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It all started here.


Preventive medicine as a science.

The popularization of jogging.

The 12-minute fitness test.

Even the very notion that people over 40 should exercise.

What seems commonplace today was groundbreaking back in 1968 when Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper transformed the field of medicine with his emphasis on disease prevention; and ignited the modern fitness revolution with his international best-selling book Aerobics.

Most people don’t realize Dr. Cooper coined the word aerobics. The verb "aerobic" existed, meaning "to live in air or with oxygen." Dr. Cooper added one letter—an "s"—and in an instant created the noun "aerobics."

In 1970, to further his scientific research on fitness and reinforce its scientific legitimacy, Dr. Cooper moved to Dallas where he founded The Cooper Institute, the first in a family of seven health and wellness entities now known as Cooper Aerobics Center.

Today, 50 years after its inception, Cooper Aerobics is home to the world’s largest repository of fitness data as it relates to health and is recognized the world over as an authority in wellness, research and education—helping millions lead longer, healthier, happier lives.

As you might expect, Dr. Cooper (at age 90) is still active and is still breaking new ground in the field of preventive medicine alongside his son, President and CEO Dr. Tyler Cooper. Together they are working to transform individuals and companies around the globe through the power of healthy change—challenging them to Get Cooperized!™