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Swim Lesson Structure

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Cooper Fitness Center's swim program is built on the core structure of consistency, class size, class time and repetition.

Consistency – We use a proven swim program designed to help children feel safe and prepared, allowing them to progress no matter which instructor they are paired with. While a consistent procedure is used, we tailor our approach based on the child’s starting skill level, personality and comfort level in progressions.

Class Size – Through private and semi-private lessons our low student-to-teacher ratio allows us to tailor our program design to each swimmer’s progression.

Class Time – For beginner to intermediate swimmers, 30-minute private lessons are recommended based on attention span, muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance and weather conditions. For intermediate to advanced swimmers, 60-minute lessons are ideal to help improve endurance, speed and technique.

Repetition – Practice makes perfect. Repetition in our lesson structure has proven to be one of the most effective ingredients in our success stories. Because we believe so strongly in this component, we offer a package rate to participants who select week-long lessons.