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At Cooper Aerobics we challenge people to Get Cooperized™ by adopting a healthy living mindset to live better both sooner and later. The Cooperized lifestyle consists of eight healthy steps, developed by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper.

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Preventive Steps to Reduce Men's Health Risks

Man getting his blood pressure checked by a physician.

Men's health encompasses more than having an annual physical. Cooper Clinic Platinum Physician Steven Lilly, MD, discusses men’s health risks and steps to prevent disease and promote a longer, healthier life.

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Negative Tolls Chronic Stress Can Have on Your Health

Male sitting at laptop

Managing stress is a crucial step to Get Cooperized and lead a healthy life. Riva Rahl, MD, Cooper Clinic Platinum Physician discusses the danger of stress and how to manage it.

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No Equipment, No Problem: Tips to Stay Active on the Road

Woman using a bench to work out.

Sticking to a fitness regimen while traveling can be difficult. But you don't have to give up family time or relaxation to get a workout in. Paul Nally, Professional Fitness Trainer, shares tips for staying active on the road.

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Zero-Equipment Exercises

Professional fitness trainer demonstrating a body weight squat.

Exercises you can perform anywhere. Professional Fitness Trainer James Silvester demonstrates three exercises with modifications you can do while on vacation without equipment.

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Five Steps for Smart Snacking

Fruit in a glass container.

Snacks can help you power through the day if planned properly. Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Traci Sheahan, MA, RDN, LD, shares five steps for smart snacking plus a few snack ideas to try.

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Picnic Pineapple Chicken Salad

Chicken salad on white plate.

A new spin on an old favorite. Upgrade your chicken salad with a dish sure to be a crowd pleaser at summer gatherings.

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Can Supplements Naturally Lower My Cholesterol?

Red yeast rice supplements on spoon.

The buildup of cholesterol puts you at risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Michael Chapman, MD, Cooper Clinic Platinum Physician, discusses why red yeast rice may be worth exploring as a statin substitute to reduce cholesterol.

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Jillian B.

Jillian B.

Choosing to work with Cooper Weight Loss meant I became a part of the Cooper family, as well. They understand weight loss is not one size fits all. It was the best decision I ever made for myself and I am proud of the accomplishments they helped me reach.