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Dr. Rick Wilson Board Certified in Varicose Vein Treatment

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Cooper Clinic dermatologist is one of few in country to be certified in varicose vein treatment

Rick K. Wilson, MD, cosmetic and preventive dermatologist at Cooper Clinic, is among the very first physicians in the United States to achieve Diplomate status with The American Board of Phlebology (ABPh). ABPh is dedicated to research and education relating to the evaluation and treatment of varicose vein disease and related health issues.

"There has never been any residency or fellowship specializing in treatment of varicose veins until now," says Dr. Wilson. "For years, we didn't know much about the anatomy of the lower leg veins and how varicose veins predispose us for pain, swelling and blood clot risks. This new certification is critical to make sure physicians have the latest training, tools and education."

A varicose vein is basically an unhealthy, malfunctioning vein, whether it is visibly bulging from the skin or hidden underneath. Varicose veins can begin as high as the pelvic region and run to the ankle, causing pain and swelling, and if untreated, can form open sores and even blood clots that can lead to death.

Dr. Wilson adds, "Unhealthy varicose veins are only hurting you, not helping you. It's safe and necessary to remove the ones that are not functioning correctly. Treatment of unhealthy veins allows the patient to get back to enjoying a healthy life."

Janet Tornelli-Mitchell, MD, a Cooper Clinic colleague and 15-year patient of Dr. Wilson, sought his expert treatments several times after progressive problems from varicose veins. "I think I developed varicose veins from gaining too much weight during my pregnancies."

"Because of the pain in my legs, I could not sit still. I was always having to move, shift positions, or stand to find some comfort," adds Dr. Tornelli-Mitchell. "Thanks to Dr. Wilson, I am pain free, plus my legs look better because the veins are no longer bulging under the skin."

Treatment for varicose veins depends on size. Large veins inside the thigh or calf are removed by using a laser technique, known as endovenous closure, which replaces the former and more painful "vein stripping" treatments. Medium to smaller varicose veins are removed by phlebectomy, making small incisions in the skin to lift the veins out. The smallest veins, called spider veins, are cosmetically corrected through sclerotherapy injections. Ultrasound technology helps us create a precise map to follow to treat the diseased veins.

Dr. Wilson has more than 25 years treating varicose veins. Having met all the prescribed study and experience qualifications, including extensive surgical cases, Dr. Wilson is one of less than 250 physicians in the U.S. and Canada to pass the first ever board-certifying exam offered by the ABPh. He is also board certified in Dermatology.

"We are extremely proud of Dr. Wilson's accomplishment and the expertise and dedication that he brings to his profession and his patients," says Camron Nelson, MD, VP and Medical Director of Cooper Clinic.

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