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Cooper Honored with EPA's Energy Star Award

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Health Organization Reduces Energy Consumption by 16 Percent Creating a Healthy Environment

Cooper Aerobics has been named an ENERGY STAR Leader by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR Program. This recognition is presented to the most energy efficient organizations in the country, which recognizes organizations who have improved energy efficiency organization-wide by at least 10 percent. Cooper Aerobics reduced their overall energy consumption by 16 percent, the equivalent of removing 227 cars off the street or planting 32,371 pine trees in our community. This overall program’s reduction in energy consumption saved the company $293,867 in utility costs.
“We are honored to receive this prestigious recognition and be included on the EPA’s list of ENERGY STAR Leaders,” said Robert M. Nelson, Jr., President and Chief Operating Officer of Cooper Aerobics Enterprises, Inc. “Our energy conservation efforts are reducing pressure on our nation’s power system while also containing costs and helping protect our local environment. At Cooper Aerobics we care about our customers and the environment, and this achievement demonstrates how every employee’s effort towards environmental stewardship can create a healthy environment.”
The cost of utilities is the second largest budget line-item for Cooper Aerobics. To combat the rising energy and utility costs, Cooper Aerobics’ energy conservationist and Cooper Cares Green Committee are dedicated to implementing a comprehensive people-driven energy conservation program throughout all of its buildings across its 30-acre campus.
Some of the company’s largest changes in conservation of energy and water consist of 13.5% decrease of electricity usage and 34% decrease usage of water for irrigation and sewage. These changes were achieved as a result of controlling temperature during non-peak hours and adjusting irrigation levels for watering the campus. Cooper Aerobics employees take part in daily efforts to improve the environment by turning off computers and printers at night and ensuring lights are off in unoccupied rooms.
“Cooper Aerobics has surpassed the requirements for being named an ENERGY STAR Leader and we applaud them for their efforts to reduce energy consumption,” said Randy Hoff, CEO of Energy Education. “ENERGY STAR partners who demonstrate continuous improvement organization-wide, not just in individual buildings, qualify for recognition as ENERGY STAR Leaders, and we are very excited to support the conservation efforts of Cooper Aerobics.”
ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that recognizes energy-efficient solutions and best management practices.

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