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Fit Spa for Him

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We offer services tailored for a man’s unique body and skin care needs.

*indicates a client favorite

Swedish Massage*
Addressing tension of the muscles and soft tissue, this traditional technique is ideal for every person.
50 minutes, $130 / 80 minutes, $175

Deep Tissue Massage*
Using a rougher pressure focused on trigger points in the muscle tissue, this technique is ideal for the active person or those needing relief from extended soreness or tightness.
50 minutes, $150 / 80 minutes, $195

Fitness Stretching Massage*
Integrating deep tissue massage with stretching, this treatment releases tension, increases vitality and enhances flexibility. Beneficial for fit body types.
50 minutes, $150 / 80 minutes, $195

We recommend you wear loose-fitting shorts.

Fit Body Scrub
Stimulate your body and mind with this robust mixture of rosemary and lavender oils, excellent for muscular tension. Following the exfoliation treatment, relaxation continues with a full-body Deep Tissue Massage.
80 minutes, $200

Fit Manicure
Designed to make your hands and nails look and feel their best. Includes nail grooming, cuticle trim, hand massage and nail buffing.
25 minutes, $40

Fit Pedicure
A relaxing pedicure that includes a foot soak, nail grooming, cuticle maintenance and nail buffing. Just what every man needs for tired, callused feet.
40 minutes, $55

Fit Facial
An anti-stress facial treatment specifically designed to meet the needs of a man’s skin, with extra attention given to the beard line. An oxygenating energy gel gives a revitalizing boost. Please shave at least eight hours prior to your service; however, if you have sensitive skin, it is best to shave 24 hours in advance.
60 minutes, $135

Fit Escape
Begin this head-to-toe relaxation package with a Fit Facial followed by a Fit Body Scrub which includes a massage. A great de-stressor for the man of any profession.
2 1/2 hours, $335