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Want a convenient, accurate way to measure your cardiovascular fitness?

Then CooperFit is for you.

CooperFit is a user-friendly smart phone app based on nearly 50 years of science and research at the world-renowned Cooper Clinic and The Cooper Institute.

How does it work?

CooperFit evaluates your cardiovascular fitness level during an uninterrupted 12-minute run. Simply enter your weight and age and then press start. Your distance will be measured by GPS. When the 12 minutes have lapsed, the app will prompt you to stop and you will then be presented with your fitness level.

If you prefer, you can select a walking version of the test in which you walk as fast as you can for one mile.

What are the benefits?

Results scientifically predict both the quality and quantity of your life. When you are fit, you are not only happier and more productive; you decrease your risk for all-cause mortality by at least 58 percent. This test provides you with a clear view of your current fitness level and a goal for improvement.

What’s your fitness level?

Download the CooperFit app today and find out which of these six fitness categories you’re in:

  • Superior
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor
  • Very Poor

Confidentiality: The information obtained will be privileged and confidential. It will not be released or revealed to any person, except for the purpose of your medical care, without your authorization. For more information please read the Cooper-Fit App Privacy Policy and Terms of Use