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Cooper Teams with High School for Fitness Program

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Students who scored low on FITNESSGRAM tests to go through 10-week program after school

Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas is partnering with Thomas Jefferson High School to provide a new fitness program for 50 of its seniors. In response to low FITNESSGRAM scores, Dr. Kenneth Cooper and The Cooper Institute's Our Kids' Health initiative donated the program designed by Cooper Fitness Center experts. The 10-week, boot-camp-style program begins with FITNESSGRAM assessments. After each session, students will track their progress, and at the end of the course, the students will go through FITNESSGRAM tests to measure improvements.

The students, who volunteered to participate in the program, had an added incentive to sign up—Senior Class Principal Dr. Paula Morgan offered to go through the program with them. Up to 25 boys and girls will attend the sessions on alternating days and will be bused after school to Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas. They will participate in dynamic stretching, circuit training and fun gaming exercises. The seniors will also receive complimentary weekend memberships to Cooper Fitness Center to exercise on their own during the 10-week period, if desired.

Monday, Sept. 29 – Thursday, Dec. 10 5-6:15 p.m.

Cooper Aerobics Center
12200 Preston Road
Dallas 75230

– Meredith Rosson, director, Cooper High School Program
– Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, founder and chairman, Cooper Aerobics Center
– Dr. Paula Morgan, Senior class principal, Thomas Jefferson High School
– Thomas Jefferson High School Seniors

– Buses arriving Cooper Aerobics Center
– Students going through FITNESSGRAM tests the first and last two days of program
– Students participating in dynamic stretching, circuit training and fun gaming exercises

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