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Healthier employees is a critical people strategy that's necessary in today's competitive marketplace.

Healthier people are a business advantage and necessity in today's competitive marketplace. Unfortunately, there is often a gap between health data and meaningful results for many one-size fits all wellness programs. At Cooper Wellness Strategies, we use tailored analytics, innovative communication campaigns and industry leading education tools to drive healthier people strategies for your unique group. Our clients include employers, health insurance carriers, hospitals and other entities bearing the burden of poor population health including the risks of rising health care cost.

By calling on Cooper's 45 years of health management expertise, executives across the country and around the globe are witnessing the power of healthy change. Companies and individual lives are being transformed. As a result, they are achieving the full potential of their health and wellness program and delivering measurable health risk and economic results.

Cooper Wellness Strategies' tailored approach includes three core areas: Strategic Consulting, Leader Training and Lifestyle Education. Download our brochure.

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