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Cooper Makes It Our Mission to Fight the Causes of Heart Disease

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Cooper Makes It Our Mission to Fight the Causes of Heart Disease

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of all Americans? At Cooper Aerobics, we understand the importance of heart health. Our mission since 1970 has been preventive medicine, saving thousands of lives by identifying early signs of heart disease.
Cooper Aerobics has a longstanding history with the American Heart Association to fight heart disease and stroke. The American Heart Association is a perfect extension of Cooper Aerobics’ mission, working towards the shared goal to create healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease.
Founder and Chairman of Cooper Aerobics, Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, is known worldwide as the “Father of Aerobics” after first proving the benefits of cardiovascular activity in 1968 in his bestseller Aerobics. This book inspired millions across the world to join the fitness revolution.
In 1970, Dr. Kenneth Cooper founded The Cooper Institute. He had the foresight to back all of his findings with scientific research. He established the research institute to “bridge the gap between faddism and scientific legitimacy.”
Research collected at The Cooper Institute first identified that fitness does impact heart health. Dr. Kenneth Cooper knew this data would play in integral role in improving worldwide health and shared it with the American Heart Association. This research later influenced the organization’s decision to label physical inactivity as a risk factor for heart disease.
In 1992, Dr. Kenneth Cooper founded and chaired the first Heart Walk in Dallas. The event started with just 450 walkers and raised $50,000. Today, the Dallas Heart Walk is the largest in the nation with more than 60,000 walkers, raising more than $24 million for cardiovascular research. Watch a video to hear Dr. Kenneth Cooper discuss the importance of Heart Walks across the nation.
Cooper Aerobics Commitment to Heart Health
You can also see Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s impact to influence heart health through a multitude of efforts. From working with Frito Lay to eliminate trans fats from America’s favorite salty snacks to advocating the passage of a statewide smoke-free law in Texas, Dr. Kenneth Cooper continues to lead the fight to improve the quality and quantity of lives around the world.

Today, Dr. Kenneth Cooper and his son, Dr. Tyler Cooper, MD, MPH, President and CEO of Cooper Aerobics have combined forces to inspire others to make good health a habit and Get Cooperized by improving their heart health.
Dr. Tyler Cooper began his two year position in 2012 to serve as the board president of the Dallas Division of the American Heart Association. In this role, he works to foster and build relationships within the Dallas community and serves as a public face for the American Heart Association.
“My father first founded Cooper Aerobics to prove the benefits of aerobic exercise for heart health. That’s why this mission is so important to us.” says Dr. Tyler Cooper. “Today, our organization continues to influence people to achieve and maintain the best health possible, so they can live longer, quality years.”
As you begin to consider embarking on your journey for a healthy heart remember Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s inspiring words, “It is cheaper and more effective to maintain good health than to regain it once it is lost.” We challenge you to take action now to improve your health and fight against heart disease.
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