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Melatonin Offers Restful Sleep During the Stress of the Holidays

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Melatonin Offers Restful Sleep During the Stress of the Holidays

The holiday season is a special time of the year, but the added events, shopping, and parties may leave you with less time for sleep. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states nearly 30 percent of adults report an average of less than or equal to 6 hours of sleep per night, while NIH recommends adults get 7-8 hours per night. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is calling insufficient sleep a public health epidemic. Reducing your nighttime sleep by as little as 90 minutes for just one night could result in a reduction of daytime alertness by as much as 32 percent.

Another benefit of getting enough sleep is weight control. Sleeping less than seven hours per night increases the risk of obesity by approximately 30 percent and adds an extra five pounds on average. With the extra holiday indulgences take steps to get enough rest and help avoid holiday weight gain.

Supplement with Melatonin
Cooper Complete Melatonin-Quick Release and Melatonin-Prolonged Release can help you get the rest you need by helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain that plays a role in regulating the body’s natural wake/sleep cycle, essentially the internal clock in our body. Researchers have studied the impact of melatonin on a wide range of conditions, in doses ranging from .1 to 80 milligrams and in studies ranging from days to up to three years. 

Quick Release or Prolonged Release?
Melatonin is typically taken 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Unlike most prescription sleep aids, it does not increase drowsiness or have a “hangover” effect the following day. It is a great alternative to taking habit-forming prescription sleep aids. The Quick Release formula is for those who need help falling asleep, while the Prolonged Release formula is for those who fall asleep without issue, but then find themselves awake (and unable to fall back to sleep) a couple of hours later. Help your body get the rest it needs to recover by taking Cooper Complete Melatonin.

Studies show benefit of melatonin with sleep disorders such as delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS, a condition in which people cannot fall asleep until early morning) and delayed weekend sleep pattern (difficulty falling asleep Sunday night after staying up late Friday and Saturday night). One study showed the time taken to fall asleep was reduced from almost 60 minutes to about 20 minutes.

As with any hormone, like testosterone and estrogen, melatonin may have effects on metabolism. Women who are pregnant or couples who are trying to conceive should not take melatonin.

Diabetics, those with low blood pressure and individuals taking blood thinning medications should talk with their physician before taking melatonin.
Give yourself the gift of sleep this holiday season. Relax and enjoy the holiday activities and preserve your health.

Article provided by Cathy Sides, Director of Customer Relations, Cooper Concepts Inc.