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Supplements for Bone and Joint Health

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Supplements for Bone and Joint Health

Did you know bone and joint conditions are the most common cause of severe long-term pain and physical disability worldwide? Every year, Bone and Joint Action week is held in October to raise awareness of prevention, treatments and medical advances for a number of disorders, including arthritis, back pain, and osteoporosis. Many Americans have lives deeply affected by such ailments. Thankfully great strides are being made to increase the research and improve the care for musculoskeletal health. Many of Dr. Cooper’s 8 Healthy Steps aid in the treatment and prevention of such diseases including regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and taking the right supplements for you. Several Cooper Complete supplements play an important role in Bone and Joint Health.

Osteoarthritis – Joint Health Supplement

Cooper Complete Joint Health Supplement blends glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, magnesium, gelatin and bromelain. Glucosamine and chondroitin are not obtained directly from food; they are naturally manufactured in the body. Commonly taken together as treatment for osteoarthritis, glucosamine and chondroitin are thought to help slow or prevent the degeneration of joint cartilage, the underlying cause of osteoarthritis pain. They may also help alleviate existing joint pain in general. Bromelain acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Because these Joint Health ingredients take time to work into cartilage and provide relief, take the recommended dose of 4 tablets per day consistently for two months to find out if it will work for you. Approximately 70 percent of people bothered by osteoarthritis find glucosamine and chondroitin supplements provide relief with joint issues. If found to be effective, it could be a key component of your joint care routine.

Osteoporosis – Calcium Citrate & Vitamin D

Osteoporosis involves fragile or thinning bones and can result in painful fractures. Menopausal women are especially vulnerable. Osteoporosis treatment guidelines currently recommend adequate calcium intake for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Ideally, you would obtain the necessary amount through eating calcium rich foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt, fortified orange juice, tofu, kale and almonds. If, however, your diet does not provide the sufficient levels, taking Cooper Complete Calcium Citrate supplement is a welcomed alternative.

Based on the latest research, Cooper Clinic recommends the following for daily calcium intake:

  • Women Ages 19-50: 1,000 mg
  • Women Ages 51+: 1,200 mg
  • Men Ages 19-70: 1,000 mg
  • Men Ages 71+: 1,200 mg

Maximal bone growth occurs in the teenage years, so it is especially important for young adults to consume foods and fortified foods containing calcium in order to keep their bones strong and healthy throughout their life.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. You can’t build bone without calcium, and you can’t properly absorb and utilize calcium with vitamin D. All Cooper Complete multivitamins contain Cooper Clinic’s baseline recommendation of 2000 IU per day. If a blood test reveals that you need additional vitamin D, we offer vitamin D softgels that each contain 1000 IU.

Overall Inflammation – Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Studies have shown that in addition to supporting heart and brain health, Omega-3 fights overall inflammation. Whether the inflammation results from an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, a skin condition such as eczema or a more general inflammatory issue such as bad knees or tennis elbow, Omega-3 may reduce the swelling or irritation. Cooper Complete Advanced Omega-3 contains 1200 mg of EPA/DHA (the active, long-chain fatty acids) in each serving of two softgels. Our general recommendation for people experiencing pain is to double the normal serving and take four Omega-3 softgels each day for a few weeks to determine if that amount provides relief. After relief is achieved, an attempt can be made to go back down to the two softgels daily and see if pain relief is maintained.

Taking care of your bones and joints is an integral part of an active, healthy lifestyle. For more information about how Cooper Complete can help, visit or call 888.393.2221. 

Article provided by Karen Perkins, Cooper Concepts Account Executive.