The Future of Wellness Since 1970


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It all started here.


Preventive medicine as a science.

The popularization of jogging.

The 12-minute fitness test.

Even the very notion that people over 40 should exercise.

What seems commonplace today was groundbreaking back in 1968 when Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, transformed the field of medicine with his emphasis on disease prevention; and ignited the modern fitness revolution with his international best-selling book Aerobics.

In 1970, Dr. Cooper moved to Dallas to further his scientific research on fitness and reinforce its scientific legitimacy. With a singular vision to improve the quality and quantity of people’s lives through prevention, he founded The Cooper Institute and Cooper Clinic, the first in a family of seven health and wellness entities now known as Cooper Aerobics Center.

Today Dr. Cooper—known as the “father of aerobics”—is 92 years old, still seeing patients and speaking across the globe sharing his proven philosophy that exercise is medicine and fitness is a vital sign.

Watch the following trailer of Dr. Cooper's upcoming documentary, "The Power of Prevention."

Dr. Cooper works alongside his son, Tyler Cooper, MD, MPH, who is also a practicing preventive medicine physician and serves as President and CEO. They have expanded their healthy-living mission at the Cooper Aerobics headquarters in Dallas to provide a variety of products and services for individuals and corporations.

Cooper Aerobics is working to transform individuals and companies around the globe—challenging them to Get Cooperized™ by adopting a healthy living mindset to live better both sooner and later.