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Plan For a Healthier New Year

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Plan For a Healthier New Year

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolution yet?

Statistics show that nearly half of all U.S. adults will ring in the year with the intention to improve at least one area of their life. Not surprisingly, many of the most popular resolutions center on healthy behaviors, with the top goal being to “lose weight” and a close second to “exercise more.” In fact, according to the 2015 Marist Poll, most of Dr. Cooper’s 8 Healthy Steps make the top 20 – stop smoking, eat healthier, drink less, etc. Certainly these are worthy goals to help add years to one’s life and life to one’s years.

The Truth about Resolutions

There’s something wonderful about starting a new year. The idea of moving on from the hardships of yesterday and looking toward a brighter tomorrow can be exhilarating. But despite high hopes as the ball drops, the truth is that most people don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions. In reality, 25% of the population abandons their goal after the first week.  Looking at behavioral change, there are several reasons for this low success rate. One of the key factors is the size of the resolution. New Year’s resolutions are often long-term goals that are difficult to achieve. Just a few days into January huge tasks such as “lose 50 pounds” or “stop smoking” can overwhelm and discourage. It is better to take these goals as we take the year, one step at a time. Instead of the daunting task to “eat healthier,” try starting with “add an additional fruit or vegetable to each day.” Smaller resolutions may not seem as glamorous, but they help move you toward the end goal in a manageable way.

Resolutions and Vitamins

Dr. Cooper’s Step 4 – Take the Right Supplements for you – may not be a resolution that automatically comes to mind, but it is a perfect place to start your quest for a healthier year.  Most people do not consistently maintain a nutritious diet, and therefore, could benefit from taking supplements to help address nutrient inadequacies. The simplicity of the task and the added benefit to health make it a great candidate for a New Year’s goal. Try to combine taking your vitamins with a daily task like mealtime. Not only are many fat soluble vitamins better absorbed when taken with food, but the routine of taking your vitamins at the same time every day will help solidify the action into a habit. Also, consider signing up for Cooper Complete’s Auto Delivery Program. With this program, you don’t have to remember to order your vitamins each month. We will automatically ship them to you every 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. If you have more than two products on the order, the shipping is free.

Where to Start

If you aren’t currently on a supplement routine, we recommend talking with your doctor about which products would be best for you or calling our team of experts at 888-393-2221. A good place to start is with a daily multivitamin and Advanced Omega-3. A multivitamin helps provide key vitamins that may be lacking from your diet. Omega-3 is one of the most well researched supplements on market as it benefits heart health, brain health and overall inflammation in the body. Omega-3 is naturally found in fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel. The American Heart Association recommends eating fatty fish at least twice a week. This amount is not common in most American’s diets, so taking Advanced Omega-3 supplements is likely necessary.

We hope you set and keep your New Year’s resolutions this year. Making your goals realistic and achievable will help. Whether your goals include exercise, supplements, stress management or weight loss, it would be an honor to be included in your health and wellness journey. Please let us know how we, at Cooper Aerobics, can help.

To find out more about the Cooper Complete line of supplements, visit or call 888.393.2221.

Article provided by Karen Perkins, Cooper Concepts Account Executive.