the program,” says Hebert. “I review their blood work and walk through next steps and possible medical treatments to address conditions like sleep apnea or thyroid disorders that need to be taken care of before they try to lose weight.”

After the participants’ medical screenings, Dr. Hebert meets with CWL Team Lead and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Lizzy McCrary and Behavioral Change Counselor Michael Ashenfelter, LPC-S, to collectively decide on the appropriateness of each candidate. Medical and social factors that could determine one’s level of engagement in the program are taken into consideration. Some individuals may be encouraged to address medical or behavioral problems before beginning their weight loss journey in order to see results. 

Keys to Success 
One aspect that sets CWL apart from other weight loss programs is the individualized service from the Cooper Clinic registered dietitian nutritionists. Meeting with each participant regularly, looking through their food logs and getting to know them personally helps identify hindrances to their weight loss goals. Another unique element to the program is having a psychologist to address the emotional factors of weight loss and weight gain. Personal training sessions with a Professional Fitness Trainer accompanied by a complimentary six-month Cooper Fitness Center membership teaches participants the importance and role of exercise in a healthy lifestyle.

“The team’s diligence and attention to the patients are what have been key to the success of the program,” states Hebert. Many programs backed by a physician typically prescribe weight loss drugs. Dr. Hebert is pleased to say she has not had to prescribe these medications to a patient yet because CWL program participants have been able to successfully lose weight on their own.

CWL participant Mike Clark lost 62 pounds in 31 weeks with the program. “I’m in much better shape and I no longer get winded walking back and forth to the parking lot or up and down stairs,” said Clark. “In addition to the weight, my cholesterol has decreased 37 points and I no longer need an inhaler thanks to Cooper Weight Loss.”

Applying the Principles
While CWL is designed for people of any age or gender, the majority of the patients tend to be in their 50s and 60s. “For many, it’s at that point in life that they can focus more on themselves and address their health,” Hebert explains. Anyone who has the desire to lose weight and put in the necessary work will see results. “Our patients are not only losing the weight but they have been able to keep it off even after the program ends.”

“Overseeing CWL has certainly made me more cognizant of what I eat and has helped me understand the nutritional value of what I’m putting into my body,” says Hebert. “I have two teenagers and an 11 year old so I also try to use these principles in teaching them about body image and discussing food less in terms of weight and more in terms of fuel and energy.”

Dr. Hebert tells all her patients who are interested in starting their weight loss journey that it’s not easy, but if they fully engage in the program, they will see results. Though the amount of weight and rate at which it’s lost is different for everyone, the CWL team has seen the success of ultimate life change the program has brought to people’s lives and are honored to be a part of their transformation.


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