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Watch How to Warm Up with Stretches Before an Outdoor Workout

Prepare your body. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Trainer Christian Mazur shows you effective stretches to warm up before a chilly, outdoor workout.

Dynamic Stretching for Fitness Training Techniques Video

Professional Fitness Trainer April Swales demonstrates a dynamic warm-up move to stretch your muscles.

How To Use Foam Rolling Effectively

Foam rolling, a type of myofascial release, can be a valuable part of any exercise warm-up or cool-down routine. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Angela Horner showcases how to properly use a foam roller.

Three Pre-workout Stretches for Maximum Benefit

Improve your overall movement, strength and flexibility. As a warm up to your workout, Professional Fitness Trainer Aaron Feldman, MS, shares three functional stretches using TRX straps.

Pre-Workout Exercises on the Power Plate®

Daniel Montes, a Professional Fitness Trainer at Cooper Fitness Center, demonstrates three pre-workout exercises on the Power Plate he recommends to help warm up your body.