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In 1970, the aerobics concept moved from the printed page to bricks and mortar with the opening of Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas. More than 46 years later, Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, and his son, Tyler C. Cooper, MD, MPH, have expanded their healthy-living mission to create Cooper Aerobics and its seven health and wellness entities.

Through the array of services Cooper offers, millions have been inspired to make good health a habit and Get Cooperized!

The Cooper Institute 
Founded in 1970, The Cooper Institute 501(c)(3) nonprofit is dedicated worldwide to health research and adult and youth education. Recognizing the need for irrefutable research on fitness and activity, the Cooper Center Longitudinal Study was established. Today it remains one of the most highly-referenced databases in the world, containing more than 275,000 records from some 105,000 individuals. Vested in childhood health and wellness, The Institute's youth initiatives include FitnessGram, NFL Play 60, Healthy Zone Schools and the Cooper International Fitness Test.

Cooper Clinic
Cooper Clinic provides patients with individualized, in-depth pictures of their health, action plans to improve and same-day test results—all in less than a day. Our board-certified physicians also offer a broad range of medical services, including breast health, cardiology, preventive and cosmetic dermatology, direct medicine, gastroenterology and imaging, and our registered dietitians offer a variety of nutrition services. Cooper Clinic exists to help patients reach and sustain the best health possible through its world-renown comprehensive physical exams. Cooper Clinic opened in 1970.

Cooper Fitness Center
Getting Cooperized doesn’t mean you have to become a marathon runner or body builder. But you do need to get moving. And we’ve got the perfect place to do it, Cooper Fitness Center. Here, you’ll find experts to help you figure out a personal fitness program that fits you—your interests, your lifestyle, your schedule—whatever your age or fitness level. From personal training to sports pros, energetic group exercise or focused mind/body classes, you’ll find inspiring programs for the entire family. If you’re ready to join a healthy-living community, we’re ready to help you make fitness a bigger part of your life. Individual, family and corporate memberships are available.

Cooper Spa
At Cooper Spa, our approach is simple: when your body is fit, you look better. You feel better. You’re you, better. We call that approach Beautiful Fit. Restorative, therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments and products that also indulge and pamper you. Designed for and dedicated to your total well-being—physical and emotional. We help get you beautiful fit in a way only Cooper Spa can. Highly-skilled technicians provide massage, body and skin care, manicures/pedicures, cosmetic services and treatments for men and women. Beautiful Fit private label products, skin care lines and gifts are available in the Cooper Spa boutique.

Cooper Hotel and Conference Center
Nestled in the heart of the Cooper Aerobics 30-acre campus in Dallas, Cooper Hotel, Conference Center & Spa is a 61-room, full-service boutique hotel catering to individual travelers and corporate groups. For companies, it's the place to connect well, with nearly 8,000 square feet of gathering space for groups up to 250 and full-service catering with healthy options. The hotel also offers corporate travel rates, complete/day meeting packages and multi-day conferences, with wellness lectures, fitness breaks and teambuilding sessions available. Initially built for Cooper Clinic patients and participants of The Cooper Institute, Cooper Hotel opened in 1984.

Cooper Complete®
Cooper Complete is more than a name; it’s an accurate description of our nutritional supplements. Based on scientific research, each formulation contains the precise amount of vitamins and minerals listed on the label. That’s the Cooper Complete guarantee—they’re pure and potent. The line includes multivitamins for adults and a formula that meets the heightened demands of elite athletes. In addition, Cooper Complete includes a variety of supplements with focused ingredients to help improve brain health, skin and eye health, prostate health, joint maintenance and more. Cooper Complete can be purchased online, by phone or at retail locations.

Cooper Wellness Strategies
We’re just as interested in the health and well-being of companies as we are individuals. That’s why Cooper Wellness Strategies helps organizations Get Cooperized. Our expert consulting services help improve employee health and control health care costs. Companies providing wellness offerings have higher productivity and retention rates and experience less absenteeism due to illness. And they’re better able to control health risks and their associated costs. The power of Cooper Wellness Strategies is the more than 46 years of Cooper research and clinical expertise that are the basis for our integrated and customized services, including Strategic Consulting and Fitness Facility Management.