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Cooper Institute Offers Weight Management Leadership Online Course

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Empowering Fitness Professionals to Lead Clients to Achieve Weight Goals

The Cooper Institute (CI) announced today online availability of the Weight Management Leadership course (WML) course. The self-paced course helps health and fitness professionals address their client’s weight management needs. Powered by the eCollege® platform, participants earn a The Cooper Institute Certificate of Achievement upon passing the end-of-course test.

“Since health and fitness professionals are often asked about weight concerns by their clients, this online course covers both the science of weight management and the practical application to everyday life,” said Laura Fast, MBA, eLearning project director.

Students work through lessons, short before/after quizzes, and interactive activities to facilitate the learning process – anytime and anywhere they have access to the internet. They also learn the three key components to weight management and how to tailor these to their adult clients. Once the course is successfully completed, students are able to give weight management advice that is ethical and accurate based on public policies and 40 years of research at The Cooper Institute.

“Until now, the Weight Management Leadership course has only been available at CI’s Dallas location. We are excited to offer this second online course after successfully launching our first course earlier this year,” said Fast.

In addition to earning The Cooper Institute Certificate of Achievement, as a preapproved Continuing Education Credit (CEC) member of several organizations, students may also earn credits toward maintaining their current certifications.

About The Cooper Institute
The Cooper Institute (CI), established in 1970, by Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to preventive medicine research and education. Dr. Cooper is widely considered the “Father of Aerobics” and is credited with sparking today’s fitness movement. Now CI is redefining health as a leader in reversing childhood obesity. CI’s FITNESSGRAM® is the fitness assessment of choice in schools across Texas and the U.S. Each year thousands worldwide take courses from CI to become health and fitness leaders.  CI’s Personal Trainer Certification (CI-CPT) exam is nationally accredited by NCCA.

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