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Weight No More: Best Weight Loss App for You

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Want to attain and maintain weight loss and better health? Consider a more “app-propriate” tool to support that goal. Several 2023 studies reveal individuals who tracked their food intake or exercise were more consistent and more likely to reach their goals. 

According to one of the studies published in the journal Obesity, no matter which weight loss tactic you choose, you are more successful if you track your progress with a digital tool. The lead researcher theorized that these tools support better goal setting and consistency. We have our phone and these apps literally in the palm of our hand, so getting feedback can be both easier and faster! 

Convenience matters

When it comes to managing weight loss and health change, an easy and convenient tool is essential for many.

A global study by Ipsos found 45% of Americans are currently trying to lose weight. Weight loss is often at the top of the list of New Year’s resolutions each year as well, but with only 9% of people achieving their goals. 

Learning from the achievers

What if we focused on what those 9% are doing to be successful? Often, they start with a strong internal “why”—their reason for wanting to be more active, get stronger and move forward. They may have met with a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist for tailored guidance specific to their lifestyle and circumstances. They may have safe and reasonable expectations that align with Cooper Clinic recommendations to lose weight gradually and steadily (about one to two pounds per week). They maintained their focus and awareness by using every tool in the toolbox, such as an app! According to information from Statista, in 2022 there were approximately 86.3 million users of health or fitness apps in the United States.

Which app is right for you?

Apps and programs that allow you to input more of your unique details may be the most effective. That is because “one size does not fit all.” Weight loss is complex, and your gender, age, height, weight, genetics, medications and personal likes and dislikes ALL influence your experience. Look for apps that allow for as much personalization as possible. You might consider:

  • Cost – some are free, but often charge extra for additional services
  • Calorie tracking – a large food database of the foods you typically eat
  • Barcode scanning – this makes tracking foods much faster and easier
  • Recipes and grocery lists – these provide creative ideas and take out a lot of the guesswork in meal planning
  • Activity/exercise tracking – exercise is a key to heart health and weight maintenance (and so much more)
  • Water tracking

The following apps are often recommended. 

  • Loseit!
  • MyFitnessPal™
  • MyFoodDiary®
  • MyNetDiary
  • WeightWatchers®
  • NOOM 

The app that does more…EatLove

At Cooper Clinic and Cooper Fitness Center, we have aligned with not just an app, but a nutrition platform that offers everything an app can provide…and a whole lot more. We offer EatLove, a program that provides medical nutrition therapy with a user-friendly app. After sitting down with our seasoned dietitians and plugging in multiple points of personalization, this app populates your entire menu, your grocery list, provides all the standard tracking options and it is a privacy compliant communication portal to be able to receive support and encouragement from your Cooper dietitian. 

The difference is the amount of detail. The game-changer is the addition of a Cooper dietitian who can help with consistency, provide a support system and make sure that you are on track to reach your goals.

Get Started

Step 1: Make a commitment.
Step 2: Explore resources that can be helpful, including a digital tracking tool.
Step 3: Contact your physician or a dietitian to get started.
Step 4: Allow time and grace as these new habits become your lifestyle!

For more information about Cooper Clinic or to schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian, call 972.560.2655 or visit

Article provided by Meridan Zerner, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD, CHWC, and Cooper Clinic Nutrition.