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Healthy Body Pack to Habit

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Healthy Body Pack to Habit

Behavior change is not an easy task. This statement is especially apparent in January as New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. Despite an earnest desire for self-improvement, humans tend to be creatures of habit, which can make eliminating unwanted behaviors and adding more favorable ones a daunting task.

According to a recent survey, the second most popular resolution for 2016 is to “live a healthier lifestyle.” This is a worthy aspiration, but not a very tangible goal. Research on behavior modification shows the importance of breaking down larger, overarching goals into smaller, more specific steps. So to achieve the quest to “live a healthier lifestyle,” start by adding the step, “take vitamins and supplements daily.”

The nutritional supplement industry is not always easy to navigate. An abundance of options exist and many conflicting reports regarding which supplements are most beneficial. To simplify the process, start by answering these questions…

  1. Do you have a perfectly balanced diet? If you are like the majority of Americans, the answer to this question is no, so consider taking a daily multivitamin. A comprehensive multivitamin  cannot replace a nutritious diet, but it can help fill in the nutritional gaps that occur with an imperfect diet.

    The next question from here is, “do you need a multivitamin with or without iron?” Only women in their childbearing years need supplemental iron, unless an iron deficiency has been uncovered by a blood test. So, men and postmenopausal women should take the iron free version.
  2. Do you eat a minimum of two servings of fatty fish (such as salmon) each week? This amount of fish is not common in most Americans' diets, so taking omega-3 fish oil supplements may be necessary for optimal heart and brain health. There is an overwhelming body of research citing the health benefits of omega-3. It is best known for heart disease prevention, but science supports its use with a wide variety of conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, menstrual pain, ADHD and depression.

In order to make taking daily supplements more convenient, Cooper Complete® has combined the Basic One Iron Free multivitamin with the recommended serving of omega-3 in a daily, grab-and-go packet. The Cooper Complete Healthy Body Pack contains 30 days of packets and is perfect for when you’re traveling or generally out and about. If you have any questions about which supplements are right for you, talk with your doctor or call the Cooper Complete team of experts at 888.393.2221.

After determining which supplements to take, the next step is to decide when to take them. We recommend taking your multivitamin and omega-3 during one of the larger meals of the day. Not only will this help many fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D and E be better absorbed, but it will also help you form a habit. If mealtime does not work with your routine, link taking your vitamins to another already established behavior, such as brushing your teeth or packing up to go home from work. The consistent association of taking your vitamins with a habit you’ve already established will make taking your vitamins become second nature. When all is said and done, regularly taking vitamins is most important, so find a time that works best for you and go with it.

Forming a new habit of taking vitamins may not be an easy undertaking, but it is a great step in building a healthier year and a healthier you.

To learn more about Cooper Complete Healthy Body Packs and the entire line of Cooper Complete supplements, visit or call 888.393.2221.

Article provided by Karen Perkins, Cooper Concepts Account Executive.