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Cooper Clinic Forms New Blood Tests Partnership

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Cooper Clinic and Dougherty's partner to deliver vitamin D and Omega-3 tests to customers.

Starting April 19, 2010, customers of Dougherty’s Pharmacy will be able to schedule appointments at the Cooper Clinic to have their blood levels for both vitamin D and omega-3 evaluated at a special rate.

“Our customers are very proactive regarding their health and making this service available reinforces our commitment to be the best full service pharmacy in North Texas,” said Jim Potter, General Manager of Dougherty’s. “Linking with the Cooper Clinic, which is recognized internationally as a leader in preventive medicine, is a natural fit.”

Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have shown that inadequate levels of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids increase the risk of heart attacks and sudden death, 17 types of cancer, depression, obesity, auto-immune disease and macular degeneration.

“It’s hard to argue with the research regarding the benefit of achieving and maintaining appropriate levels of vitamin D and omega-3,” said Cameron Nelson, MD, President of Cooper Clinic. “However, until you know actual blood levels, it’s impossible to determine how to address deficiencies. Our studies show that low vitamin D and omega-3 status is unfortunately much more common than most people realize. We are delighted to make these services available to the Dougherty’s customer.

Dougherty’s customers can pick-up their authorization form at Dougherty’s Pharmacy and call the Cooper Clinic at 972.560.2671 to schedule an appointment. Results of vitamin D tests will be available that afternoon and will be communicated through a phone call from a Cooper Clinic physician. Customers will also receive a letter documenting the results of omega-3 levels.

“Since vitamin D deficiencies are related to a number of medical conditions, we feel it’s important that the patient have an opportunity to consult with one of our doctors in order to discuss their results and, if necessary, treatment options,” says Nelson.

Omega-3 levels—which are also associated with a variety of health issues including heart attacks and sudden cardiac death, premature birth, neurological disorders, mental illness, autoimmune disease, obesity, and certain cancers—will be available through a mailed report within two weeks of the evaluation. Recommendations will be included based on the results.

“We like to see our patients with an Omega-3 Index of at least eight percent, although most Americans have levels closer to four percent,” according to Nelson. “Reaching recommended levels is easy and affordable but again, much like with vitamin D, it’s critical you analyze actual blood levels since there is such a variation between individuals based on diet and lifestyle.”

A vitamin D test normally cost between $200-350 and the omega-3 between $150-250. This service allows the Dougherty’s customer to have their vitamin D levels evaluated at a cost of $125 and omega-3 test at a cost of $100 or both at a cost of $225. Individuals can choose to have one or both tests done on the day of their appointment.

For more information call Dougherty’s Pharmacy at 214.373.5300 or visit

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