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Cooper Aerobics Calls On America to Get Cooperized

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Partnership with The Richards Group Capitalizes on Grassroots Term to Re-energize Leading Health and Wellness Brand

Cooper Aerobics is challenging America to Get Cooperized™  by adopting a healthy living mindset to live better both sooner and later. The rallying cry leads the new Cooper Aerobics brand launched in 2011, borne out of a grassroots term used by Cooper customers.
“We have long advocated that living a healthy lifestyle will prevent disease and extend your life,” says preventive medicine pioneer Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, founder and chairman of Cooper Aerobics, who turns 80 in March and is the picture of good health. “Living a Cooperized life is now more important than ever with obesity and diabetes rates soaring and health care costs suffering. If you take control of your health, you will find that you can add life to your years and years to your life.”
Dr. Cooper single-handedly changed the perception of fitness when he coined the term “aerobics” and published his first book, Aerobics, in 1968, proving exercise improved health. Since then Cooper Aerobics has created the world’s greatest repository of fitness data and its impact on health. With the array of Cooper services offered, millions of people have been inspired to make good health a habit.
“The word Cooperized naturally evolved from our customers,” explains Amy George, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Cooper Aerobics. “About two years ago, we first heard our customers using Cooperized to describe people who were dedicated to healthy living the Cooper way. We recognized its power and jumped at the opportunity to first embed it internally then introduce the term formally to the public through our re-branding effort.”
This is not the first time that the Cooper name took hold among its followers. In the late ‘60s, “Cooper” was adopted in Brazil as the translation for “jogging” after the military began using the Cooper Test to measure fitness levels and as a tribute to Dr. Cooper for helping the nation’s soccer team win the 1970 World Cup using the aerobics program.
Celebrating its 40th anniversary year in 2010, Cooper Aerobics partnered with The Richards Group, the nation’s largest independent advertising and branding agency. The milestone provided the right opportunity to re-brand the Cooper organization and position it for continued growth.
“Cooper Aerobics has a long, respected history,” says Stan Richards, Founder and Principal of The Richards Group, and longtime Cooper Clinic patient and Cooper Fitness Center member. “Because of this solid foundation, there was tremendous opportunity for us to help propel the brand forward.”
The Richards Group helped develop the vision statement for Cooper Aerobics associates, to “Cooperize the world,” and its tagline, “Get Cooperized™,” in addition to creating an updated logo and new visual architecture for the organization.
“Our mission starts with those for whom a life full of good health is a priority,” says Tyler C. Cooper, MD, MPH, CEO of Cooper Aerobics Enterprises and Cooper Clinic preventive medicine physician. “It’s not about perfection, but the process of making healthy choices to improve your quality and quantity of life.” 
The Cooperized lifestyle consists of these eight health guidelines:

  1. Maintain a healthy weight
  2. Make healthy food choices most of the time
  3. Take the right supplements for you
  4. Stop smoking
  5. Exercise most days of the week
  6. Manage stress
  7. Control alcohol
  8. Get a regular, comprehensive physical exam

“Whether it’s playing with your grandchildren, walking up stairs without getting winded, or creating a healthy work environment—we provide the care and inspiration to achieve your goals,” Dr. Tyler Cooper adds.

About Cooper Aerobics
Founded in 1970 by Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, Cooper Aerobics in Dallas serves as the headquarters for seven health and wellness companies and a research and education nonprofit, The Cooper Institute®. Cooper Aerobics is the destination for health and wellness research, education, products and services—all designed to help people achieve optimum health and fitness at every stage of life. For more information, visit